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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Engsub]​จับผิดภาพ! สาวๆBLACKPINK​ซ้อมเต้นเพลงใหม่? | BLACKPINK​ Story​

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In the moment that Blackpink haven't official work schedule

Blink link us are know the moment by their IG.

And now Blackpink are post on their IG for show their a little moment.

Ex. Jennie was post this picture set for 2 days ago.

Rose was up load picture yesterday.

Lisa was up load the picture which Adidas ads.

Jisoo was up load this 2 picture for many hours ago.

They are up loading picture everyone,

And if look at the back ground that Jisoo and Jennie was up load.

That's same room!!

Maybe both are stay together, And in Jisoo post she tag Lisa too.

This mean this picture is shooted by Lisa, and Lisa must stay with Jisoo absolutely.

3 girls are in that room, and maybe Rose is in the room too.

But why must focus this room?

Because this room was used for training by Blackpink since they aren't debut.

And now they still use this room.

This room always used by YG. artist.

Used by all band

not only training room but also use to filming dance practice video.

All of Blackpink dance practice video are from this room only.

Blackpink are in traing room before comeback this maybe mean they are practice in new song.

Or filming a dance practice video for us.

Oh I see omen that Blackpink will come back .

In this moment before comeback is very excited, Because we don't know

"how are Blackpink comeback?" or "how song style of them?"

What day is released teaser? Is this come back have Rose SOLO?

Have they full album?

I really want to know quickly.😆

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