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This sounds mean because it's Ali's DNA, but I kind of feel like we've taken a step back, I do

Hey my little peach-a-reeno's And welcome back to a brand new video

so you probably feel a lot of people have done what is called the

Breed of the ugly challenge kind of similar to all the challenge which was called the ugly to beautiful

Challenge where you took a sim that all of the sliders in cast dragged to such extreme

Extreme crazy just basically make them look as crazy as possible

So they don't even look human and then try and get them back to lookin human

I did this challenge, but I don't really like the use of the word ugly. It's beautiful

I think it's very like I don't know a little bit shallow a little bit like skin deep so I renamed mine to Weird

To Wonderful because we were kind of doing we're trying to take a sim that had all these kind of weird characteristics

We were trying to make them into a wonderful looking sim

So for this challenge, I do want to try this breed out the ugly challenge

but I hate that name so I'm gonna change it to

Breed out the weird and I try to get them to rhyme but they don't like "Breed Out the Weird"

See It doesn't really work. The idea of this challenge is you take that weird-looking sim. Here is my sim

I actually just got her straight from the gallery, but I added the pink hair because I thought it made her look extra weird

she is Adele Adkins if you guys want to give that a go the idea is that

You would usually do this in game. We would try to find the sims in the wild to

"procreate" with and see if within 10 generations you could get her as a more kind of normal looking sim

And by normal

I just mean her eyes aren't gonna be at the size of pins and at other ends of a head

Her ears ain't gonna be picking up radio waves, her nose won't shoot bang into a wall with her as she is turning the corner.

I actually think for a starting sim the bod on the sim is pretty good

I'm actually like a little bit press with her, but the face is kind of extreme

I mean

this is not what a normal human could look like which is why I was quite happy to start with this one because it's so

Far from how another human could be the idea is I've got to try and make them within 10 generations

Looks like a normal sim now

I didn't really want to do this in a game and potentially I don't ever want to risk my save game in the sims basically

So, I want to do this all in CAS but I didn't know whether anyone else was doing it in class didn't really know whether it's

counted as a challenge you can get in class and I saw that Carmen Kings channel has done it in CAS, so I'm like


She's done it in CAS so I'm gonna give it a go and cast as well and what I'm also gonna do if I'm only gonna use

Sims that I currently

Already have so sims from our series and see if they're wonderful

genes can come in and try and save little Adele's legacy. So, if you guys are excited this challenge

Give it a cheeky thumbs up lemma in the comments below

If you guys decide to do this again, please tweet me please IG me just tag me

I wanna see your guys are challenge results as well

And we kind of need a sim to kick this off with don't we?

So let's have a look at some of my sims and see how we can use to help

Beautify our Adele cause let's face it

I have a lot of good-looking guy Sims that we can get involved with here

We could even pull out Oliver sim and give him a go, but I was kind of in my head

I was kind of wanting to start this challenge with Asher. So let's try and find an Asher-roonie and give him a go

Okay, so we've got Asher. I don't know why Asher would be procreating with this sim

I don't feel like it's his type, but Asher, very beautiful

Very the reason I picked him is because I think he's good-looking but in a very like, I don't say a plain way

But I mean, he doesn't have any extreme features. He's kind of very safe, isn't he?

So I thought he could be quite a good one for us to start this off with so we're gonna create

Ourselves a little play with genetics we'll do it as a toddler first

So we're a little bit in the dark of how they're gonna look and it's a child

Between the two of these now because we started with a girl last time

I'm gonna go for a son this time and I'm gonna keep swapping the genders around. So here we go

I'm already seeing that for some reason. This child has the widest head

But here is how their child looks in child form. Of course, that's not really given a great deal away. So let's go ahead and

age up little Dorian

into an adult *capow*

Okay, I think Ash's safe genes have gone a long way into, Oh wow


He's helped with the nose a lot like he's really shaved down the nose, the eyes

He could not help though and just this strange like horsey kind of mouth

He's not managed to have a great deal on it either but look at the nose

Look we've gone from this to this in one generation. I think we've got a pretty good impact

let's see what the best we can do with him is. What I think I'll do for each of these is I'll give them the

Characteristics of the person I've tried to breed, bred at the wedge. There you go. That's how you make it rhyme

You guys are gonna give them like the same hair and stuff so we can kind of get like a little bit of a comparison

To how far we've gone with the bred at the wedge, okay

That is the way we're saying it. Practice guys, practice is this- that's Ash's hair. Okay. Okay guys, there we go. It's Asher.

Like to be fair, from the front other than the eyes it's not super tragic then as soon as you go to the side

It's very strange-looking. I want to see if the eyes have improved at all

Like I don't really think the eyes have improved which is a little bit worrying

They could be really hard to get rid of but never mind. This is the first generation

so we should probably go ahead and bridge our

New formed Asher with a girl it kind of makes sense to do with Charlie Rose is what I'm feelin'

Just kind of makes sense

Although this is gonna get quite strange to do it this way because then like who do I breed Charlie Rose with?

Basically let's just go for a girl

I won't do it that way because it's -that's a dead end

You couldn't do that's why so then you're a dead end

The let's go for a beautiful girl and do they get much more beautiful than our one and only Carrie?

I know she's a teenager

So I'm gonna make her into an adult quickly before I do this just to avoid any potential weirdness

But also her and Asher don't share any like what would he be to her? I don't think it's an uncle

Please don't don't be an uncle. Charlie Rose and Ciara are cousins. So it's fine. It's fine

This is always gonna be weird cuz I'm breeding them with the Callery-Aiken clan, but I think Carrie is super beautiful

So I think we could end up with a good-looking child-a-rooni here

Let's give it a go you guys so we've got Carrie and we have got weird Asher and let's go ahead and make their bubba

The last one was a boy. So this one is gonna be a girl

Okay, so I've just randomized once so here is our little toddler- roo to start with, already

Like I think that is looking pretty cute we've gone for purple eyes out of nowhere

But I think as a toddler at least, you'll get a much much more normal looking sim there

But how is it gonna look as an adult *capow* oh wow, guuuys

These eyes are gonna be impossible

however, however

Thank you, Carrie because look at this

Carrie's beauty has definitely transferred over

Because the side of the face is looking a million times better and this is only gen 2.

Oh my gosh, you guys I am excited for where we could take this

Let's go ahead and just add Carrie features to this woman

It's super funny going from like Carrie and she's like doing like her little face that she clearly looks like an absolute

Beautiful supermodel and then he goes, uh, this lady here tried the same thing. You're like, oh my gosh your eyes are so small

However, you guys I honestly wasn't expecting Brittany

She's cause I wasn't expecting Brittany to look so good after just two generations like that is pretty amazing

It kind of just looks like Carrie if she's had way too much caffeine or something

Do I think we're doing pretty good so far? Okay. Thank you. Carrie. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave though friendo

because we need to get ourselves a new bred at the word subject and it needs to be a boy

I'm kind of I've got Max right here and Max is obviously a handsome man

So I'm kind of feeling like we add Maz to the mix, a bit of a Max mix going on

So here is a Max you guys, a handsome man-a-reeno

let's see how him and Carrie's wee babies would look so we've gone for girl last time

So this time we're gonna go for a boy


meet your new girlfriend Brittany Fisher, I did not I honestly - oops I need to make you a toddler as well

I honestly didn't really think through how

Weird it was going to be doing this as a family so I'm sorry about that. So here we go

I'm just press randomize a few times as a toddler, you know, things are looking, very very promising

The eyes are looking really big which could be a great sign. Let's go and take this to young adult

Oh, oh my gosh. You've got Max's hair. The eyes are still

super tragic you guys I

Honestly don't know if I can save these eyes. I don't know if the eyes will ever be possible to be bred out

Maybe there's just certain things that you just can't I just can't breed out the weird when it comes to eyes


It is a fun experiment of how almost Sims would look if they had kind of had babies together


Breed out the weird and it's a breed out the weird in terms of this challenge as well and the creepiness factor of it

So because either Villareal mix has joined as the offspring obviously, they need to have the pink eyes. There's no way around that

That's just what happens. This is young Wesley. Wesley your side profile

I can see a lot of Asher in the side profile by the way, side profile is looking pretty darn good

I think that is almost there with the side profile. Honestly, that's great. That is great

But the eyes you guys I don't know if we'll be able to save the eyes

I do not know if we'll be able to save the eyes. I've also not really looked at what the bods do it?


The body is quite slim, but very muscular. That is

Carrie. That is Carrie's body right there that has what has caused that because she's super skinny and muscular. Okay Wesley you are generation

One - two - three - four. Let's get a Gen 5 mix going on. So I actually think you know for the next one

I may just pop myself into the mix. I forgot the most recent version of Clare

I can no longer merge though, so I'm gonna have to do it start deleting previous generations

I'll just show you them quickly as a reminder. We've got Dorian, we've got Brittany, Max ready to leave friendo, and we've got

Wesley, Wesley is definitely the most normal looking I just don't think we're gonna be able to get rid of those eyes you guys as

you guys, this is a rhyme on Breed out the Weird - mkay, that is sim Clare right there

I don't know if you think we look similar or not. I think it's quite good. I do you think it's quite good

So we're gonna use myself in this challenge. I am going to be procreating with that one to follow

Wesley, you guys so let's go ahead. The last one was a boy

so this one is gonna be a girl making her toddler and let's go ahead and add in myself and

Wesley okay. Where's Eli she's gonna do this a couple of time and see what we get. Let's start with this weird child here

Okay, you know what as a toddler again super cute looking she's clearly got that Clare forehead going on

Okay, let's see how we look as a young adult. *capow* Okay. You're trying to hide your eyes from me

Don't play that game. Don't play that game. *shocked*

My gosh, oh my gosh the eyes the eyes

Clare's come along and

Potentially saved the eyes you guys, but somehow made the side profile worse

That's just what you get with a big forehead and a bit of a flat face I'm afraid but never mind

Let's go ahead and add the Clare features to her. Okay. Wow. She actually looks like really

similar to Clare

Apparently my genes are really really strong. There we go, guys. We are on gen -

We had Asher mix, Carrie mix, Max mix, and Clare mix. So this is fourth generation now

Is that right? I think that's right feel like I said four before we've basically somehow got Clare if you think about it

That makes sense because everybody is related to the original Clare and Ali

So my genes are in a lot of our sims so it would make sense that you would come back to us

Okay, so now we've got sim Clare. I'm kind of tempted for the next gen to be

What you actually called, you're not called Claire - Stacy. What a Stacy, okay

I'm tempted to add Ali to the mix because I don't see if their children look like our children

in game this is kind of what all this has become. Okay, Ali you are gonna be procreating with Stacy

who is

Freakishly similar to me. It has to be said that's kind of strange

So Stacy and Ali, what you gonna create it has to be a boy and I'm gonna go one two and three

Let's just leave it three. Okay, this is our new child. So this will be gen five is this gen 5?

How have I forgotten this I'm gonna have to check back the recording

Yeah, this is actually Gen 5, which we've been Villareal for awhile now, this is Carter

Okay Carter, hopefully if not regressed lets see how you look as a young adult

Okay, the eye problem somehow just magically fixed itself in a pretty big way

So I'm happy about that. The bunching has rejoined us though

It sounds mean cuz it's a it's a Ali's DNA, but I kind of feel like we've taken a step back

I do also it would just like to point out that no matter

Who we breed Ali with now it's probably gonna be a family member

Let's face that this was always gonna be the weird side effect of this challenge, okay

I'm just add in like the same skin details as Ali has cover Carly's got these ones with the jaws got a bit strange

I'm noticing. Ali, Why'd you come along and ruin ittt?


Okay, so Carter Villareal, number 5 of all for our 10. I'm now realizing 10 is quite a lot

Never mind

Let's go ahead and just remove these guys so I can add someone else Ali which of your family members will you be recreating?

This is breed out the weird. But I promise I'll sell breed in the weird. unless what if I grab somebody like

Jamie win not related guys. That's how we'll do it. That's how it will be slightly less weird. Okay

Jamie it's time to put your DNA into my boyfriend. Well, right Carter, let's go this time

We're making a girl

I'm just gonna go just click this a couple of times and see what we land on

Okay, I do not know until we get into her. Cause look she decided to wear some goggles

Let's take those child, again cute looking kid. I don't really see how we could go wrong here

Let's just go ahead and pick a name - Elsie, Elsie into a young adult Wow. Okay, we're starting to get. Oh wow

Oh, no the side profile. I feel like the side profile is getting -

We got to a good stage because of Asher, and I was starting to go a little bit the wrong way

However from the front I would like to just add Thank You Jamie because we're getting very beautiful

I think I will give her Jamie's purple eyes just cuz they're very pretty and then should we give her Jamie's hair and stuff as

Well, I think we should. Aw man she's pretty

Ok guys, this is gen 6 I believe, and I think we are kind of smashing this challenge out of the park right now

Oh my gosh, guuuys

She's looking super super beautiful right now. Ok. I will say that I think

original Jaime is more beautiful

However, our Jaime is still very very pretty. I think we've done a pretty good job. We're getting to a good place out

I'm just gonna give it even bigger eyelashes cause I notice that Jaime's eyelashes are pretty insane -they're more like this

Okay. Elsie Win is

Pretty much win you guys we are getting something very very beautiful here

She kind of looks like somebody, can't really figure out who, but this is number 6 like.. this looks going amazing

Okay, who can we add it to the mix next? This is a lot of fun

I do feel like it should be looking a lot more inbred at this boy

Ah man, I like I set out for a challenge to remove the weirdness

But somehow I just managed to make it even weirder. I want to add Anthony to the mix. But like..

I don't wanna add a win because his - his daughter's in that mix. Ahhh

Okay, I think it's got to be Abel really it just has to be able

Abel come join the party friendo

Oh, I'm gonna keep Faith around as well cause we're gonna use her next. Good old bit of cousins

Okay, so Abel's obviously the most beautiful man who's ever lived. However, I - I think this little area here

Could result in some weirdness. This is number 7. Okay, let's just get the show on the road. Let's go ahead and add

gen 7 to the mix. It has to be a boy this time. Okay, so I'm just gonna *prrrow*

*pow* see what we end up on. Okay, here is - here's your son Elsie and he is cold

Holden, Holden Win. Okay, not really that much to see as a toddler. I am noticing in this area very flat

I think that's what we're gonna see as a young I don't give out

This is great

Cause like playing with genetics is my favorite part of the sims and this challenge is just basically me getting to do this over and over again

And oh my gosh that literally Abel's genes are so strong. Look at the eyes. Look at those eyes.

That is - there's a lot of Abel going on here. You guys let's just give him the same hair and stuff

So glad I decided to do this

I'm having a little fun. This is probably if my sims were actually real people

This is actual pure hell for them right now like the weirdest inbreeding ever. Okay, Able's eyes

eyebrows sorry, but also

He's got to take back the Villareal eyes. If Abel would pass them down. Make sure I've got the exact right color

Oh, it's actually this one. The evil one. I've got to say like, compared to Abel's so far

No, just not as good you guys just most definitely not quite as good

It's just not as good as Abel you guys. It's like I don't know like Walmart Abel. Okay Abel

Thanks for the DNA. Bye friendo. Okay. So there we go. He's also wearing an Ali-A hoodie. This is gen -

Is this gen 7 or gen 8? I've done it again haven't I?

Asher, Carrie, Max, Clare, Ali, Jaime Win, Abel, this is number 7

Okay on to number 8. We are mixing Abel's DNA with Faith. Isn't that a combo?

You never wanted to be able to see. Now you cannot un-see. Okay, Holden and Faith

Let's see what you can create friendo's. Okay, here we go

This child has some craziness going on, on her face, but never mind. So let's see what you're gonna be called win now

We're on the Win surname

Lyric, Lyric Win, kind of sounds like more what you'd say if you really liked a song

But okay here is how she looks as a child

Let's go ahead and young adult-if-y her *kapow* okay

Definitely a lot of Faitheekins and I mean that's basically Faith that is basically Faith right there

okay at this point that is basically

That's not even Walmart Faith that is Faith like.. are they just genetically identical??

Can you see any difference in them? Maybe this here is the only difference between the two , like. That's the same sim

Don't try to tell me that's not the same sim that's basically the same sim

Lyric Win

Number 8, number 8. Okay. We have only 2 more left

I'm kind of disappointed that we've gone so far from this but we definitely have, is the bod any different?

Let me check the difference between their bods.. we've even lost

You know

We've lost like the buffness and the butt-ness, don't know quite how, but we have okay

Number 8. Who can we add to the mix? Or..

Another way of putting it, which boy is gonna be the least creepy to breed with Faith

I think it's the use of the word breed that's super weird, isn't it? Okay, how's this for our sims that could have happened?

We'll use Jamie Street, those two nearly had a thing you guys


So here is our little Jamie Street

One things that about Jamie Street is he has very big lips and a very small chin

We could see a lot of that coming over. I mean, I still love him. Don't get me wrong

I'm just pointing out some of these interesting features. Let's go on to gen 9. I think this is what two left

Haven't we? and this time it's gonna be a boy. So let's toddler-fy him up. Do a little bit of randomization. Here we are

Let's see how he's gonna look. His name is...

Duncan and here is Duncan as a toddler very very cute. How do you look when you are a young adult though? *kapow*

Didn't I tell you the chin was gonna come over. the chin was gonna come over. That -

I mean, that's just Jamie Street. Come on game play with your genetics a little bit more than what you do

now, I believe you could do a bit more than this. one extra thing that's bothering me is every time I do it

They're always a bit worse than they are always like other than Faith

They're almost like rubbishy knockoffs of like what they actually should look like. You know what else I'm also noticing that we almost seem to like peak

Earlier on and now we've kind of gone backwards

a little bit

Cause I am. I feel like we peaked at like gen 4. Okay, that is super knock off Jamie

Like guy is super duper knock off Jamie. I don't like this guy at all. Yeah guys knock off Jamie Street

I don't like you Duncan. I just don't like your friendo, oh my gosh.

This is the decider now cuz the next is gonna be gen 10

Whoever I breed him with next has to be pretty special.. who is our most beautiful sim out of everyone?

I dont know.. I dont have like a most beautiful. They're all beautiful. I could bring in Salma - rooney

But I mean, it's it's a bit disrespectful. Oh guys. Do you remember handsome new one. We've not seen him yet

he's *mighty fine*

Would just like to point out that this challenge all went wrong when we added Ali to the mix

I think it's gonna have to be Salma. It's almost like in honor of Salma isn't it

I think we're gonna have to add a bit of Salma in there. Aw look, do you remember young Connor. Okay, it's Salma

I mean you can't really go wrong with Salma. She is pretty much perfect in every way

So, let's see what she can do with young Duncan

Well, I don't why the names crack me up so much, but they do and we're gonna end on a girl. Is that right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. That's good cause we'll be able to do like a direct comparison

Okay, so we've got a little toddler and like a little llama shirt

You can't really tell much from there other than the eyebrows of angriness are most definitely there. So let's go ahead and

ahead and age her into a young adult. I think what I'll do for this one is I'm not gonna just straight up copy Salma,

Instead. This one will make our own a little bit more and her name Robin. So to answer the question

Can you breed out the weird in 10 generations of Sims? Yes, you can guys

Yes, you can because this is Robin who we've been left with and I think she is pretty amazing

very very beautiful

and I think in the end it was

Salma's DNA that saved the day the DNA that lives on in my series to this moment in time because I actually

Genuinely, I don't know what her feet are doing. That's kind of weirding me out not gonna lie

I'm gonna give her these boots instead, but I actually think Robin is beautiful. I think we have successfully

breeded out the "weirded," guys, in 10 generations

So just to recap we went from this, beautiful, beautiful strange lady here

oh my gosh - to...

what I can only describe as one of the most beautiful sims

Like literally she is just a sight to behold and I think she's super super gorgeous you guys have got to

let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I think just to do a fair test

What I will do is I'll put the same hair on even with the hair you guys like you can't deny

She's still looking pretty damn good. I think you will agree. So there you go guys 10 generations

We are breeded out the weirded and created a very very beautiful lookin sim, so guys

let me know who you think of the Sims that I picked of the creations that we had of the


Versions of everyone that we have in our series so far and let me know we think of Robin our final sim

I kind of want to add to the series although she is this genetic

disaster of all of our sims and still if you want me to order let me know in comments below

I do think she's super super cute

And if you enjoyed this video, please give it a big thumbs up if you guys would try it out as well

It did take me well over an hour just to warn you but it's a lot of fun and I really really like doing it

I'll see you guys in another video. Thank you

*Outro music*

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