Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jackie & Malaysia’s Friendship Timeline Part 2 ? Basketball Wives

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- Somebody's blowin' my phone up.

(phone ringing) Oh no.

Hold on one second, Malaysia.


- Hi, babe.

- What's happening, babe?

- It's a pretty day out.

What're you doing?

- You interrupted me.

I'm having a conversation right now.

- Well, couldn't be that important.

What are you guys talking about?

- Some things. - Things?

- Yep, some things. - Like what?

- Like this lady that I know.

But you know, all these questions you can ask me

once I get home.

- Love you, babe.

- [Doug] All right, love you babe.

(phone beeps)

(hip hop music)

- Sit down.

Today is doomsday.

I gotta tell Jackie what Malaysia and Brandi

would like her to do.

I want 'em to make up,

but I also don't want Jackie to shoot me,

because you know what they say,

the messengers do get shot.

- What does Malaysia want, Dray?

- Malaysia would like to

have a meeting with you.

- What? - With me?

- My husband has never been out with another woman.

I don't know if I can even stomach it.

I need to understand what does she want

with my husband, and why?

Who the (bleep) are you?

- And she would like to figure some things out about you,

but through him.

It will just be Malaysia and Doug, and not you.

- Okay, so you're kidding right?

Malaysia wants a meeting with my husband.

- Can we let, can we just let Doug answer

what does he think about that?

- What would the purpose be?

What does she think she's gonna get?

- No one can get to the bottom of Jackie,

so the center of Jackie is like, you.

- I don't know.

- Do you wanna do the meeting with Malaysia, by yourself?

- If it'll help you. - And I'm out in the car?

'Cause I'll be in the car.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You're not there.

See, that's the thing.

- Oh wait, he drives to a location, a destination,

and she's there, but I'm not there,

and I'm at home, a phone call away.

- Maybe like a dinner or candles and wine?

I dunno, maybe some wine.

- In the vicinity of our home,

I'd be willing to do it. (Doug chuckling)

It's not funny, Doug.

This is some serious (bleep).

I don't know why you're laughing.

- Oh, she's, (bleep) is gonna hit the fan.

- No, this is not funny because first of all,

Doug has not had a meeting with a female by himself

in 20, how many, 20 years?

- Come on, girl.

- Malaysia, you have no husband.

Why are you wanting to go out with my husband?

Are you gonna try to live vicariously

through me, with Doug for that moment?

What are you gonna try to do?

And if that's the case, it's like well why can't I go too?

You might do it? - I'll think about it.

- Think this would be good for you, and your wife,

and I think that it would-- - For me?

I don't need nothin' from it.

- You don't.

There is no way in hell Jackie is going to let single,

freshly divorced, hot Malaysia

go on a date with her Doug, oh hell no.

- I'm willing to let you go ahead.

I mean, not let you.

Of course, you're a grown man.

- Right, right.

- But I'm willing to allow this meeting to take place.

- Jackie-- - You text me and it's good.

- But you're not allowed to be there,

or in the vicinity.

I probably should've told Jackie that it was a date,

and I should've probably used the word date,

because she's like agreeing to it,

but she doesn't really know that it's gonna be a date

and she's not gonna be there.

You have to be at home. - Set it up.

- In pajamas.

- This is something I've never let happen before,

so it's scary for me, and I don't like it at all.

But I gave him my word that I would be willing

to do whatever it took for us to be able to sit down.

- I'll do my best, though.

- You do your best. - Girl.

- [Doug] That's all you can do is your best.

- You about to send your man in a meeting

with this freshly divorced, hot woman.

(plucky music)

- I'm gonna go on this date with Doug.

Maybe he can tell me a little bit about his wife

that I can't get around the other girls.

I have a scarf over my head, no skin showing,

pepper spray in my bra,

because his wife is cray-cray.

Hey, Doug!

- Hey!

- How are you? - Miss Malaysia.

How you doin'?

Oh, step back.

Come on, girl.

- I'm gonna sit right here and we're gonna talk

from like, one table from the next.

This date is going to be very creepy.

- You got me here, so what's on your mind?

- I didn't really expect to really get you here.

I knew that your wife would never let that happen.

- I'm sitting here with you!

- I mean you're here,

but I think that she's somewhere near, too.

- Come on now.

(tense music)

- Why did I allow this to happen?

This is the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.

My heart is beating fast, I've got a headache,

I'm feeling physically ill that Malaysia and Doug

have this sit down.

I don't know if she's gonna try to tell him

some negative lies about me.

It's killin' me!

Total, total mistake.

Oh my god.

- All right, burka's gone.

- I'm still gonna turn my chair this way.

- It's all good. - 'Cause I trust you.

- We're talking, and my wife is where she's at.

- In the car outside?

- No, she's not in the car.

- (bleep) are you talking to her about?

Total, total mistake, oh my god.

- If I say Jackie Christie, tell me the first couple things

that come to your mind about her.

- Beautiful, loving, ornery, loyal.

- Would you say that like,

your wife has a swift change in mood swings?

- I mean, there's a side of her.

- What are you doing?

What do you have to explain to her?

(phone ringing)

Pick up!

She couldn't possibly be telling you

anything you need to know.

(phone ringing)

- She'll tell me, "Oh you look good,"

but then in the same breath,

she'll tell Draya, "Look at her outfit.

"She look like a little whore."

- No!

- Yes!

- It's a (bleep) emergency,

and you're not gonna even answer the phone

'cause you're sitting with this (bleep) lunatic.

I can't hear 'em.

All I can do is see them, and it is freaking me out.

- I think that she will like light the fire at my house,

and then call the fire department

and tell me that she's gonna help me get the fire out.

- I'm just saying--

- This is what I witnessed.

- I don't think that that's necessarily

my wife's intentions.

- She even said that you guys

think about having threesomes with me.

Like she just says things just to say it.

- [Draya] Jackie, y'all had threesomes before?

- No, but we fantasize about it.

We used to do it about Malaysia, but then Malaysia--

(women squealing) (Jackie laughing)

(Doug laughing)

- Oh my god.

Doug and Malaysia, it's a lot of ki-ki-ki-ki,

giggling and laughing.

This is the worst thing I could've done.

(phone ringing)

We got a (bleep) problem.

Answer the phone Doug, seriously.

- Being here by myself, but somebody's blowing my phone up.

Oh no. (phone ringing)

Hold on one second, Malaysia.


- Hi, babe.

- What's happening, babe?

- It's a pretty day out.

What're you doing?

- You interrupted me.

I'm having a conversation right now.

- Well, couldn't be that important.

What are you guys talking about?

- Some things. - Things?

- Yeah, some things. - Like what?

- Like this lady that I know.

But you know, all these questions

you can ask me once I get home.

- Love you, babe.

- All right, love you babe.

(phone beeps)

That's my wife.

She's a very loving and caring person, almost to a fault.

And if you don't see that by me being here

that she truly appreciates and likes your friendship,

then you're right.

Maybe you guys don't need to be friends.

- And I said that, I was like whoa,

if you're here, and she's nowhere to be found

obviously she does care for me,

so that's the reason why I'm here.

Otherwise, I would've been like, no.

- You guys gotta figure out how to deal with each other,

and, at the end of the day if it works, it works.

If it doesn't, it doesn't.

- I learned that Jackie does trust me a little,

because she allowed him to come.

So maybe she changed a little bit.

I'm gonna give her a fair shot.

- I appreciate you coming.

Give me love, give me love.

Give me love, come on, come on, give me love.

- I have to (bleep) stop this maniac.

Seeing my man laugh with another female like this?

I'm crushed, I can't believe it.

- Good job, good to see you, girl.

Be good.

(tense music)

Today's the day I sit down with Malaysia.

She agreed to meet with me, because I allowed her

to go on a meeting with Doug,

and hopefully we can get our relationship back on track.

And I need to know what the hell she's mad about,

because I hear little bits and pieces,

but I haven't gotten it from the horse's mouth.

- I am a woman of my word, and unfortunately,

this (bleep) said that I would meet with Jackie

if she gave me Doug, so here it is.


- How are you, Malaysia? - I'm great.

- I'm glad that you could come.

- Is that a trench coat?

Is that a brooch?

Are those gloves?

Why does she have on gloves?

Are you cold?

- Actually, no.

I was gettin' my Audrey Hepburn on.

- That's not classy, that's bag lady.

- So, I'll let you begin.

- You called this meeting, so.

- Let me start with what did I do?

Tell me, and talk to me, and lay it all on the line

so I don't have to ask Draya, or anybody else for that.

Brandi, anybody.

- I mean, here lately yes, you have to ask

because you don't have my phone number anymore.

- Right.

- You made a comment after I said

that my brother was shot in the head three times.

Right after that, you said,

"I don't give a (bleep) about a bitch being my friend.

"I will shoot her in the head with a nine millimeter."

Not only did you disrespect my family,

not only did you talk about my baby brother,

but you were threatening my life.

- For me to feel like I need

to take my (bleep) nine millimeter out

and blow somebody's head off?

- Oh wait, who asked, no no no!

Nine millimeter?

- [Doug] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- That's not funny. - No.

- That's nothing to play with. - And that is very hurtful.

- So, you are not my friend.

Because a friend don't do things like that.

- Malaysia, listen. - So.

That's why I don't like you.

(Jackie slurping)

Jackie? - Okay.

Well let me just say this, Malaysia.

I was angry, I was wrong to sit there and tell you

I would pull a gun on you and shoot you.

I would never sit there and make fun of that, I'm so sorry.

- You did it, though.

She irritates the (bleep) outta me.

Everything about her is (bleep) irritation.

- I've let you sit with my husband,

something, I have been married to Doug

for 20 years, Malaysia.

Never have any female sat with him alone.

That's to show you that not only do I trust you

and respect you, but I want the friendship.

You are a sister to me, you are a friend to me.

I have been down with Malaysia Pargo from day say go.

Even when I heard that your name was Laquisha,

I don't give a (bleep) if your name is Baquisha.

You're Malaysia to me.

I don't care--

- Malaysia and Laquisha, it's the same person,

and it does not matter, like my first name?

I like to go by my middle name,

and that's just what it is,

and well, you can call me Laquisha.

I do not give a flying (bleep) about that.

What I do care about

is that you play too many (bleep) games.

Just like right now, you bringing up,

"Even when I heard your name was Laquisha."

That has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.

You play games, and I don't feel like playing 'em no more.

I'm going through a whole lot in my life,

and you are at the bottom of that list.

And it (bleep) just pissed me the (bleep) off.

I don't wanna deal with you no more,

and I have to keep breaking up with you

like we're having sex.

We're not having sex!

You have never seen my (bleep) at all.

So like, this is crazy that we gotta keep breaking up.

- I do love you.

- Jackie!

- I love you regardless!

If you're mad, I brought you these

and they're not from the fanciest florist shop in LA,

but they're from me, and they're from my heart.

- She went to Trader Joe's to get these punk ass flowers.

- I brought them to show you that I'm giving you

the olive branch, and I will continue to do that.

- She probably put something in it.

Like, I'm not taking this (bleep) home.

She can just (bleep) forget about it, like psh,

I don't want that.

- I want a chance for Jackie and Malaysia

to develop something.

It could be (bleep) amazing, two Leos, runnin' shit?

Are you kidding me?

Draya and them can still be involved,

but they're not two lionesses.

That's who we are, you know what I'm saying?

- You and I are not the same in that.

- I don't think we ever got a fair (bleep) shot,

and I think every time we turn around

it's a whole bunch of other people in the mix,

and we never get to be Jackie and Malaysia.

- You like to play games.

It's fun for you.

- I promise you--

- Just come on, admit it Jackie.

It's fun for you.

- I promise you, ain't no games with me.

Do you wanna be friends?

- No!

- Will you at least take the flowers?

(tense music)

- I'm not your friend right now.

Will I go get you some groceries if you had a common cold?

(bleep) no, mm-mm.

I'mma just let your ass cough.

(Malaysia coughs)

Ha bitch, like no.

Thanks Jackie, it was a nice gesture, though.

- You're welcome.


(dramatic music)

That was probably the lowest

and the hurtfulest thing she could've done

was to leave them on the table.

I walk outside, there's Malaysia.

I'm thinking oh shoot, my heart is beating fast.

I'm thinking, is she coming to get me?

What is she coming to do?

I'm so sorry, like anything I ever done,

anything you ever think, I swear to you.

I'm not gonna sit here and say that I won't have issues

with girls, and get in they face.


My mother, I'm not even gonna get,

I don't like to get emotional,

but I told you this once before,

and I'm gonna tell you again.

She said, "Outta all them women,

"I hope you can fix it with Malaysia."

It was something she saw in you.

I don't know what that is, but it's the last

and final thing that I have of what she said,

and on top of that, it's how I feel, okay?

- Okay.

Really, Jackie?

You're gonna use your mommy?

Like that's so low.

But, I've still got a soft heart.

It's hard for me to be mean,

so I don't wanna leave her sad.

And she got puppy dog eyes.

- Really, honestly, you hear me?

If you don't hear nothin' else.

- So why do you always be crying?

- Because it (bleep) gets emotional for me--

- Are you crying for real, or are you crying for fake?

- I'm an emotional person.

- I don't wanna play games, like hey,

I think I'm your friend.

No, (bleep), I'm not no more.

I like to be what I say I am,

and I don't like to be fake.

I feel like she is a (bleep) sometimes,

but she has a good heart.

So I just wanted you to know that I don't hate you,

and I will work on trying to get to know you.

- That's all I can ask for.

- Okay.

- Thank you. - Alrighty.

Bye, Jackie. - Bye.

Me and Malaysia sitting down

and being able to talk, yeah it was very bumpy

and tumultuous and all that,

but at the same time,

I feel like we made a little bit of ground.

I don't know what's gonna happen

when she gets around the collective, the group of women,

but I think that underneath it all,

she's a very sweet person

and she wants this friendship as much as I do.

(upbeat music)

- Now's the time for rum tasting, and I'm a little faded.

I think everybody's a little faded.

Like, they were about to go have something else to drink?

- [Woman] Oh Jackie, you're gonna love this.

- Make yourselves comfortable.

(woman squealing)

- [Woman] A little dangerous.

- Let me give you a welcome to Flavors of San Juan

Boozy Bites rum tastings.

- I'm all for it.

Bring the drinks on.

- Do you have any idea how the rum is made?

Christopher Columbus, during his second trip

to the New World, he brought with him

from the Canary Islands, sugarcane.

- I'm sorry, but we're kinda already drunk.

(women laughing)

Yeah, and I don't wanna be rude,

but I'm like, can we just get with the mix?

- Okay. - Yeah!

- So first today, we're gonna try different kinds of rums.

All aged rums.

First rum we're gonna try is seven to 10 years aging.

So it was considered like the cognac.

Usually the darker or the higher consistency,

the smoother the rum will be.

- The first rum was really nasty, like (scoffs).

That tastes like it's been in an ashtray.

- [Jackie] Ashtray?

Love that one.

- That (bleep) is nasty.

I did not like it at all,

like not even a little bit.

- [Server] Let's go through the second one.

You have an eight year old rum.

- Oh yeah, this is real tasty too.

- [Woman] I don't like any of it.

- The last one hurt.

Oh my god, it was disgusting.

I felt like I was drinking rubbing alcohol.

- This one's so sexy, it almost smells like cologne.

I didn't taste one rum that didn't taste good.

- All right.

- I'm gonna-- - She didn't like that one.

- [Woman] Can I get a Coke?

- I'm looking over to my left,

and Jackie is downing these shots

and I'm just like Lord Jesus, help her.

- It's good!

This one's really good.

- She drunk all that (bleep).

(Jackie laughing)

Jackie and liquor don't get along.

- [Server] And next, we're gonna try the pina coladas.

It's the national cocktail of Puerto Rico.

First we're gonna use pineapple, right?

We put it in a blender.

(blender whirring)

- Oh! - Oh, that looks yummy.

- [Server] Okay.

- [Jackie] That looks good, like a milkshake.

- [Server] This should hit the spot.

Ladies, do you have any questions about the rum?

- What kind of rum did you use?

- Absolutely.

This rum, we used light rum.

- And what's it called?

- Club Caribe.

- What was the cream?

- [Server] Coco Lopez.

- Coco? - Coco Lopez.

- You gotta write that down.

Coco Lopez and (Jackie speaking gibberish).

(women laughing)

Why are you guys doing that to me, why?

I'm trying, that's not right.

- I have not laughed so much on this vacation

as I did when Jackie said (speaks gibberish), okay?

That (bleep) was funny to me.

- Damn, I don't even understand.

Could you say it again please,

because they're laughing at every (bleep) I'm saying.

Like, what?

(Shaunie laughing)

- That's, that's the one ingredient

that wasn't in that damn pina colada

was (speaks gibberish).

- What did she say then, Tami, you say it.

- No! - No!


- I don't wanna-- - No, Jackie, Jackie, no.


(women squealing)

Don't cry!

Oh my god, you better not be really crying.

(women laughing)

- It's not funny, Malaysia.

I'm trying to do it, I don't know what the (bleep) she said!

- Y'all stop laughing, 'cause I don't know

what kind of machine guns and machetes she has in her purse.

I didn't check it today.

I normally checks Jackie's purse, just FYI,

because just for everyone's safety.

- (bleep) it. (women laughing)


- I don't know why the hell Jackie's crying!

(women laughing)

- We thought you were trying to make a joke!

- No, I was trying to--


- Stop (bleep) laughing guys, stop laughing!

- That's not funny. - She's really crying.

She's really crying.

Regardless to we get along, and I get along,

she's really embarrassed and I, (sighs)

I just start feeling bad.

Guys, come on!

We was having a good time.

- I actually would like for her to say it again.

- I'm trying to understand what it means.

She said (speaks gibberish).

(women laughing) (bleeping)

What the (bleep) is wrong with you guys?

That's not right.

We're in (bleep) Puerto Rico,

trying to learn about another culture.


It's really that funny?

- [Woman] Jackie, you know we love you!

- [Woman] It was just funny that--

- She was really sad that we laughed

at her saying the name wrong.

Don't let her drink nothin' else.

- No, this'll calm her down.

- To drink more? - Is this normal?

- It ain't a blunt, Jackie. - Alcohol?

Makes her cry?

- No, she just get emotional.

Come on, let's drink up babe.

- She's cryin' (gasping).


(intense music)

- Hey, beautiful! - Hi.

- [Jackie] Oh my god, I missed you!

You the one.

- Guess what?

It's Malaysia, I'm back!

When you come back to LA,

you definitely have to catch up with Jackie,

'cause she's gonna give me the rundown.

So, I need to know the tea.

- I have (bleep) missed you, you drinkin'?

- Yes. - Okay.

- Well, just wine.

- I wanna hear all about you,

like what you been doing, and?

- So, I'm moving to Atlanta.

- Why, Malaysia, no!

- I'm gonna do back and forth,

but I'm opening up my own kids' boutique in Atlanta.

- Oh my god, I wanna go, I wanna go with you.

- You can come visit.

- Mm-mm, like I wanna be there, and help you.

- No, you can't be there and help me

because Doug needs you, girl!

- I know, but listen.

Doug is on the road with the team, he's gone.

We are like, I got so much to tell you, Malaysia.

Girl, you need your drink.

Wait, you need a drink.

What you want to drink?

- Oh no, it's coming.

- Oh, thank God. - Hey cutie!

- Glass of moscato for the lady.

- Heck yes. - Yeah, cheers.

- What's your name, Luis?

- Luis, my name is Luis.

- You're cute.

(plucky music)

- [Luis] Thank you for staying with us.

- Oh wait, Luis.

Can I get something stronger?

Can I get like a Grand Marnier?

- Sure, I'll be right back with that, okay?

- Malaysia.

Was that just what I think it was?

- What, his fine ass?

(both laughing)

My love life right now is a joke.

I was recently dating someone, it didn't work,

and so now I'm dating a couple others,

and I'm not really sure if they're gonna work either

because I'm just picky.

- I'm gonna sum it up for you.

So you know Tami?

- Wait, let me drink.

- [Jackie] Yeah, you need to take a couple gulps.

- A Jackie sum up is like a four course meal.

You better get comfortable,

'cause you're gonna be here for a while.

- Evelyn has returned home, girl.

So, Evelyn donated money to my daughter,

and then I heard she was saying that I was a horrible mom,

and we went and sat down

and we started talking.

Oh hell no, we not doing that.

Some kind of statement on.

No, don't even come up over here.

Because I'm hearing all kinds of (bleep) like

why am I at a dog training facility?

Tami crazier than (bleep), girl.

I wasn't necessarily gonna say nothing.

But Evelyn did not turn up,

but I was feeling some type of way

because I'm hearing all kind of--

- Like, what?

I am trying to get this (bleep) straight.

She's talking about all this petty ass (bleep)

that she know damn well I don't care about.

- I work, I got businesses, I got (bleep) to do.

So, a little while later I call her out,

and she said, "I didn't say anything."

I said, "Yes you did.

"Tami mentioned to me that you had left a comment,

"but she didn't say it was nothing bad."

- Let me stop you there.

You shouldn't have put Tami in it at all, though.

Jackie's telling me about

how she showed Evelyn Tami's message,

and I'm like (screeches) no!

That was a conversation between you and her,

and you put Tami in it.

You put her in a compromising situation.

You set yourself up!

- That's why you should've been here.

- You got to learn girlfriend code 100.

But you understand why she was mad, though?

From what I'm--

- Yes, now I wanna move forward and figure out

what we gonna do, because I care about Tami.

- Okay, so my advice to you is kiki on, bitches.

(Jackie laughs)

(eerie music)

(goat bleating)

- Come on, Malaysia.

Malaysia, come here!

(women laughing)

This is beautiful!

(goats bleating)

- [Instructor] Feel your friends loving on your spine.

- Come on, Malaysia. - Uh-uh.

- Yes!

- [Instructor] And don't be afraid to smile.

- Come on, man.

I just got off a flight.

- I'm new and improved Jackie Christie.

I've done so many things in the last several months.

I went to China, got to learn all about macarons,

I'm re-launching my brand,

I learned about ancient teas,

but the best thing is, I've gotten surgery.

This treatment called liposculpture.

Mind, body, and spirit is very important to me.

I'm getting healthy, I'm getting my body together.

I wanted to try something new.

Goats and yoga, hell yes!

Just take off your jacket.

Enjoy these animals.

Don't leave, the goats ain't gonna feel good.

Don't hurt they feelings.

- I don't wanna hurt their feelings,

but I'm not taking my jacket off.

- Come on, welcome back to LA, baby.

- I'm gonna get you real good.

I'm bi-coastal now.

I raise my children in Atlanta,

but I also work here in LA.

This is my first week back,

and I was not prepared for Jackie's crazy ass (bleep) today.

- Namaste. - Namaste.

- [Instructor] Oh, looks like Billy just blessed you.

- Yep, welcome home. - Oh wow!

Malaysia come on, this is amazing!

- When they pee on your mat,

that is what we call a blessing.

- Oh wow. - Hallelujah.

- We say, go buy a lottery ticket.

- Okay.

Oh, and he's poopin' too!

I'mma get blessed all over the place!

We're buying five lottery tickets, Malaysia.

(Malaysia laughs) It's amazing!

- That is wonderful. (Malaysia laughing)

The goats are definitely not potty trained.

There's (bleep) like pouring out of his ass.

Looked like Skittles, but like rotten Skittles.

- We're gonna give you a new mat.

- Oh, thank you.

- [Instructor] So namaste, again.

- Okay, so if we sit up they won't get on you,

and if you go like that, they will.

Oh, please Lord Jesus, oh no!

No, that's just too much, no.

Someone could've told me he was gonna do that.

That's not funny.

I'm sorry, that was, that (bleep) scared the hell outta me.

Oh hell no.

Let's go get a drink,

'cause I definitely need one at this point.

(goat bleats)

(upbeat music)

- Are you ready for this? - I am.

- I think it's gonna be a good time.

- Bitch, look at this, oh my god!

- Peggy!

- So you know, I feel like there's certain things

about Peggy Bundy that I can relate to.

She's just really cocky, and she's just,

you know, she says whatever the hell she wants.

You know, she's funny.

- Bitch, that wig! - Oh this is.

- Feby. - Who are we, mama?

- [Woman] She is in full character.

- Oh I'm being Ashley Banks.

That was you, oh yeah. - No, baby.

- Kristen seems upset, but I get it.

People get territorial, it's her party,

but we can be cute together!

- Okay so, we're gonna have,

you guys can play games if you want to.

There's concessions, they'll be here later,

and who's tryna teach me how to skate?

- Bitches! (women squealing)

- I'm serious about this party

and Malaysia's taking my (bleep) kinda loosely.

"Bring It On," Compton Clovers?

That ain't '90s, girl.

- [Woman] How is the new house?

- The new house is amazing!

- I think we need to toast to your new house.

(all cheering)

- Thank you.

(all gagging)

My chest is burning.

- This is my party,

and this is not the best time to do this,

but there's no way I can sit and look at Malaysia's face

knowing what I know.

I have to tell her.

The time is now.

I was good with the cheers, and you already know

that I'm happy for you,

but I can't sit here, I just can't.

(tense music)

I wanted us to do this '90s party, and have fun,

but there's gonna be some bull (bleep).

- [Malaysia] Wait.

- [Kristen] Yes, it has to do with you.

(Malaysia laughs)

- Why?

What did I do?

- Well, let's just say a lot has been going on.

People that are portraying to be your friend,

are not your (bleep) friend. - No they're not.

- From what I understand, by way of Jackie,

supposedly Jennifer and Dominique

have your name in their mouth,

and they've spoken on your children.

They've spoken on your finances.

Wait, where are you going?

- I gotta stand up, I can't breathe.

- [Kristen] Okay, I was like where are you going?

- Okay, so wait.

What'd they say about my kids?

- They're dirty. - Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I don't wanna be involved in this, that's crazy.

I never heard the guys say anything

about her kids being dirty,

and that's the (bleep) with this group.

You say one thing, somebody asks some (bleep),

then they take some (bleep) out,

then they put their (bleep) in there,

then they bring that (bleep) right there

and it's like, what the (bleep) story?

What are y'all talking about?

- Are you (bleep) kidding me?

I wanna know everything that everybody has to do with it

so I know who to get first.

Who said it?

- [Kristen] So it starts with Anthony,

let me start from the beginning.

- Who is Anthony?

- Anthony that lives in Atlanta.

He's the one that told Jackie that Jennifer and Dominique

were having conversations about you.

- We don't know if Dominique

is really the one spreading this,

but what we do know is that Jackie told other people this

is what I'm saying.

(ominous music)

Malaysia, we know you're a good mom.

Like, we know you're a good mom.

- I'm not mad at that.

I know that I'm a good mom.

- [Feby] She's mad because she's being a friend to somebody

that's being (bleep) fake to her.

- I'm sick of people just (bleep) with me.

Like, honestly, I'm trying to change.

I do everything that I can as a mom

to make sure that my kids have everything that they need.

- You've been a great friend to a lot of us,

and that's the only reason why we're sitting here

telling you this right now,

because she should not be running her (bleep) mouth.

- Jenn, Jackie, Dominique.

I mean, I don't know what to think,

my head is just spinning.

I'm just overwhelmed.

- Maybe when she gets here,

you can have a conversation with her and just find out,

why didn't you tell me these things first

and why did you bring it to the circle?

We love you, Malaysia. - Yes.

- I love you guys too. - I do, I really do.

- Thank you guys for telling me, I love you guys.

- We really do love you, Malaysia.

(upbeat music)

- [Evelyn] Who are these hoes walkin' in?

- That's Malaysia's family.

- Hi!

Hi! - Hi.

- I'm devastated right now,

but I can't really show it in front of my cousins.

I invited them here so that they can have a great time,

so what I'm gonna do is suck back my tears,

and then when the bitches that walk through the door

that I need to address,

I'm gonna address them on my own.

(intense music)

- Ooh, this looks fun. - It's time to skate!

- [Malaysia] Oh, just the people I wanted to see.

- [Woman] Oh my god!

- [Evelyn] Malaysia just went to Jennifer.

- No, no, no, no, no! - Yeah, yeah, yeah!

- My emotions and my feelings are all over the place,

and I'm really trying to keep it together,

and I just wanna hear her side of the story.

Excuse me, hi guys, how are you?

- [Jennifer] Hi.

- Hey, Dominique. - Hi babe.

- If punk ass Jenn and her friend Dominique

is behind this game of telephone,

it best end right here in my face,

because the game of telephone is over.

Okay, so Jennifer?

I've got a question for you.

Did you ever say my kids was dirty?

- No, I never even heard that in my life.

- Okay, so you're sure? - Positive.

- They said that you-- - Who said that?

- Told her a bunch of rumors about me,

and she's going around and spreadin' 'em.

- Me?

- Yeah. - (bleep) no.

- I'm just trying to figure out--

- No, no, no, I would never do no (bleep) like that.

- You never was at a party talking (bleep) about me,

about my why I moved out of LA, nothing?

- [Jennifer] No, I never even knew why you moved out of LA.

- Oh, okay.

- I would never say no (bleep) like that, ever in life.

- I'll say this, so Jackie asked me a bunch of stuff.

She was like "Oh, did you say this about Malaysia?

"Did you say," and I was like, what?

I never even heard this stuff.

The first time I heard it was when Jackie said something.

- This is a test, it has to be.

I have so many amazing things going on in my life right now,

and the thought of someone so close to me betraying me

is like, unheard of!

Oh, okay, okay.

That's what I wanted to know.

I'm gonna go in my feelings.

What the (bleep) just happened?

- What the (bleep)?

- [Evelyn] I feel like she's telling the truth.

- I, girl!

We need to be asking Jackie,

'cause she's the common denominator here.

Why am I always the one that's doing something shady?

I'm trying to just come, have some fun at a skating party

and now I'm being accused of something else?

Goddamn, where the hell does it end?

(tense music)

- So now we need to find a restroom.

- [Malaysia] Oh, hey, Jackie!

- Hey guys! - Jackie!

Hey Jackie, how are you?

- Hey, how are you Malaysia, hi.

- Me and you need to talk.

- Oh we sure the (bleep) do. - Yeah.

- I don't know who told who--

- Well, listen, I didn't say (bleep)

and I'm tired of people saying Jennifer said something.

Jennifer ain't sayin' nothin'.

- You know, I came in

and the ladies had a lot to say.

- Okay.

What'd they say?

- They said that my friend, Jackie Marie Christie,

has been going around spreading lies about me.

- Are you kidding me? - Talking about my children.

Of all people.

- Malaysia.

Now you know damn well that's a damn lie.

- Help me understand what the (bleep) is going on right now.

- They're crazy, and I have to--

- [Malaysia] I need to see your eyes.

- They are crazy, and I have to use the restroom,

and you look (bleep) hilarious.

I love it.

- No, no, no.

- I'mma go to the restroom--

- This is not a (bleep) joking matter.

- Deal with it.

Where's the bathroom?

- This is not a (bleep) joking matter.

- Go to the bathroom, and then I'll (bleep) deal with it.

Malaysia, I'mma tell you right now.

- I don't give a (bleep).

- Tell you right now, you better get outta my face.

- You better put your (bleep) hands down.

- But you better get a mother (bleep) drastic--

- I, no, I am--

- I told you they're (bleep) lying!

- What? - They're (bleep) lying!

They're (bleep) lying!

They're (bleep) lying! - No they--

- Lying through their mother (bleep) teeth!

- They're lying? - They're (bleep) lying!

They're (bleep) lying, they're (bleep) lying!

- I've been having your back no matter what,

and you're gonna (bleep) do this to me?

The person that's been here for you?

- Listen, listen, listen.

They need Jackie Christie, so let me get back to 'em.

(all shouting)

- You aren't gonna do that to my mother (bleep) girl!

- What you gonna do about it?

(all shouting)

- Malaysia obviously has lost her mind.

She knows, the (bleep), you don't come for me.

I'm not, I'm not! (intense music)

- What the hell is goin' on here?

- You're so cute. - So cute!

- Wait, were you the one throwing rollerskates?

- I ain't thrown no rollerskate, that's a lie.

That's a lie.

- I thought we saw the last of this guy

at the skating party.

Why the hell is he even here?

- Hey! - Hi!

- Cute! - What the (bleep) is this?

(Jackie laughs)

Are we really about to have a fake court case?

'Cause I feel like I know who's innocent, and who's not.

Is this a jury trial?

- [OG] It's a non-jury trial.

- You make the decisions?

- I was asked to preside, and I have no problems.

- This is so (bleep) weird, just saying.

- Why?

- Who does court?

OG's the judge, what?

You threaten to kill us all the time and you're the judge?

- I would kill you with my bare hands,

but I'm not gonna do that.

(tense music)

- This is all bad.

Oh god.

- I'm very confident that I can remain unbiased

and come to a fair ruling,

simply because that's just who I am by nature.

- Hi! - Hi!

- You do realize we're in court?

- [Woman] And Jackie is the plaintiff.

- Oh!

- You the defendant, bitch. - Yeah.

- I'm the defendant? - Yes.

- [Woman] You probably gotta be up there.

- Oh my god, this bitch love playing games.

This ridiculous stunt is gonna blow up in Jackie's face.

Let's (bleep) do this.

- I would like to thank everybody for coming.

Jackie is our plaintiff today.

Malaysia will be the defendant.

I'm going to be neutral.

I'm gonna hear all the evidence,

and then we will render a verdict.

CeCe couldn't make it, so Shaunie's gonna be

our stenographer and our bailiff.

Jackie who's our plaintiff

now address who your defendant is

so we can call her to the court.

- Malaysia Pargo.

- [OG] Malaysia, will you please take the stand?

- Where is it? - Right here.

(women laughing)

I wanna hear Malaysia's side of the story, to be honest.

- I don't have a side!

So, no.

This (bleep) is childish!

We don't have time to play with you.

- Okay, so let me address, no no no no, uh-uh.

- Order in the court. (gavel bangs)

This is my courtroom.

If she doesn't wanna take the stand,

she doesn't have to. - I ain't worried about that.

- You are the plaintiff. - Okay.

- [OG] And you hold the burden of proof.

- Okay, Judge.

- Everybody in the courtroom

thinks that this bull (bleep) is a joke,

besides Jackie and OG.

OG's taking her (bleep) job of being the judge very serious.

- Jackie, I'm gonna ask now

that you call your first witness.

- I'm my first witness. (dramatic music)

- Okay, so go ahead and proceed forward.

- You call yourself in as a witness?

Who the (bleep) does that?

That's very (bleep) crazy,

like Jackie has people in her (bleep) head.

La cucaracha, la cucaracha

- Place your left hand on the Bible.

Ooh child.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

- Yes, I do. - Okay.

- So, I'm only here to clear my name

that I was not goin' around

spreadin' rumors about that girl.

I don't play stupid ass games.

I was lied on.

- Okay, how did the collective know about it?

- We talked about it. - Who?

- When I said it to Jennifer.

- That one time made it spread like wildfire?

This is some bull (bleep).

- Jackie, did you ever ask Anthony

to work with you in any way, shape, or form

to take down anyone?

- Absolutely never, no, hell no!

That would be stupid.

I don't need Anthony, or anybody else to take down anyone.

- That's the problem!

As your friend, you should wonder

why you're talkin' about my friend!

- Y'all givin' this guy too much life.

- She gave the guy too much life.

The only reason why the guy is being talked about

is because they entertained it.

- She told you mother (bleep) that--

- First of all, who the (bleep) are you cussing at?

I'm tired of yo ass!

- You already said that.

(all shouting)

- Why is he here?

Disrespectful mother (bleep).

Deion being in the room full of women

trying to fight us, yet again,

is part of the problem.

You keep allowing people

that don't even know us into our circle.

Maybe we should just get you out.

I think he should go.

- Hey, I've always been a gentleman!

I always been a gentleman!

- Nah, you wasn't. - I'm innocent!

- Are you serious? - No I'm good!

I'm good, I'm just trying-- - These are women!

You're a man!

- Nah, I'm genderless mother (bleep)!

How about that?

- Okay, in this situation he was the next witness.

Now because of this situation, we cannot get that evidence.

- Who cares?

Nobody gives a (bleep) about him!

- I'm trying to plead my case,

and make sure everyone knows that I'm innocent.

Deion gets thrown out of court.

I hope it doesn't affect me being able to show everyone

that I am innocent.

- Listen!

This is not gonna be that type of moment.

- But this is the moment, because this is the same thing

that happened at the skating rink.

That's your friend, Jackie.

When are we gonna figure out

that we don't need to bring third parties into the circle,

because it turns into a (bleep) show.

Can we just be a mess amongst ourselves?

We were just trying to work that part out first.

- Malaysia, I would love for you to take the stand.

I know you think it's a joke,

but obviously this is very serious for Jackie

because she's at her breaking point.

- Not to be disrespectful to your courtroom,

but I'm not sitting up there.

- You can swear from the Bible over there, though.

I'm fine with that.

- Oh, let me just get my Bible.

You know, I'm in it every day, all day,

and I'm gonna get in it when I get home.

- Yeah, you wanna bring the Bible out now,

put your hand on it, haha, what?

First of all, God don't like ugly,

and he don't like liars.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

Stop playin' with the Bible.

- Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

- So help me God.

Be careful what you wish for, Jackie.

I'm gonna shut this whole (bleep) down

with the real truth, so we can all go the (bleep) home.

- [OG] Go ahead, Malaysia.

- Well, I feel like the reason why we're in this situation

is because someone is saying something behind my back,

and the collective all said

Jackie brought the situation to them.

Saying that everyone is lying,

and that the women are framing her is crazy to me,

and I feel like a friend would never do a friend like that.

I hear all kind of negative things about you,

and I would never bring it to you guys attention

because I feel like I'm not gonna listen to an outsider.

This is supposed to be an inside circle,

and we supposed to love each other, no matter what.

Yes, we get into (bleep),

but at the end of the day,

I'm never gonna side with an outsider over one of y'all.

And that's all I gotta say.

- I never had a problem with her.

I've always looked out for her.

I never had nothing bad to say about Malaysia.

And I rest my mother (bleep) case.

I'm gone!

- Goodbye! - Go on!

- Goodbye! - Wait a minute!

Where the (bleep) are you going?

You don't rest your case with yourself,

and just go and leave court?

- It's not rested. - Wait a minute.

- Can you read the verdict, please?

- Okay.

- The verdict is Jackie going to jail.

(women laughing)

(bleep) this bull (bleep).

You still on that bull (bleep)?

Send her ass to jail.

30 days, 30 days.

- Judge, give me your jury thing, 'cause I gotta go.

- She goin' to jail, where the cop?

- I'm going to render verdict.

I think it's clear that both Malaysia and Jackie

are not gonna resolve this overnight.

This is very deep rooted,

so I'm very okay with rendering a verdict

that you guys stay at least 100 feet away from each other.

(women laughing)

- Can you say 1,000? - Hell yeah.

- Three months, the verdict is rendered, court is adjourned.

- Okay, thank you Jesus.

(Feby clapping)

- Bitch, finally you do some (bleep)

that I can give you a clap for.

- It's done.

I did what I could do.

- [OG] Court is adjourned.

You all are free to go.

- How 'bout this?

I'mma do you one better.

I'm gonna stay away from that dumbass bitch for a lifetime.

- Talk about me nice, guys.

- Jackie, I think you're okay,

but this verdict?

One thing I know about Malaysia,

she definitely can't throw a table 100 feet.

- She is full of (bleep)!

- How old is she? - 78.

I thought she was about to spit a tooth out.

(women laughing)

- Waste of time.

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