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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wild N Out Cast Celebrates 200 Wild Episodes | MTV

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- Welcome to the 200th episode of Wild 'N Out!

(crowd cheering)

(hip hop music)

- If you don't get your "Look up Marlon, say cheese"

the (bleep) up outta here.

(crowd laughs)

- It look like you sit knees first

(bleep) in the cat litter.

(crowd laughs)

- This 200th episode is like

such a honor to be a part of.

- 200 plus episodes is more than a blessing man.

- It has been awesome!

- I don't think I've been a part of

anything that lasted 200 plus anything.

- From the first episode

it doesn't seem like as long as it's been

when you say you we done 200 of these.

It's like wow,

that's pretty crazy.

- The thing is, they can only ask each other questions.

(crowd clapping) The two stars of Drumline

(crowd laughing)

- Did you get a lot of ass off of Drumline?

- Did yo momma tell you?

(crowd cheers)

(crowd laughing)

- Initially the idea for Wild 'N Out

was something I came up with just to give my friends jobs.

- One day Nick and I were sitting around in my apartment

and we were just acting stupid and silly

watching music videos and just you know

doing what we do, basically Wild 'N Out

and he said this can be TV show.

- So I rented out a comedy club,

got come cameras together

and got all my friends and we shot it.

- Check It, I got this, yeah, a ha, yo

check it, uh, here I come


(crowd laughs)


one time, hold up

that's all I got.

(crowd laughs)

- It started off as a small idea

and to watch it expand the way it has

you know how many careers it's affected.

The Kevin Hart's, the Katt Williams',

Deray Davis', The Affion Crockett's

it's been a platform for so many so I'm honored.

- I remember the first time I saw Katt Williams.

- This when he had them bangs in his head

He was just like you mad 'cause my hair stick up more

than ya (bleep) do.

That was like, I was like

this show is for real.

- When I seen Katt Williams

cook Wayne Brady in Wild Style

- You remember what he said?

- Yes

"Now Wayne Brady I know you a star

"but I got more chrome on my buckle

"than you do you on your car"

- Hickory Dickory Dock your girl was on my (bleep).

(crowd laughing)

- Took her to my house I turned her out

and now she sells my (bleeps).

(crown laughing)


- Then after that I was like

yo, that's amazing right there.

- That was the moment I was like, yup.

I need parts of this show.

- I need parts

- I need in.

- What makes Wild 'N Out the best

are the games.

All the games truly bring out

a different aspect of a person.

- So you gone see some newness aight,

but you know there's always be three rounds

and you always is gonna get that Wild Style.

- It's so dope to be able to

battle with the people that I was watching

and thinking like okay,

I wanna get in the ring with them.

- Some of my favorite games that we have today,

we got pie or die, oh I love pie or die.

Pie or die is the game to go

I can't wait til I play pie or die

- It's free pie,

why would I not play that? - Yo

- Watching the show as a fan

one of my favorite things to see

was the song games.

(hip hop beat)

(group singing)

- ♪Send me the new girl

- It was kinda built for somebody like me

cause that who I always was.

Like I was always walking around singing songs

and making up songs and joining on people

in my neighborhood and so.

It was just seeing something like that was amazing.

- One of my favorite games to watch

is the roasting game.

If you can be creative with your jokes,

and the way you rag on people

that means you're a great writer,

a great thinker.

(crowd laughing)

- When you gone get yo

Different Strokes, Gary Coleman

looking ass up outta here.

(crowd laughing)

Bobby J looking ass up outta here.

(crowd laughing)

Kevin Hart looking ass up outta here.

(crowd laughing)

Telvin Stevens looking ass up outta here.

(crowd laughing)

- We have all these guests

from rappers to singers to actors

to social media stars

and even they come on and do the rap game.

(hip hop beat)

- Come on Nick, you're tired

and old and unlike your chains mine are real gold.

(crowd laughing)

- But that's what this show is about

I welcome healthy competition

but at the end of the day

we already know we gotta shake hands and hug

it out at the end cause we family.

- Nick Cannon is a smart business man

He is going to have people that

are on the show

not only talented, but that are relevant.

We're bringing, always bringing in different markets.

- Wild 'N Out is a show

that put people on and we turned it into

like a sitcom.

- You're surrounded by the funniest

comedians and improv people

like the people who really know how to

think on they feet and entertain a crowd.

- This is like going to comedy college.

- It's a brotherhood a sisterhood

you know what I'm saying

so it's like everybody treat each other as equals.

So it's like when we go on stage,

we already got that energy.

- Everybody is just so cool

and their different in their own way

and it's just organic.

- It's not really a job

it's fun, but you still gotta work

but it's fun because you working with

people that you love.

You know what I"m saying.

- This show just draws you in

like you never know what's gonna happen next

it's improv, it's off the top

it's shocking, it's hilarious.

- What other show can you go to on TV,

to find fire bars and comedy all in one?

- I'm talking about finding

Chrissy Teigen getting carried away drunk.

I'm talking about Chance The Rapper

getting pied in the face.


Big dog, I'm sorry.

And the queen herself Mariah Carey, guess what,

she was ready to whoop some ass.

- I will shut all this (bleep) down

(crowd laughing)

- Wild 'N Out is huge, - Mmmhmm

- so you know, so thanks to the fans

that have been rocking with the brand for so long.

Justina has her fans,

Karlous has their fans--

- [Vena E.] Their separate fans

- They love when Karlous and Chico

come together.

- ♪ I say Chico Bean, you must be a fool

you don't wanna battle me like

they did the old school. ♪

- We do have the best fans on TV.

- In the world.

- We need those fans,

that's why Wild 'N Out is where it is now.

- Yo, 200 episode

proud of ya'll proud of the show proud of Nick.

I'm proud of what ya doing.

- Aye man congratulations on the

200th episode of Wild 'N Out and all of these

very, very, very successful seasons.

- What started out as a little sketch

comedy for your friends

ended up being one of the biggest shows ever.

- He made this platform for people like me

to shine and get out to the world,

so I love you Nick.

- Thank you so much for letting us be a part

of your family.

- So shout out to Nick.

(snapping fingers)

- What they do can we rock it wit you. We love you so.

- Oooh ohhh

- You the man.

- You the man.

- Cannnonnnn

- Love ya.

- Name a show like Wild 'N Out, I'll wait,

another six, seven, eight seasons

cause that's we gone get round here

Ya dig.

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