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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Helping Hands on Public Lands - Access for all in the Hartman Rocks Recreation Area

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Hartman Rocks Recreation Area, its where Gunnison comes to play.

This area like so many of BLM lands and public lands across the country,

this is Americas backyard.

We try to offer a little something for everybody.

So the Hartman Rocks Recreation Area is one of the premier mountain biking destinations

in the Southwest Colorado.

We have 40 something miles of single track trail thats open to mountain bikes

as well as motorized uses.

Its very accessible to the City of Gunnison.

Just ride your bike right out of town, right out of your back door,

and come and play at Hartman Rocks.

Were out here today working on a service project to build

tent pads for individuals with disabilities.

Adaptive Sports Center is widely recognized within the community here

as being an organization that gets individuals with disabilities

out on the public lands to experience them.

Weve entered a partnership with BLM and its,

it's amazing so far.

Weve gotten together and met a whole bunch of cool people,

and were building an accessible campground that everybody could use.

So since my accident, I havent been able to experience places like this

the way that I used to.

This partnership between Adaptive Sports Center and BLM has allowed me to come out here

and participate in this service project, and experience these lands,

and things that I used to do on my own.

Our goal is to provide great experiences for people with disabilities.

Were ideally looking to build relationships and to continue this.

We would love to see more accessible campgrounds go up.

Shared stewardship is a priority for the Bureau of Land Management,

and this partnership with Adaptive Sports Center really exemplifies that.

It gives the community and the local people an investment into their public lands.

It lets them have a say so in how its managed,

and it lets us accomplish a tremendous amount more than we would ever be able to accomplish.

The landscape and the atmosphere, its just very peaceful.

It's very centering.

You reflect on yourself and you reflect on nature,

and you kind of forget the things that are going on in the rest of your life.

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