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- What's up guys?

Hope you're doing well.

I'm Scooter Magruder, this is Scooter gaming,

and today, I'm playing some Inside.


Is that his name?

Is that what we called him?

Pull it Timmy.

I'm telling you, I think Timmy can lift three times

his body weight.

Just look at him.

My dude, young Timmy, okay Timmy!

Let's go Timmy.

My boy Timmy has been hitting the weight room,

young Timothy.

You gotta be strong right now Timmy!

Timmy noooo!

Is that what we called him?

We called him Timothy?

He's been getting buck wild.

Let's just jump straight into it,

and continue our journey to go Inside.

All right, let me just...

And let's go.

Well let's see what's over here.

Jollydrew with the follow on Twitt,

okay Jolly, I see you.

Timmy looks like he knows what he's doing.

Look at him.

Okay, calm down,

and remember you're training.

Daddy didn't have to do anything to open that,

just went straight through it.

Marco808 subscribing into the gaming channel.

Marco, you're in the right place,

watch this, this is for you.

Okay, my bad, my bad Marco.

Me forgot what to do, real quick first.

Okay, I see that this is breakable.

How do we break it though?


Step one, analyze the environment.

- [Robot] Analyzing, the environment, analyze, analyze.

- Step two, I have no idea what the heck to do now.

Okay, let's think about this.

Let's think about, think about it Macgruder,

you are a Florida graduate.

This is not about to stump you.

Maybe if you went to Florida State it'd show.


What the heck just happened?

What the heck?

(suspense music)

I didn't even do anything!

Am very scared right now.

What the heck?

I literally did not do anything.

Guys, my lips have been getting chapped recently.

So if you see me lick my lips a lot,

it's because I don't want them to be chapped.

I'm just warning you, fair warning.

Remember me!

All right, we're getting somewhere now.

Okay, okay, what is this, stranger things?

Are we in the upside down right now?

The heck!

Okay, this looks breakable.

Let's go for it, connect four.


Okay, multi-break action.

Multi-break, let's go Timmy.

Let's just break the whole wall, what the heck?

I think we have to.

Are we about to unleash a creature into the world,

that civilization has captured 2000 years ago?

Cause that's what it looks like to me.

Maybe all these other people are the good guys,

and we're the bad guy.

You ever think about it like that?

Let's see if that works.


What's that, money?

Okay, okay, not too bad.

Off to a good start, off to a great start.

It took us a little bit to get going, but...

Okay, I see it, I see it.

I see it, climb up.

Oh two, did we just go into a testing facility?

If we press that red button, we're gonna die.

I'm gonna press it anyways though.

Here we go.

Y'all are takin'...

what did I tell you?

What did I tell you?

That's why you don't press buttons in this game!

And Timothy is now ready.

(Magruder coughing)

And Timothy is lining up for the 100 meter dash.

On your marks, get set, go!

And Timothy is off to the races!

Strong start, he is on his way

to completing the 100 meter.

He jumps, he jumps!

I don't think you're supposed to jump.

All right, here we go Timothy.

There we go.

(gunshot blazing)


Timothy, don't drown.

Do not drown right now.


And, just like that,

we're going back up,

with no chance of getting rolled to death, hopefully.

All right,

relax, observe the environment.

What do we have?

Chapped lips, that's what we have.

First though, let's do this,

and let's jump onto that ledge right there.

Here we go.

Get the timing right Timmy.

Okay, the timing was not right at all.

Timing was definitely off.

I got a little bit hyped,

not gonna lie, I did get hyped.

I thought I was gonna shoot up.

Here we go Timmy.

You know what they say, second time,

is a charm.

(water splashing)

Tell no one,

tell no one.

I couldn't, I didn't even see it.

Like I didn't even see, I was walking.

Good warm up, good warm up.

Gotta get good warm ups in the comments right now.

Definitely gotta jump for it.

And I think you gotta go through here.

I don't know what the heck is on this side,

but, you never know if you don't try.

What the heck does this button do?

(door opening)

Don't mind if I do.

(water splashing)

So, I'm guessing we need all of...

I don't know what the heck that was,

but it nearly scared me to death.

I knew I should have parked it closer.

(water splashing)

I am so glad I figured out this ship could jump,

because we would have been stuck on a lot of things.


so we're just gonna close the door like that.

Obviously, I have to get out and hit that button.

What does that button do though?

Is the question.

I'm definitely not going to be able to get through this.

No, okay.

Can we go over?


That button is gonna open this door,

I hope.

Please don't drown.

Please don't drown, hit it.

Don't drown.

Don't drown.

(water splashing)



Oh, we're in now.

Here we go, here we go.

Yack sauce!


Did ya...

Did ya'll see that?

What the heck is that?

I'm not following you, no!

Absolutely not.

Are you one of their experiments?

The fact that you're still alive right now,

like you're just chillin',

like you can breathe under water?

That has me worried.

Whatever, let's just follow 'em.

Rule number one,

forget the environment.

Don't trust anyone.

The heck out my way.

Move back!


- [Police] This is the police!

Stay right there!

Do not move!

We have you surrounded.

Sir, ma'am!

Stop playin'.

Back-up, we have a situation here.

We have a long-haired individual person, thing, creature.

I'm gonna need backup ASAP!


I am not going to say it again.

Ready the taser!


Okay, see, see.

Don't make me do it to you!

Don't make me do it yah, keep going.

There we go.

Backup, false alarm, false alarm, I'm good.

Oh, my gosh!

I don't know why I'm...

I still don't understand why I'm trying to go inside.

Like nothing positive has been happening,

only negative stuff, so far.

And I'm trying to go deeper inside?

The heck?

Okay, wow.

Second times the charm.

(water splashing)

Let's just keep going forward.

I'm not going back, unless I have to, forward only!

(water splashing)

Oh yes, please get out.

Please get out of this, yes.

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