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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Banggood Flydigi WASP2 Review - Usage - Tutorial

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If you want to take mobile gaming to the next level, you might want to try Flydigi Wasp2. It is a gamepad like accessories for mobile phones that is compatible with either iOS or Android phones. So let's get started.

that is compatible with either iOS or Android OS. So let's get started.

The Flydigi Wasp2 is supported by Banggood, see the link in the description to get 10% off by downloading the Banggood mobile app.

So first, let's take a look at its packaging.

It is shrink-wrapped, and it is good.

Although this is a Chinese product, there is no Chinese language written on its packaging. It seems very professional.

Let's unwrap it.

And slide the content out from its cover

Let's open the box

And there's the gamepad case.

Using this kind of case gives you a "premium" feeling, although its just a standard hard-case with printed Flydigi logo.

Let's unzip the case.

So there's the game pad, the analog cap, but wait, what's inside that hefty plastic bag. Let's find out.

The plastic packaging is very thick, I think it is a very important device.

It's a bit hard to open it, like it is guarded by several levels of security.

There you go..

O my goodness, it's just a cable. Is it made of pure gold? let's find out

This time, the plastic packaging is thinner but I think it is durable.

Afterall, it is just a standard USB type C cable

Let's keep going..

This is the international warranty card. Please make a note that Flydigi offers lifetime technology support. I don't really know about

the details, but I think you should contact Flydigi for information.

And this one is the manual book. It comes in English and Chinese language.

Pretty standard.

And this one is something like the Xbox One elite controller paddles. But you only get one paddle for this gamepad.

And like the Xbox One Elite controller, you will get a replaceable analog cap. But this one is made of plastic, not metal.

Finally, this is the gamepad. Let's take a look shall we?

Basically, it is called a One-Handed gamepad. The built quality is excellent, and I feel it is a solid product. It features a rubberized pad so

your phone won't slide out easily.

And it also has a rubberized grip to make it comfortable to hold.

There is a T-shape hole at this side to attach the paddle like button.

An Eject button to release the phone from the gamepad.

You can lift the side cover to reveal the charging port and Utool cable to activate button mapping.

To turn on the gamepad, simply slide the power switch to the left side.

The blue led will blink and you are ready to connect your phone to the gamepad.

Before using the gamepad, we will need to download an app called Flydigi Game Center. So open the Playstore and find it.

Open the app and follow the onscreen instruction

Then try connecting the gamepad to your phone

Select your gamepad and turn it on

If nothing happens, then try closing the pop-up window on your phone.

Now it is connected

The next thing is to activate the button mapping. Press the Activate button.

Then you should enable the developer option your phone. Read the instruction and press the blue button to continue

Depending on your phone security settings, you might need to reenter the phone password to continue.

And again, read the instruction then press the blue button to continue. It is a little bit tricky but do able.

Now you need to open the side cover on your gamepad and connect the Utool cable to your phone USB port. Again it is tricky.

You might need to reboot the gamepad for changes to take effect.

At this menu, select Charge only

Then press OK to allow USB debugging

And you are ready to play the game.

Press the Eject button then slide in your phone to the game pad and tighten it.

Then load the game. In this video, I will show you how to play PUBG using this gamepad.

If it is not working like this one, then you might need to update the gamepad firmware.

For my case, I had to reset my phone and reopen the Flydigi Game Centre

Then reconnect the gamepad

And proceed with updating the gamepad firmware if available

Then press the Complete button and reconnect the gamepad

And you might need to re-activate the button mapping

Then slide in your phone and reload the game

Now the gamepad works fine.. I think it is very responsive and no lags at all.

To open the Flydigi menu, simply press the LED button. There are some options that you could try to explore.

From my point of view, If you are really into mobile gaming, then I think you should try this product.

It has a decent price point and worth every penny.

To be honest, I don't have any negative points for the gamepad. But since I am not a real gamer, I don't feel quite familiar to use this

product. Overall, it is a good product.

So I think that's it for a short video on Flydigi Wasp2 review, usage and tutorial. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching and see you later.

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