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- We're here today to do our one year maintenance check.

We installed this system in June last year

so it's time for the one year check

just to see how things are going.

The system is performing really well

and that's what you would expect

from a SolarEdge LG system.

- The Caldwell shopping center chose

to use the LG Neon 395 commercial panels.

One of the reasons why they've gone with that panel

is that the panel comes with

a full 25 year parts and labor warranty.

There's many panels out there that have a 25 year,

what we call a performance warranty

but their parts and labor warranty

is really only for 10 years.

So it's important for us, for the businesses

that we sell systems to, to get the full return

on the system and for it to last that time.

- We obviously work with top of the range products.

We make that decision because we believe they're the best

in the range and their warranty is better

than anyone else's.

If you're going to install something that's going to last

25 years customers like to have a warranty

that's going to last the length of their system.

- For a residential customer they might only be putting

20 panels on a roof but for a commercial site

there could be three to 400 so if you've got a fault

or you're choosing a cheap panel the exercise

to go and remove all those panels and install new ones

is vastly greater than it is at a domestic level

so quality is even more important on commercial sites

for me than it is on residential sites

because it's such a big investment for a business.

That said the investment itself is something

that's really worthwhile doing.

The savings for businesses can typically be much better

because most of that power that a solar system generates

on a business is being used during the daytime

and that's when everyone's at work

so the paybacks can be exceptional for businesses

and I've seen them even below three years,

as low as two and a half years which is great.

- Quality's everything.

We're installing something for a customer

so obviously the customer wants it to work,

I want it to work.

I want a system that's going to work seamlessly.

That's why we go with top of the range products

for example the LG and the SolarEdge.

I don't believe there's anything better in the market.

- In a commercial situation it's obviously more focused

on a return on your investment but the business owners

should feel really happy and pleased with themselves

and not only are they saving themselves some money

but they're improving the environment

and helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

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