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It doesn't get more Idaho than a nice tomahawk chop over an open fire with some fresh

yukon gold potatoes. But to have a truly authentic Idaho steak and potatoes experience you need

one top secret ingredient and that is what we're here to find.

I'm really even not sure how i'm going to put this video together because i just can't give

away this one secret. So yeah we'll just see, we'll just see. I brought Brett (the creepiest face)

my old backpacking buddy Brett because Brett is the chef out of the two of us

and so it will be his job to not burn the delicious Idaho sourced

tomahawk chops. I've scouted a good area on a map which is about three, between three and four miles

up this Willow Creek Trail. So Brett and i are gonna backpack in here, get up in the morning

find our ingredient and then hike back out to Willow Creek Campground and do the cook there.

If you want to plan your own hike out here we are just following Scott Marchant's new book

Hikes to Greater Boise in stores now. I'll leave a link to it down in the description below

and then we are just doing hike number 54.

So we did find a hot springs about a mile in but it's the middle of the day and

we're super hot already and we just started hiking so we're gonna leave this hot springs

maybe we'll get it in the morning get in in the morning. I'm not sure, it's pretty muddy.

I've never actually found what it is i'm looking for so i don't really know what i'm looking for.

I like Willow Creek, it's a pretty trail, it's a pretty creek, it's a pretty hike.

It's a pretty day hike. This is not for backpacking this is not for backpacking. Usually i will

camp on a lumpy ground if i can be by myself but i think that i can camp, that we can camp

at some really nice sites with camping chairs and stuff like that and still be by ourselves

and still have access to the general area where our secret ingredient may be hiding.

So it's kind of making more sense for us to go back and to find that site and to go out and

search for our ingredient in the morning from there and i think that's what we're gonna do.

Did you like the hike? You saw lots of squirrels huh oh what birds.

This was a better idea. All along this road we're actually right next to the trailhead some great

free camping, free dispersed spots. Enough space between them that you're away from your neighbors.

This beautiful creek right here for some ambiance. So Brett and i both have Nemo tents

we really like Nemo and i just recently got this the Nemo Hornet their one person backpacking

tent. I would say probably start with the dagger if it's your first backpacking tent

you never know when you want to take someone with you or have some extra space. I wish i had

brought my dagger for right now. Really cool feature Brett has he's got the Nemo Dagger

Paw Print. It's just a nice cool sheet that clips on over your sleeping pads and you

just wash that piece you don't ruin your tent or your sleeping pads. That's the kind of cool stuff

that comes in the Nemo tent. You can tell it was made by people that actually use the stuff.

I still haven't found my secret ingredient i don't know if it's gonna happen.

Tonight we've gone a little cheaper the old classic a foil pack. Basically put a bunch of

you know chicken, onions, corn, sweet potatoes, into a foil pack and throw that in the fire and let

that cook. So it won't be as gourmet as tomorrow but it's definitely not nuts and berries.

Almost perfect. Almost? We're just missing our one, our one secret ingredient. Next Time.

Idaho steak and potatoes are always a damn good time. I mean there's

a reason why these things are so coveted and their secret is so closely guarded they're really hard

to find and once you find a spot you usually don't let that location go. So i just gotta find my spot.

I'll keep looking and eventually i will find them. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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