Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dog Cries & Looks Around For Owner Everyday Without Knowing Her Death | Animal in Crisis EP134

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A white dog walking weakly on the road..

He doesn't avoid even if someone gets close to him

The bony body

Looks like he lost everything

Informant : When doing grocery shopping, I found a dog by chance

But the dog seriously staggered and he was on a dangerous road

Local : The poor dog used to walk around as if tears were running down

He's seriously thin now

PD : Have you seen him since before?

Local : Yes, it's been so long for him to be seen

People say that he has been wandering around this town for a long time

Due to his uncomfortable legs

he can't even avoid a small stone

and even seems to feel painful to just keep standing

PD tries to give him food

PD : Try to eat

But the white dog turns away..

Because of the poor-looking dog

passers-by can't take their eyes off him

At the moment

Local : It's been so long to see this dog

PD : Do you know him?

Here is his house / Is there a house? / Here is the house

Finally he goes into the house

As we follow him and go in

the dog naturally drinks water in the basin

Is it real that this place is his house?

PD : Anybody here?

PD : Anybody here?

The house is silent and deserted

The dog looks too shabby

to have an owner

We just began to wait for the dog's owner..

As the night falls

two people go into the house

Wonder if they are the dog's owners..

Man : Who are you?

PD : Hello, We are a SBS broadcast team

Man : Why SBS came here?

PD : We saw a stray dog wandering around and he just entered this house

Are you the dog's owner?

Man : Yes yes, he's our Jindol

PD : Ah, Jindol is his name? It looked too dangerous for him to wander around alone

Man : I agree with you, but we've always let him be free, so he might look like an abandoned dog

Woman : Since we haven't washed him during the cold weather

he seems to be an abandoned dog in the eyes of others

Owner : Jindol, come over here. Aren't you coming in?

They said he didn't look like this in the beginning

Owner : My mother passed away one and half year ago

With my mother, he had visited a temple and gone out to the field every day

But since the mother's death, he became lethargic and depressed

For 2 years, his condition has gotten worse rapidly

The bigger problem is

that he keeps trying to go out in such bad condition

Even during the heavy rain

Owner : Jindol Jindol, come here. Where are you going again?

Jindol let's go home, go back home

he tries to go outside

Owner : What should we do if you walk outside and get rained?

Jindol, phew what should we do

If you keep going out even on the rainy day,

your body keeps wet and can't get dry

Despite the lady's concerns

Jindol goes out once again

PD : Uh, he's going out. No way

Where on earth does Jindol wanna go?

After he is locked in the house

the dog lowers his head at the corner

Owner : We have no choice

We can't suddenly tie him up because we've raised him like this

We were blamed a lot because of letting the dog loose

In bad condition, Jindol even tears down the door

and tries to go outdoors

Owner : The grandmother never scolded Jindol and was always on his side

Whenever he wants to go out, she always went out with him

[Back in days]

Grandma was really fond of Jindol

Wherever she goes

Jindol was always with her

However, since the grandma suddenly passed away

Jindol visited the hospital alone to see grandma

Owner : We were looking for Jindol and

someone told us that he went to the hospital

We didn't even know that he visited the hospital

Local : At a funeral, Jindol was shedding tears

Sitting silent on the ground, he was crying a lot

In the eyes of humans, it was so sad to watch him

The grandma who always shared her life with him

Until the last moment the grandma leaves him

Jindol stood by her side

The portrait of the grandma is the only one left

But after seeing the portrait

the dog gets closer to it

Time has passed by, but he still remembers her face

After the grandma's death

Jindol walks alone on the road he used to walk with her

Local : He doesn't speak out but it seems like

he wants to fine out 'where she is now'

and wants to ask passers-by for 'where did she go?'

Owner : After the grandma passed away, the dog completely became a vagabond

Never stays at home, but goes all over the town

Does he may believe that he can find grandma if walking like this?

While walking on the street, Jindol enters a store

He looks around inside

and comes out again

Local : When the grandma was alive, he often visited this house with her

This store's owner grandma and Jindol's grandma were friends

When Jindol's grandma was alive, local grandmas often gathered here

When seeing Jindol, I also feel so pitiful

If sister(grandma) looks at this, her heart must hurt a lot

The grandma passed away in a sudden

And Jindol doesn't even know about that sad fact..

Every day, Jindol

'The place where he took a rest with grandma'

'The temple where he used to visit with grandma'

He has been visiting

all places in his memory with grandma

But can't fine grandmother anywhere

The longing for the grandma

might make him feel more painful

than the old and infirm body

As he has looked around for grandma for 2 years

Jindol's condition became worse rapidly

Vet visited the site to check up his condition

How will be Jindol's health..

[Having a medical check-up]

The test results are out now

PD : How about Jindol's condition?

Vet : Oh, Actually...

It's pretty difficult to treat him

The owner couple was startled

Vet : He has renal failure, which means a poor function of kidneys

Due to the malfunction of kidneys

I'm considering how helpful the treatment will make his life long

And also worried whether the treatment might make Jindol's current state more anxious or painful..

As a vet, it's quite tough to choose one

Due to the old age

it's even difficult to treat him

Owner : Since I heard that he got renal failure, there's no certain way to treat

and even liver condition is poor

I thought nutritional supplements would let him get much better

but it's even impossible, so I'm frustrated

Vet temporarily tries to take emergency treatment

Even in this situation

Jindol still keeps trying to go out

Vet : If you take care of him only in the narrow space due to his old age

It might be more likely to worsen his mental anxiety

So basically, Jindol's family needs to understand his personality

and I think letting him feel free to go stroll or to visit spaces he likes

will be much more important for him than treatment

On sunny and clear afternoon

The lady began to go stroll with Jindol

The street Jindol always used to walk alone

Now the lady decided to walk with him

Owner : Rain or shine, every day

mother-in-law visited this place

So Jindol always used to be there in advance if I open the door

If memories with the lady are

piled up on memories with the grandma,

He might feel a bit more comfortable

Owner : Back in days, I couldn't be with Jindol because of work

But now I just quit the job so I'll go out for stroll with him

Instead of mother-in-law's absence, I'll do my best to take care of him

The lonely time for longing

that he had to endure on his own

From now, relying on his family

hope Jindol won't be lonely anymore..♥

The Description of Dog Cries & Looks Around For Owner Everyday Without Knowing Her Death | Animal in Crisis EP134