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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENG[자매의밥상]김밥,라면,김치 3종셋♡오동통면,꼬마김밥,알타리김치 먹방|Ramyeon, Gimbap, Kimchi Mukbang

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Hello, We are Rish and Rush Today's food is ramen and gimbap

Altari Kimchi, Kimchi I bought gimbap at my local restaurant.

It's really delicious

Drink is Sikhye

I think you can eat

Cheongyang Pepper

Let's add a little bit this time... I'm eating too hot than

Ah, I put cheongyang pepper in niche ramen and it was spicy then

In moderation today


Turn off

Is the odongtongmyeon a bit small? A bit smaller than other ramen?

I didn't think it was ... Is the bowl big?

is it

We'll eat deliciously

I cooked so well

Was it so delicious?

uh? You did not know?

I haven't eaten this well, delicious

How about gimbap? Do you think it's okay?

There isn't much inside

It only contains carrots, pickled radish and eggs, So delicious

It looks like I put delicious sauce in the rice

is it

It's better than I thought

Altari is delicious

Not much

I ate ramen in an instant

Mmm ~

Is it cool?

So delicious

Dip it in kimbap ramen soup



Do I know what was the most delicious?


I ate ramen today, I really enjoyed it

My husband likes

Wow, I ate well

Didn't know the odongtongmyeon!

No, I've eaten it a few times.

Twice or three times in my life?

I keep forgetting the taste, I bought it once because my husband wanted to eat it.

It's good to eat with red pepper here

I don't know anything spicy

Not spicy

The teumsaelamyeon must be hot

Uh, the ramen is spicy, and we ate so much Cheongyang pepper in there

I ate a lot at that time

I put so much, how much hotter it would be to eat silbi kimchi there?

Probably couldn't come back

Should I bring or eat?

The little gimbap is fine too I thought there would be burdock and ham in gimbap.

I was so disappointed when I bite at first


Uh, but eating ... (delicious)

The rice is delicious The seasoning mixed with the rice is different from other gimbap

It feels like rice is deliciously seasoned

I feel that way

I ate well

And Sikhye goes so well together


Sikhye is the most delicious

I ate ramen so delicious with Altari Kimchi

Bring it


Let's eat

Mmm ~ It's delicious

It's an old taste

After eating ramen, it's delicious

But Sikhye was the most delicious


Really delicious

I think it's old, but I won't tell you today



Do you have a second child plan?

What are you talking about? You have to give birth to the fifth.


I'll be satisfied with this

I don't think I can care well even if I have a second baby

Legs ... There's a lot of squatting when you have a baby

I can't do that

We have to lose weight before we have a second baby, I don't want to have a baby with my body

I have to have a baby and lose weight, but I can't

It's more late, you too

Do I have to lose weight in a month after having a baby?

3 months

3 months?


It's good to lose weight in three months

I did too. I lost weight for three months.

But after 3 months, I've been really bad

You said that,

Don't do household chores holding baby

I didn't know that and I was lying well but I wanted to hug

I hold a baby and cleaned the room

I regretted you

That makes it a habit

I put the baby down, he Cried....

I thought I'd leave a little bit of this

Did you know?

It is hollow

We ate deliciously today


I'm out of tune

The Description of ENG[자매의밥상]김밥,라면,김치 3종셋♡오동통면,꼬마김밥,알타리김치 먹방|Ramyeon, Gimbap, Kimchi Mukbang