Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ITZY "Not Shy" Dance Practice (ITZY's Pick Ver.)

Difficulty: 0


(Choose 1st place with pirate roulette) (Whoever makes pirate pop out is 1st)

(1st place chooses the order for the members)

(The members will choose from outfits they wore during "NOT SHY" promotion)

(They will change into the outfits they chose and dance to "NOT SHY"!)

The person who gets the pirate will choose the order

(Scaredy cats CHAERYEONG and LIA)

(Next is LIA's turn)

(Peekaboo) (Already...?)

(Calm) (Surprised) (Heart sinks) This is seriously amazing

(Leader is worried about the game)

(Gets it in such a short span of time) We're really bad at this

(My heartㅠ)

(Oh noㅠ)

Should we call this a practice run?


(Since it ended too early, one more time!) Make this a practice run? It was too quick

I didn't know it would end so early

It was really unexpected

(Unexpected results ㄴㅇㄱ) Me, too

(Start again with CHAERYEONG)

(The end!)

(Made fun of LIA for being bad at games)

(First, congratulations) Congratulations

I told you I'm bad at this

(Flashy steps)

How is this possible?

(It's hard to do this consecutively!) I told you I'm really bad at this

(YUNA is confused) How can this be?

Let's make it fun and have the two of you face off

(Sounds good!) Yes, the two of you should try

I feel like it's going to be CHAERYEONG?

Because her outfit is so sparkly

(Her way of choosing makes sense in a way) Wow, that makes so much sense

- The evidence is so strong - Right?

Let's go

(Rematch between the winners)

I'm scared

(What to do?)

This one is taking a while

(The game is going quite long) I'm scared

(In charge of sound effects)

Oh, it's a long game

(In charge of sound effects +1)

(Audience) (Tense rematch going on)

You have to keep making these sounds to not get scared

(Con (CHAERYEONG wins) grats)

(Is this a good thing...)

It's because you're shining

Does this make me a lucky girl?

- It's a good thing - CHAERYEONG will choose the order

(CHAERYEONG goes for third) I'll go third


(ctrl+V) "I'll go third"

I'll be fourth?

(Nope) You can go first

(Sad YEJIㅠ)

RYUJIN goes second

I'll go third

(Rage dance) YUNA goes fourth

(YEJI>RYUJIN>CHAERYEONG>YUNA>LIA) OK, and LIA can take what's left

- Sounds good - Fourth

- Let's choose, let's go - First is YEJI

What's in here? Why is it rattling around?

(This isn't a senses game) It's scary, though it's not a senses game

(She's just nervous) I'm nervous

This doesn't feel like paper, there are those plastic balls

There's a lot of options in here

I got it!

(What outfit did YEJI choose?) So pretty

(What outfit did YEJI choose?) I'll go with this

(Childhood memories of opening surprise eggs)

This feels like a hard-boiled egg?

(HWANG Sparrow) It will be fate if you got Jack Sparrow

(What is this reaction?) No, no, I don't want to do this

(YEJI Sparrow part 2?) YEJI Sparrow

(The outfit YEJI chose is) Everyone, don't misunderstand

(LIA's pink dress!) She picked Jack Sparrow

- I don't want to do this! - What is it?

(So disappointed) Why! "I don't want to do this"!

That's LIA's outfit!

(Can't speak★)

I'm hurt

(Aww, our LIA)

It's OK, it's OK

No, it's not really "I don't want to do this"

It just suits LIA so well

(As it suits LIA, it will also suit YEJI!) I'm curious to see the hot pink dress

I wonder if I'll be able to pull it off well

(So excited!!!)

- I think it will go well with your hair - I think the fans will like it

(Next is RYUJIN's turn)

(NOTRYANG special skeleton outfit) I hope it's the fat skeleton one

(Outright looking at options)

Are you looking at what to choose?

(Queen of cheating)

Hey, friend

I'm looking but I still can't tell what's what

Which of the two should I choose?

I hope RYUJIN really picks a contrasting outfit

(CHAERYEONG's first M COUNTDOWN outfit) For example, my white outfit

I picked it

I really didn't look when I picked it

(Anything she picks, RYUJIN will shine)

I think the white will be so pretty, she'll look like a warrior

It will be so cool


(That one word makes it easy to guess hahaha)

Why is this...

- "Yikes!" - Why?

- Wait... - Wait, I saw something black?

- Why? - It's not white

...You're scaring us

(Members burst out laughing hahaha)

(RYUJIN wears the "Wicked" witch outfit!) Everyone likes me too much


I will be wearing LIA's "Wicked" look

The green witch!

(Please anticipate it!)

(Next is lucky girl CHAERYEONG) I'll be picking next

I really want to wear something different

Something that feels completely different

But if another one of LIA's outfits comes out again...

I hope you get to do Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow? Sounds good

(Done choosing)

I'm a lucky girl!

(What is our lucky girl's fate?!)

Wait! No! What is this!

(Curious) What?

(Curious) Oh!

(CHAERYEONG chose YEJI's outfit!)

I think it's those flared pants?

- CHAERYEONG, you wanted to try them on - The flared pants

(Wow...~! So nice...~!)

I got this outfit

I will try to wear it

(We already have a good feeling) I think it will be pretty

- It suits you - It will be pretty

YUNA, what do you want to wear?

(RYUJIN's music video outfit) I want RYUJIN's outfit with the fedora

(Come to me, fedora)

I picked mine

Show us

I saw it!

I saw it, I saw it, I saw it!

This face belongs to HWANG YEJI?

(YUNA picks YEJI's outfit!) It's that, the M COUNTDOWN outfit

(Youngest member is happy)


when I saw her put this outfit on

I thought, "Wow, such a cool person!"

(YUNA thought it felt like a CEO outfit!) CEO!

It felt like a CEO?

I wanted to try it on, so I'm happy

I want LIA to wear that orange jacket that RYUJIN wore

I want to try that, too

It's an over-fit outfit

- She always wears off-shoulder tops - Because she has pretty shoulders

And a lot of dresses

(Members want something new from LIA!) She'll look cool like RYUJIN

- Shall we go? - Let's choose


I'll be choosing last

I hope I get something fun

A style I haven't worn, like RYUJIN's firework outfit!

Choose well

(Looking for firework outfit)

(Done choosing!)

I didn't see, I didn't see

(The firework outfit is orange...!) I don't think it's the firework outfit

- It was green - I saw green

Or it's that mint outfit YUNA wore?

(LIA chose RYUJIN's wings outfit!)

(You could fly wearing that!) No, that's so much fun, you could fly

Oh, that's right! The outfit with wings!

(LIA is sad she didn't get the firework outfit and the others console her)

(Selling the outfit hahaha) The tassels come up to here

You've been interested in clothes with lots of tassels these days

This will be fun

I'll be wearing the winged angel outfit today

The angel outfit sounds good

(The members all picked a good selection of outfits!)

Then, shall we get changed?


Hello, I'm SHIN JI SU


(Villain special returns!) Today is the villain special

I'm dressed up in a "Wicked" outfit

(Witch has become cuter)

So cute

(Have you ever seen a witch this cute!?)

Hello, I'm CHOI RYUJIN and I'm in charge of being cool in ITZY

Snap snap snap snap snap!

(Cool with added loveliness)

There's that thing you do these days

(Copying RYUJIN's expressions)

- It's a bit... - Arrogant!

In a way, it's a little scornful?

I can't copy it

You have to raise your eyebrow

That's you

(LoveLIA with 0.01% of RYUJIN's expression)

You're raising it so well

Putting all of your energy in your eyebrow

Hello, I'm ITZY's leader LEE YEJI

Thank you!

(hahahaha so witty)

Thank you! It needs to be lower


(Succeeds with her second try)

Hello, I'm



(Kyah↗ >_<)

(Even copies her proud expression hahaha)

I thought you were suddenly impersonating a crow

Wow! Amazing


(※Not a crow)

I'm ITZY's leader

(ITZY has two leaders) Why do we have two leaders?

I think we need just one of you to do it?


We have two leaders?


(HWANG YUNA does their greeting haha) Two, three, All in us, this has been ITZY

I'm in charge of that

But I think we all look good in these outfits

(Perfect fit for each member!) Really?

(Perfect fit for each member!) We all look good

That's why I'm a.k.a. "CHAERYEONG the clothes hanger"

(Uncovers hidden meaning)

(Time to GO dance with chosen outfits!) Shall we go then?

- Sounds good - Let's go!

Let's go!

I'm going to crush everything!



(ITZY, this isn't apart change★)

Please bring out the best of your part

(What to watch for in this ITZY pick version!)

(Compare who does the best imitation!)

(LIA brings out her scornful expression)

(Hypnotizing herself)


(SHIN JI SU starts by smiling)


What are you doing?

I'm copying you?

I really do that?

(Copying each other as they dance)

RYUJIN is going too hard


(Even copying LIA's steps)

(Oh, I should have done that, tooㅠ) Oh, I should have done that

(Blast of RYUJIN's gaze)

(Sunny LIA 1) (Sunny LIA 2)

I got caught!


(Even her expression is the same)

I feel like I just saw myself?

(YUNA is proud) I did well, right?

(Blast of LIA's smile)

(Blast of LIA's smile 222)

(Feels like she's returned to LIA for a moment)

(Ctrl+C) (Ctrl+V)

(LEE YEJI in perfect control)

(Two-shot of YEJI copies)

(Two-shot of YEJI copies) YEJI

(Three-shot of YEJI copies)

(Makes sure to copy YEJI's expression hahaha)

(Puppy RYUJIN)

(Makes sure to pretend to be LIA hahaha)

(Not shy, not me (Feat. Ky-ahver.)

(Goodbye ring..★) Oh! My ring flew off!

Mine, too!

(They danced so hard their rings fell off)

(ITZY pick version has a perfect finish!)

(As expected, finishes with Ky-ah↗)

I only did it twice

- Till now, this has been CHOI RYUJIN - Our leader, say something

We have two leaders

- Yes - Till now

(Starts talking) MIDZY, today we--

(I'm the leader) Yes, today we

(hahahaha Unexpected leader battle)

"I'm the leader"

We tried on each other's outfits for today's video

Right here, slice (?) like this

(Suddenly feels so chaotic hahaha)

Yes, everyone

(Shy leader reappears hahaha)

(It's totally a carbon copy...?)

(What YEJI is normally like) No, I tried to do it, I tried to do it

(Perfect copy of HWANG leader)

I'll try it

Today, we tried on stage outfits that each of us have worn

And we chose them at random

We hope MIDZY enjoyed it

Till now, this has been






Thank you

(200903 M COUNTDOWN outfit)

(200828 Music Bank outfit)

(200821 Music Bank outfit)

(Villain version "Wicked" witch)

(200828 Music Bank outfit)


The Description of ITZY "Not Shy" Dance Practice (ITZY's Pick Ver.)