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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and many people say that the iPhone XR is

a huge failure however according to Apple it's just the opposite they say

it's the best-selling phone since it's been released and since I've been using

it for the past week as my main phone I wanted to talk about why I don't think

it's a failure and the first thing is like I said Apple says it's the

best-selling phone since it's been released and I think that has to do more

with price than what the actual phone is they've been very aggressive on trying

to push these out the door with trade-in offers and many carriers will even give

you one free if you sign up for a new service so I think it's a good value at

7:50 it's OK for an iPhone but it's a much

better value when you trade in a phone and get it for around $500 now the next

thing is I'm seeing more and more people with them at least in the area where I

live I see these everywhere and I don't know if that's necessarily where you

live but in the United States here around the Charlotte North Carolina area

I see a lot of these and in fact I've traveled a few times these past couple

of months and I see more and more of these even used by some tech youtubers

so this is a pretty popular phone despite what people may think I see it

in white and red and all the different colors people seem to like the colors

and like I said the price now the next thing is despite this 720p display I

know a lot of people don't like the specs of this of the display but I've

shown this to so many people and not one not even one person said it looked

inferior in fact a lot of people said it looks great maybe there's a little

fuzzing around the edges here and most people seem to think that this is a

really great display great colors great viewing angles and really it's not the

resolution that matters it's the pixel density that matters so as long as it's

over 300 pixels per inch and because of the way an LCD display works you can't

see the pixels in fact if I put this side-by-side by it with another phone

that has an OLED display there's an argument that says the OLED display has

to be those higher resolutions so that you can't see the

pixal difference so despite what your thought is on that if I could put these

and kind of hide which phone it was I bet you can't tell the difference and I

certainly have no problem with it except its lack of 3d touch that's my main

concern personally that's something I used a lot other than that I have no

problems with it now the next thing I really like is that it's super fast it's

really the same speed as any of the current phones it has one gig less of

RAM and that's more because it doesn't need to push that big display and

because the resolution is lower you're also going to benefit from the best

battery life of any iPhone and I know in some objective tests this has not been

the best phone as far as that goes but in day-to-day use and even according to

Apple it's their best phone as far as battery goes and that's certainly been

my experience easily will last you through a day 7 to 9 hours of screen on

time if you get that smart battery case you're talking days of use unless you're

a really heavy user you've got all the same features as far as the internals

you've got the same features as far as the wireless charging and of course the

camera now I know some people say that with having just one camera it's a

problem for them personally I find it's just as good I don't really use zoom too

much and as far as a video camera is concerned with its image stabilization

using the knurl engine I record a lot of videos lately using this camera for this

channel and many of you have said what camera are you using it looks amazing

I'm using high end cinema cameras normally or even a Panasonic gh4

say and ask me what camera am i using and it's always this camera or an iPhone

XS Max camera so these cameras are amazing especially if you have the right

lighting they're better than a lot of cameras you would think and they have

amazing autofocus so unless you need that cinematic depth of field look like

I kind of have now a little bit you really aren't going to be disappointed

with this camera I don't think and of course the speakers on this are the same

you can't really hear it in a video like this but the speakers on this phone are

as good as any of the other iPhones some people have said they're a little louder

I'd say they're the same at NS or at NS max I've had no issues

with the speakers I love using it it's got a nice wide stereo sound and I think

most people will be pretty happy with that so that's really it with this phone

I enjoy using it I really like to use it because it doesn't give me headaches

like an oled display does if you're sensitive to a flickering display even

though you can't see the flicker it actually gives me headache and makes me

feel nauseated if I look at it for about more than 10 minutes unfortunately and I

don't get that with an LCD my eyes aren't as strained and I have a better

experience with it with this and I know a lot of people are getting this phone

because of that reason people have contacted me personally actually

probably weekly and said I'd love to get a XS Max but I can't because the

display hurts my eyes so that's something at about 1 in 10 people

experience so I really enjoy using the XR especially that battery life and I

like the different colors that it has as well so let me know your thoughts in the

comments below I don't think it's a failure I think it's probably selling

quite well in average compared to other iPhones but let me know your thoughts in

the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and

like I'll link this wallpaper if you don't have it already in the description

below as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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