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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BoJack Horseman: A Show That COULD Change Your Life (No Spoilers)

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Im still sad Mr. Robot is over and today Ill be reviewing a happy cartoon show.

Back in the 90s, Bojack was in a very famous tv show called HorsinAround.

For the first couple episodes I was amused by his antics and bad dating habits….then

I became concerned cause….I have the same dating habits.

Im a little embarrassed it took a retarded cartoon horse to make me realize my romantic

woes were atleast partially self-inflicted but I kinda just think thats the power

of good writing.

My teachers were always saying life was gonna pass me by cause Im a lazy fucker but vlr

was what eventually got through to me.

The show also has a shockingly good line about infatuation, delivered by this wise night bird.

Even though theres a lot going on in the

series, the main throughline is BoJack trying to overcome his sadness and its done in

a very realistic way.

Usually Mr. Horseman does better for a while, then things go bad, back and forth, back and


In season 4 we get his inner monologue, which makes him probably the most relatable character

on television and gives an honest look at depression.

And since Bojack clearly has a long face, several characters give him possible ways

to overcome that sadness, which can also serve as solutions for the viewer.

Im fully aware that clinical depression cant be cured purely by a change in philosophy,

but I do think the shows ideas can help you.

One of its more obvious takes is that you shouldnt romanticize your own sadness.

Another is that happiness is a moment to moment thing.

If you blindly pursue one goal and thinkthis thing will make me happyyoure just

gonna get disappointed.

A buddy of mine won a sports thing, something he had wanted forever, and he said it was

the best night of his life.

Followed by the worst morning of his life when he still felt empty.

Its depressing for sure but you cant ignore the truth because its sad.

I think the reason the program is so good at getting these points across is how well

done every aspect of the show is, Ill start with the characters.

I always thought Bojack was entertaining but I didnt realize how much I cared about

him until I teared up at the season 4 finale.

Theres also a moment when he finally seems happy with a woman then she clicks with another

dude and my stomach dropped.

Then theres Mister Peanut Butter, an oblivious idiot or the deepest cover troll operative

in history. Early on, he serves as a good counter weight

for Horse man , since he was on a tv show as well and has kind of made peace with the absurdity of life.

Theres also the underrated princess Caroyln, Bojacks agent.

And Horsemans roommate, played by Aaron Paul.

He gets in misadventure after misadventure and invents a store with no floor so people

fall when they walk in the door. Finally, theres Diane, a ghostwriter who

gets paired up with Bojack by a perpetually panicked penguin.

Shes a flip floper who tries to do the right thing but usually goes about it in the

most retarded way possible. But true to her flip floppy nature, she also

has some of the best lines of the series.

Finally finally theres the secret protagonist of not only Bojack Horseman but our entire

universe, Vincent Adultman.

I dont want to bog the video down by going into it but I have a conspiracy theory that

hes actually three kids in a trenchcoat, Ill make a patreon only video on that one.

In addition to documenting Bojacks meaningless existence, the show also functions as a satireization

of Hollywood with tons of celebrity guest stars.

The program also makes fun of Buzzfeed and the media a little bit,

cleverly disguising MSNBC as MSNBsea so they wont know.

A few episodes have outstanding narrative structure with my favorite being Princess

Carolyns granddaughter giving a presentation about Carolyns life.

Theres also a silent episode, and ones that center around other characters cause

Bojack is off being productive.

In the first few episodes the jokes are kinda straightforward but after that there are quite

a few that subvert expectations.

The show also does a good job of separating its own point of view from the characters

so people can say anything and they do say anything.

And of course, I gotta mention the catchy as hell music.

Only slight disclaimer I have for the show is while the first six episodes are by no

means bad, I dont think their as good as the rest of the series.

A neat little story I heard from this guys channel is Indiewire had a policy where when

a new Netflix show dropped they only watched the first half of the season.

They reviewed Bojack and gave season 1 a C + based off that.

However, after watching the 2nd half of the season they regretted it so much they changed

their policy, which I think was stupid to begin with.

And in 2018 they named Bojack Horseman the greatest animated show of all time.

Of course, this is Netflix who cant not ruin a good thing so they still canceled it.

But they did tell the creator beforehand so the recently released season 6 part 2 is a

good and defined ending to Bojacks story.

In fact, Id say the final episodes are some of the best (and by that I mean really

really dark) Then the finale wraps everything up nicely,

without making it too easy.

Theres also an extremely powerful anti-suicide speech so if youve ever had any sort of suicidal

thoughts or ideas and dont want to watch the whole series, just look up. Half-way down on youtube.

Oh and for whatever reason Netflix listed the holiday special as a separate thing so

I completely missed it my first time though And you dont want to miss it.

If youre willing to put up with a little melodrama, another show that covers mental

illness is Spinning Out on Netflix, its like a more grounded black swan.

If you want trashy reality tv theres the circle, also on netflix.

And if you want to see what a good Metal Gear Solid movie would look like, you should watch 1917.

I'm thinking about reviewing 13 reasons why cause I keep seeing videos about it

and it looks like alot of stuff happens in that show so let me know what you think about that.

Im gonna go finally play fire emblem, and Ill see you on the next one.

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