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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess the Idioms with Nergiz and Jet 2

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Camille your son started male uh yeah in

jail B you have been Coxon hello

everyone welcome to English Central

YouTube channel we're here today for our

second idiom challenge here is get my

friend hello

if we have idioms here both in Turkish

and in English so we will try to guess

what their meaning and try to explain to

you are you ready to chat

I'm really okay so let's start I think

you have the owner okay let's something

from the cookie jar

hopefully something good and something

delicious mmm okay I think this is in

English so this is something for you oh

okay are listening okay

so what does it mean when you pull

someone's leg well it means I mean

I mean why would I do that

there's some ones like it is it's for a

joke or kinda yeah very similar yes okay

so if if I wanted to do joke around so

it means I'm trying to be funny to that

person well it's more like I I think

something that might not be true to make

you believe that it's you them I'm just

pulling your leg

oh okay right cool

now you say our turn oh this is a

Turkish idiom you know it's not very

good I'm going to help you alright

or I'm not your might pull my leg the I

I can clearly this is an idiom he may be

your son status man means whoever you


it's like complain about it whomever you

like I plan to go over every life yeah

so you mean a conversation I say him

that complainant whoever you want I

don't care

oh so it's something like nobody cares

if it's the same thing

no it's no like I'm being resistant I'm

being stubborn about it you're being

hard-headed about it yeah my videos on

skeletons you know alright then it's

it's my turn I draw

oh oh it's Turkish hmm muhuali oh yeah

what is believe it's neighborhood

neighborhood like yeah oh yeah means so

means like standing up make people stand

up means I'll call their work oh so

you're you want you want people to have

a standing ovation for you

it's muhuali aya color mark is actually

when you do that you make so many noises


attacks me Iowa with my piercings Mike

working up it's like okay okay it's my


what okay it's an English it's right

this ring right the three mmm you don't

know I don't know that doesn't ever air

idiom but I can have for guessing what

that is but you have your guests first

what do you think that that means rain

is a natural event very normal so as

right as rain

something is natural natural natural or

maybe something may be uncertain it's a

joy to rain today we don't know right

Mike you see medium like we don't talk

is going to happen or not oh yeah I'd

like a 50-50 yeah okay okay so you might

Beth will I catch the bus today

that's right the three maybe okay nice

but I think this means like something

that is perfect because it's natural

that's right yeah I think I'm right my

right yeah sorry i won

so it's alright this my turn


it's a Turkish it says in jail the



sinner so you you yes yeah yeah it's you

ring it out dream it's getting to be a

bit sooner

yeah and then you say let's cut it from

that part making parts of the rope

so what does it mean some you make the

person weaker or well it's actually

about being reckless I if I don't care

about something and I say I'm not gonna

work for it it's let it go it it's

really literally means let it go so that

whatever happens I don't care

you're like a Disney Princess yeah


okay so okay it's fun is that what it's

for you oh it's in English again fueled

castles sky hmm building castles in the

sky oh it might be for good good fun

yeah you know the song just the two of

us I don't think castles in the sky what

do you think of me it's something

magical magical 3ds and us something

dreamy yes it means I'm dreamy a person

I'm dreaming about because it's

something more than just dreamy you want

something like more ambitious building

castles in the sky you want to build

your dreams and ambitions

okay ambitions it's not that yeah it's

such as over the clouds you're building

a castle there's something grand bigger

okay okay do you mean about becoming a

president one day

that's something ambitious for me okay

thank you so much for explaining another

idiom to me that's it for today thank

you for watching and don't forget to

Like and subscribe and hit the bell

thank you


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