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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 8 AWAY Expressions in English: go away, run away, right away...

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My name is Emma, and in today's video I am going to teach you some new vocabulary.

I'm going to teach you about a word that we see a lot in English.

This word is the word "away".

"Away" often changes the meaning of a word, so in this video I'm going to teach you many

different expressions that have the word "away" in them.

So, let's get started.

The first expression I want to teach you is: "Right away".

"Right away" means now or immediately; ASAP.


"Right away".

So, we use this a lot, especially at work or, you know, when we're talking to somebody

and something needs to be done immediately.

We can say: "I'll do it right away!" or: "Call me right away.", "I need you to give me those

papers right away."

So this is a very common expression we use a lot.

What are some other expressions?

We also just have the word "away" when we're talking about being absent or not at a specific place.

We use this a lot when we're working.

So, for example, I can say, you know... even in my email, I can say: "I'm away from the

office until next week", meaning I'm not at the office; I'm not at that place.

You know, a lot of the times with students, the teacher needs to figure out who is in

the class and who is away, meaning they're not there that day.

So, we use "away" when we're talking about people who are absent or not there.

"I'm away today.", "I'm away tomorrow."

It means I'm going to be absent tomorrow.

All right.

What's another expression we can use?

I like this one a lot: "Fire away".

We have different meanings for this.

The meaning I want to teach you today is when we use this when someone is asking us a lot

of questions.


We can say: "Fire away" to mean: "Go ahead.

Ask me questions."

So, imagine, you know, you have a guest speaker coming to talk to your class, and you have

a lot of questions; all the students put up their hand.

The guest speaker can say: "Fire away", which means: "Go ahead and ask me questions."


"I have a question", says the student.

"Fire away", says the teacher.

It means: "Go ahead.

I'm ready for your question."

Let's look at some other expressions with the word "away".

So, our next word that has the word "away" in it is: "Go away".

"Go away" has many different meanings.

We're going to cover two in today's lesson.

The first meaning we're going to cover is the one I really like, and that's why I put

a smile on it, and that means to be on vacation.

When you go away, one meaning is you're going on vacation.

I love going away.

I love going on vacation.

I can say: "I'm going away this weekend."

This implies that I'm going on vacation somewhere.

I'm not saying where, but: "I'm going away this weekend."

And you can ask somebody: "Oh, where are you going?"

They're going away - you can ask: "Where are you going?"

So: "I'm going away."

The second meaning I'm going to teach you is the unhappy meaning, and this means leave.


So, we often use this when we're angry, or children use this a lot as well when they're


They say: "Go away!"

So, it means leave.

"Go away", and it's based on the tone you say it in.

"Go away" - leave.


Another expression we use with "away" is: "Move away".

When we talk about moving away, we're talking about taking all your things in your house

and moving them to a new house, often in a different city-okay?-or a different country.

"When I was five years old, I moved away" means I left where I lived, and we took everything

and we went to a new place to live.

So, move one's entire household to another residence, so that's a fancy way of saying

you move to a new city usually, or a new province, a new state, or a new country.

"My best friend when I was 14 years old moved away to China."

So, that's another example.

"My friend moved away when I was 10."


Our next expression: "Run away".

So, "run away" means escape.


We use this a lot when... for teenagers who run away from home, or you might have somebody

run away from another person who's dangerous.

"Run away" means escape.

So: "The teen ran away from home."

When I was six years old-this is a true story-I pretended to run away from home, but I was

too scared so I just hid in the closet, but I pretended to run away from home; I pretended

to leave home or escape home.

So, we use "run away" to talk about escaping something.

Our last expression with "away" today is: "Turn away".

"Turn away" has different meanings.

The one we're going to talk about today means to refuse admittance.

So, what does that mean?

Well, you'll notice there's a sad face, so this is not nice when you're turned away from


I want you to imagine this: You want to go to your favourite restaurant, and you get

there and there's no room.

There's nowhere for you to eat, so they tell you: "I'm sorry.

We have no space; you have to leave."

The restaurant turned you away.

It means they refused to let you in.

Or maybe you go to your doctor's office and there's a long wait; there's a lot of people

at your doctor's, and they say: "You know, we're about to close, so I'm sorry we can't

see you."

The doctor turned you away.

So it means they don't let you or they refuse to let you come in.

So we use this a lot with restaurants, with bars, with movies.

You know: "I was turned away at the last minute.

I really wanted to see this movie, but I was turned away."

So, here's my sentence: "Don't turn me away", meaning: "Let me in".

So, "turn away", again, it's not nice when you're turned away from something.

So we've looked at a lot of expressions with "away".

What I recommend is take your time learning these expressions.

You know, maybe try to learn three a day.

Watch the video multiple times and practice them.

You can visit our website at, and we actually have a quiz there so you can

practice everything you learned today.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel; I have many resources on vocabulary, grammar,

listening - all sorts of different things.

So, thank you for watching; and until next time, take care.

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