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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MY POKEMON GO TEAM - DRAGONITE, GYARADOS, ARCANINE, SNORLAX & MORE! w/ Nintendome

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Alright guys, what is going on?

It is Hank here from Nintendome.

There is a lot for me to talk to you about today.

Before I say anything, I just want to say that if you guys do support the channel, I

would really genuinely appreciate a like.

Theres probably going to be a ton of dislikes on this video and I know I mention likes in

every single video that I make but if you even just like my videos, even just a tiny

bit, showing some support on my next couple of videos would really be much appreciated.

Now for those of you that want me to talk about the situation that Im in currently

with another YouTuber, you can skip ahead towards the end of the video.

But first off, I actually want to do something a little bit more fun and I want to show you

guys my current squad in Pokemon Go.

Ive been working really hard on my team and if you want, you can totally go ahead

and make a video response to this video.

Leave a comment with a link to your video response showing off your own Pokemon Go team

and Ill be sure to approve it so you guys can all share your teams with each other.

Anyways, lets kick things right off with my Snorlax.

Guys, if you didnt know, Snorlax is actually a very very strong and very very powerful

Pokemon in this game.

It has two thousand seventy two CP and two hundred sixteen HP.

I have no idea what the IVs are like because as you can see, I just recently caught it

but it does have the most optimal moves and guys, dont worry: I will be making that

moveset video soon.

Lick and body slam are both great moves for Snorlax and it is my highest CP Pokemon as

of right now.

Also, by the way, I named it Vairocana.

Im definitely mispronouncing that but its basically a deity in Buddhism and I dont


Snorlax kind of looks like a Buddha.

Thats just me though.

Alright, next up weve got my Vaporeon: nicknamed Vape Naysh.

If you know what Im referencing, let me know down in the comments section down below.

This is actually an Eevee that Ive had for a very long time, as you can see.

So even though the IVs are not great.

It kind of has some sentimental value to me.

I know thats kind of dumb because the game has only been out for, what, two weeks now?

But still, this guy has been with me since the beginning so Im really happy that Ive

been able to power him up to past 2000 CP.

And again, his IVs arent great but he does have the correct moves so I really like him.

I know have not made that moveset video yet but tl;dr water gun is really OP.

Alright guys so heres the Pokemon I am probably most excited to share with you guys.

This is my Gyarados.

Oh my lanta.

400 magikarp candies, capturing 100 magikarps for this gyarados.

But guys, it is so worth it.

Look at how fierce this Gyarados looks.

And its IVs are decent, not amazing but still solid.

And it does have the best moves.

I was so happy to see that.

It does have Bite and Hydro Pump, which are the best moves for Gyarados.

I dont know, I mean its just amazing.

I like it.

You can hear how excited I am because I literally just evolved it yesterday.

Oh my gosh.

Im STILL hype from that!

And I did name it Katherine after my girlfriend becauseyou know my girlfriend kind of

looks like a Gyarados.

Alright, next up we have Arcanine: the legendary Pokemon.

Its not a legendary legendary Pokemon but its classification is legendary.

So I think its pretty cool.

And look at its markings dude, this Pokemon looks fierce!

It looks strong.

Oh my lanta!

1676 CP pretty solid.

113 HP is pretty solid as well.

Its IVs again are decent, not amazing but decent.

But the most important thing here is guys: it has the best moves, bite and flamethrower.

Ive been getting really lucky with these Pokemon having the right moves so that is

pretty exciting.

And yeah, of course, I did name it after Zuko from Avatar the last airbender.

Alright so this is my Lapras.

Now, this is where things kind of sort to go downhill a little bit.

Lapras is a competitively viable Pokemon.

Unfortunately, this Lapras only has decent IVs and it has the wrong moves.

But still, its pretty cool.

I hatched it yesterday out of an egg actually.

And hey man, beggars cant be choosers.

Its my first Lapras, pretty solid.

And I named it after my good friend Stephen.

Alright now we have Azula, the Flareon!

Oh my lanta!

Of course Azula is Zukos sister from the last airbender.

Flareon is a pretty decent Pokemon.

I actually have never used this in a gym before and I have no idea if these are the right

moves or if it has decent IVs.

This was actually the Pokemon I evolved for my eeveelution video so I dont have a particularly

close relationship with this Pokemon but hey, its decent CP, it has a very solid attack

stat, and if I ever need a back-up fire type for my Arcanine, I got Flareon right here.

Now although those are my six Pokemon with the highest CP values, they actually arent

the six Pokemon that are my favorites.

Were going to go ahead and take a look at the favorite Pokemon that I have captured

so far.

And theres only two differences but I think the differences are pretty exciting.

First up, we have Gengar.

I nicknamed it toilet because when I was a little kid, I thought monsters would come

out of the toilet when I flush it.

I know, stupid story, but hey!

It is what it is.

Gengar, unfortunately, is not super competitive, viable and it has a relatively low CP cap

at around 2000.

And its moves and stats are just not great.

However, I do have the most optimal move set for my Gengar along with very decent IVs.

So although Gengar is not something I am going to be taking to gyms, its definitely something

Im proud of as I did have to capture a ton of gastlies for this guy.

And of course, this would not be a Pokemon Go squad video without a Dragonite.

Now I captured this Dragonite last night and guys, I was so excited.

Oh my lanta!

I know it has steel wing.

I know the CP is low.

I know its IVs are not the greatest.

But frankly, I do not care.

Dragonite is my favorite Pokemon of all time.

And the fact that I finally have one in Pokemon Go is amazing.

It makes me so happy.

Im just super stoked.

Im super excited.

You guys can hear it in my voice.

Of course, as you can see, I am in the process of getting my own legitimate Dragonite but

the fact that I captured one in the wild makes me super excited.

Of course, it could be better but I dont care.

This is Dragonite and its my favorite Pokemon of all time.

It could be 10 CP with 0 IVs in each stat and not know any moves and I would still love


Thats why I nicknamed it Nintendome for you guys.

Because you guys are awesome, Dragonite is awesome.

So I just feel like the name is appropriate.

Alright guys so that is my squad.

Now to talk about something a bit less positive.

Some of you guys probably know that I currently am in a conflict with someone.

Im not going to say their channel name because I dont want to direct any hate

their way but really, I kind of owe you guys an explanation for why my videos are getting

a lot of dislikes now.

Basically, what happened was I had an agreement with another YouTuber.

And Ive done collab giveaways with other YouTubers before with really no issues.

This YouTuber is claiming that I would compensate before the giveaway was over.

I explicitly did not promise I would compensate before the giveaway was over.

In fact, I stated multiple times that I would do my best to compensate as soon as possible,

but for the most part, I generally expected to compensate upon completion of the giveaway.

We had a Discord call on Friday, in which this person said I promised to compensate

before the giveaway was over.

And even if that were the case, which its not, because I never promised that, but even

if that were the case, you can see that both DMs I sent to this person about compensation

occurred after Friday.

It just feels like a huge miscommunication.

But really what escalated things further was because this person made a video about me

and my channel without really saying anything to me after I told him that it was confirmed

that I really just could not compensate before the giveaway was over.

He made a video attacking my channel and attacking my integrity which really really upset me.

And I did get mad and I acted irrationally and I contacted people like ChipMunkz, ChaosUnsilencer,

and TyBlueNews because I wanted to get my side of the story out there.

But honestly, I agree that was definitely not the appropriate reaction.

I think everyone has acted irrationally and emotionally before so I hope you guys understand

why I messaged those people about the situation but after all was said and done, I really

just felt used.

And it really upset me that all of these people from this persons channel were coming and

attacking me and sending me hate.

Telling me that I should kill myself.

Telling me all these awful things.

I dont know.

Its just, its really hard to read that stuff guys.

And if youve been subscribed to my channel for a long time, I hope you know what kind

of person I am.

But anyways guys, Im not going to get discouraged.

If you guys have been to my livestreams, if youve been subscribed to my channel for

a while, you know that Im generally a positive person.

I try to be happy.

I try to put a smile on my face.

So Im definitely going to be working on some more Pokemon Go videos, some more Splatoon

videos, some more Nintendo videos, and you know what, some more giveaways as well.

So if youre excited for that, definitely stick around.

And guys, honestly again, thank you so much for all of your support.

Alright guys, thats going to do it all for now.

Definitely go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe for more Pokemon Go and other

Nintendo videos.

And Ill catch you guys in the next one.