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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Insight Executive Workshop - Transforming Data into Business Decisions

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- [Narrator] Innovation brings disruption.

Disruption brings opportunities.

These opportunities are requiring

new ways of doing business.

As we enter the fourth Industrial Age,

the speed of business is increasing.

The ability to capture, process,

and find business insight across a whole company.

It is critical to remain competitive.

Many industries should be leveraging geospatial data

and enhancing their business intelligence.

However, they simply don't know where to begin.

From automation, to artificial intelligence,

internet of things, big data,

to the customization of apps and digital services,

the sheer speed of technological change

has made traditional business practices outdated.

Due to constant disruption,

the business models that have been used for decades

are now undergoing rapid transformations.

To open up new revenue streams, The CEOs of today

must transform these legacy business models.

What tools are business leaders and visionaries using

to work this transformational leadership?

Our staffs at MODUS and Catalyst

have a unique event for business leaders like you.

Join us at the Insights Business Workshop.

Insights is designed from the ground up to assist CEOs

to make sense of the changing environment.

Seating is limited to ensure

an intimate interactive experience.

We designed to be a balance of information,

learning exchange, and interactive problem-solving.

After the core workshop, relax with industry peers.

Discover other ways of doing business.

Insights' focus is using geospatial data

to discover how to: assess the five key factors

needed for transformational leadership

to a data-based decision culture;

plan a shift from reactive

to predictive maintenance mindset;

optimize data analytics for increased operational insight;

adapt legacy workflows to augment your workforce;

design operational protocols for the latest collection

of technology for your industry;

and define data visualization

to remove organizational stovepipes.

Insights Business Workshop allows you access

to some of the leading industry's experts.

Our Mentors and Thought Leaders include experts in

aerial and mobile collections,

advanced-data analytics,

information visualization systems,

technology staffing solutions insights,

automation and process improvement,

risk management.

If you are a leader in energy, construction, engineering,

or transportation, you do not want to miss this event.

While other are still thinking about it,

you can get the tools and mindset

to move your company forward.

So if you want to get ahead of your operation,

work from predictive analytics, and improve your operations,

would you like to learn from the experts

who have implemented data-driven solutions in your industry?

Do you want to have fun while you do it?

Come join us while seats are available.

Click the link below and reserve your place.

Brought to you by MODUS and Catalyst.

The Description of Insight Executive Workshop - Transforming Data into Business Decisions