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- The title of my profession is occupational therapy.

The reason why I got into occupational therapy

is I like helping other people,

and I wanna find, in different ways, to help other people.

So, in occupational therapy,

because I specifically work with kids,

I work a lot on their fine motor skills,

or gross motor skills,

but I wanna be able to expand my range of treatment

and how I work with patients,

whether they're children or adults.

And I think TCM is one of those ways,

another holistic approach

that you can learn those different modalities

to be able to help your clients.

Probably by the end of the program,

that I wanna do more private practice and be able to work

with different patients, whether kids or adults,

and be able to see them from the beginning to the end,

so I'm able to diagnose them,

I'm able to you know, work with them, see what's going on,

and then be able to tell them

what I think is the appropriate treatment.

So then, I could prescribe herbs,

I could do Tuina,

I can have these different modalities

that I can not just recommend

but I can also perform them as well.

So that's what I like

about the TCM field is that it gives you that opportunity

to do the hands-on practice,

but it also allows you to see the patient

from the very beginning, when they start off with a problem.

And then you can work with them from the beginning

all the way to the end.

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