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Excuse us for enjoying the view here, but we think this BMW Z4 is so incredibly beautiful.

We still like to welcome you to IAA 2017, this is part 5.

Right now, we're at BMW, because they've got a lot of news.

Not very big, but a lot of it.

That said, let's start with the Z4 Concept over here.

You might have already seen it, because it was on Pebble Beach earlier, so it isn't a scoop.

But it still is a great car to look at. It's also very realistic,

because it's not a far future vision by BMW, because this beautiful roadster will into production as successor to the current Z4.

And Toyota is going to build their own version as well... - Toyota Supra.

If it's going to turn out like this, it's a pass according to us.

One of the other new things is this 6-series GT, that's right; 6-series GT.

It's the successor to the 5-series GT. - You're right!

It's the same concept, a big hatchback-like car.

Quite unique for BMW.

If I may cause a little confusion; the 5 GT was based on the 7-series, right?

That's right, and that's partly the same.

A part of the chassis is from the 7-series, but not everything.

So it really is inbetween the 5-series and the 7-series. - So it's called the 6-series. Logical.

- Yep. But when I think of a 6-series, I think of a sporty coupe.

Exactly. I thought the same thing...

Names and BMW? - It's a little confusing isn't it?

Is the next 3-series GT going to be called 4 GT then? - Undoubtedly.

I don't even know anymore. - We'll see.

What you guys might not know, but I do, is that Jan also works as a chauffeur from time to time,

so I'll get in the back for him. So Jan, to the stars. Lovely.

Do you like it? - Yeah absolutely, you've put the seat forward.

Fully, yes. - That's part of the experience.

I've got quite some headroom, despite the sloping roof. Fantastic leather as well, so it's probably not the cheapest version.

Who cares, that doesn't matter in this version.

What's it like in the front? - Well, it's quite like a 7-series if you ask me.

There's some natural wood in here, which I absolutely love.

Other than that, when it comes to ergonomics it on the absolute top level.

I could get used to this.

I could get used to the back as well.

Even your luggage gets a VIP-treatment. Check this out:

a double floor, that's not new, but it's got gas springs. Wow.

Loading it up can be difficult with that split shelf, so just take it off and put underneath the floor.

It fits perfectly. Now you've got a space in which you could fit a Titanic.

The younger viewers might not know Borgward, but the older viewers know that it's a legendary German manufacturer.

It was very famous once. Not big, but everybody knew the company.

It was a company which built very fun cars until they went defunct.

People forgot about the name, but a Chinese manufacturer revived Borgward a few years ago.

Borgwards are now driving on Chinese roads, in the form of compact or medium-sized SUV's.

In 2018, they want to expand to Europe.

It's a very difficult market, especially for a Chinese brand.

But they do want to impress, and that's something they do with this Isabella.

Isabella is also the name of the most legendary Borgward ever.

So that name has returned in the form of a concept car. It's fully electric, five metres long,

300 horsepower, four-wheel drive, and it's supposed to be a sort of a wake-up call to let us know they're still around.

Whenever I think of Brabus, I always think of a matte black S-Class with 850 horsepower,

but apparently they do more than just that. All of these cars here have been restored by Brabus.

Take this 600 Pullman for example. This is the very car that was on the Frankfurt Motorshow in 1967.

50 years ago, when I blew out my first candle.

And now it's back. We don't know what it's been through though,

but we know it was owned by a head of state. They don't want to say who exactly though.

It has been fully restored, it's as good as...

No. Even better than new. The paint has been improved, the soil has been improved...

Other than that? It's got matching numbers and it's completely pure again.

You want it? It's yours for 1.500.000.

But look at what you get...

Honda shows us the CR-V Hybrid in Frankfurt. It's still a concept car, or it says prototype,

but this is bound to be the new CR-V. It's also the first time the European public is able to see it.

It isn't very new though, because it's been at American dealerships for some time now.

It's very successful as well. The hybrid is very interesting though.

It's fitted with a 2.0-litre engine, like we're used to see in Japanese hybrids.

An Atkinson-engine, but it's supposed to have no transmission.

How that exactly works, is something we'll have to dive in later,

but it sounds very interesting.

Just take a look at this. The Urban EV-concept.

I've immediately fallen in love with it, and that isn't a bad thing,

because Honda says they're planning on releasing it in 2019.

So we might be able to see it on the streets.

For now it's just a concept car, which closely resembles the first Civic if you ask me.

It's got very clear retro elements. The drivetrain is very modern however,

the name already gives it away. The car is electric, and it will be electric as well when it reaches markets in 2019.

Let's move to something a little more realistic. This Honda Jazz facelift.

It's got a few new details. The headlights are now arranged differently,

the nose received some minor changes, but the most important news:

it's got a new 1.5-litre engine, producing 130 horsepower.

Well Frank, look at us. Already in a moving Portofino.

Lovely, lovely. It really is the star of the show.

Agreed, even though it's the entry level Ferrari.

It's the successor to the California T, right?

That's right, so there's still a charged V8 in the front.

You also have a folding roof and a rear seat, on which you fit as much as in my Lexus SC,

so nothing...

It does look better though, doesn't it?

You're right. The rear is a little strange, but everything together...

It looks better than the California T if you ask me. It's more outspoken.

You don't always feel like you're driving the entry model, you know?

Well, I always thought the California was the Ferrari for people who had the money, but didn't know anything about cars.

Listen to him. - That was my opinion!

But in this case, I can easily imagine that this is a car which you really want to have.

It really is incredible.

The Portofino is an entirely new car, except for one thing.

The V8 in the front. It's been lifted from the California,

but it now produces 40 horsepower more than the California. That means you've got 600 horsepower in total.

0-100? 3,5 seconds.

They should've called this the Audi Re8rwheeldrive.

Dear organized crime in the Netherlands, there's big news for you.

There's a new Audi RS4. You can pull every ATM out of the wall,

and still lose the cops in no time. Why is that, Jan?

Well... It's got the same engine as the RS5, which we already know.

It's a 2.9-litre biturbo V6 producing 450 horsepower. So it could be a nice car for people who aren't criminals as well.

Would you take this color instead of a matte black one? - Absolutely. It even reminds me of the RS2,

the very first RS-Audi. It just is very cool.

Criminals do have taste... Wow. - Absolutely.

It's also a lot wider than a normal A4. Just take a look at the rear,

it really stands out the fenders have been widened.

You'll know immediately it isn't 'just' an A4.

And let's be honest, if you choose a car like this to conduct criminal behaviour,

you're a very critical criminal. It's almost a compliment to Audi.

We've already showed you the Porsche Cayenne, but we forgot to show you the all new Turbo-version.

We missed that one. It's also the first V8-version.

Absolutely. It produces 550 horsepower. They do have a nice power range, don't they?

Yep. 440 horsepower, 550 horsepower, and they connect 550 Nm or 770 Nm of torque to them.

That's a strategy! - It keeps on going.

This was part 5 of IAA 2017. We'll keep going however,

because you might've noticed we haven't seen anything by Mercedes yet. Maybe the party in the first episode,

but we'll visit the beautiful Mercedes-stand in a short while. There's a lot of news to be found there,

stay tuned!

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