Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cheney's Response to Reid

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yesterday senator we said the troop surge

was against the recommendations of the iraq study group

by displaying the calls

iraq study group report was explicitly for

order truth surface if you're back there

senator reasonable should be a regional conference on iraq

apparently he doesn't know that there is going to be one next week really

senator reid said he doesn't have a real substantive meetings with the president

immediately following last week's meeting at the white house

he said it was a good exchange

everyone boyish they're considered opinion

about the war in iraq

across most troubling about senator rich comments yesterday is just a few years

need last week

he said the war has already lost

on the timetable legislation that he is now pursuing

would guarantee defeat

while playing ball with these guys

she won t get their you want to talk to the president in good faith the c_p_b_


course he was an illicit g_o_p_ didn't

you happy to be on your back and supplied like that was the alley

reader nancy pelosi he shares a border in europe face after you leave and then

you come and he said well you know in a good exchanges notebook janey thanks and

we'll see

we've got you

the earliest criticizing the president for not talking to him but he talked to

peacekeeping exchange added the president was a very laws are not and

that's that's what i had a meeting married needs is a meaningful change

it doesn't matter you went out on now they graduate now your football brochure

with the president was a meaningful change and now it's not ok la i don't

think we can

dicted democrats in general needed from a political party you idon't think they


they needed to spend much time criticizing addiction because i think

it's i think it's terrible for the white house uses him in any way from a i think

it does is it does not beneficial to them

that said i i i actually i agree with him because

effect caused

if there was down

into this and then it would be minimal evidently i wasn't able to get any of

these any evidence to that

when she needed a ride

articles like

will join you guys again

uh... where uh... you know just just to record their chief as a little bit older

james represents findings are athletic you know in criticism agreed

then what i would be doing is saying wikio listen i don't understand what

dick cheney has to say right now i want to get your personal data comes historic

but i will be on the file

with every reporter right now

melatonin is our topic at the same time dot

lindsey iraq study group said

that is opened to interesting interpretation

yeah you know me and i'd come out much because that's a good strategy and

you're probably right

uh... i'd come out most robust area come out and said thus you report is that you

had a look cope

i waited on our inspector mr than you do your job

and you think

your job in your lead did she lives in peru or

that he comes out any lies

uh... distract study group huber write a story about that okayed astrophys talent


you write a story about how you can look into you recall of does spend the whole

night iraq study group and if you say that

the is in favor of a surgically i'll come out here an apology show me what it

says its if it was so don't come out here on a project are ones you like it

is a god damn liar birthday invited because you don't like it last time and

that's why would you like to hundreds of thousands people die i've talked to your

job less certainly the way to get the press on your side whenever that is it

is actually matters has other problems about the press on their side

but barely

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