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Man: Max in fiction life is your son, but in real life he has been studying or is studying philosophy

Man2: Ex-student

Man1: No, unemployed student.

The whole family is somewhat Tristan Tzara's "Dadaist manifest", pure surrealism,

well between the new procurements that are happening over there, we don't know what the grandmothers are doing here, this will end badly.

What are they going to do without him while he is in the jail? At the moment we don't know it yet.

His brother, Su, the friends that he had, clearly, the poor lad cannot...

Man2: Let's allow the poor Santi (Beni) to breathe a little. We have attacked him from the first minute that he sat down here, surely because of his character.

We are going to attack Max a little.

Girl: Max actually is not doing very well; He has broken up with Enric,

they don't understand each other, are not coming to a good port,

also he is suffering because his father is in prison and does not want to denounce Eloi. Let's remember a few moments from this week.

For me, he has taken a decision that I like, that he is textually sending him to hell. This boy does not suit you.

Beni: I told him! But there is no way...

Girl: It seems that Max always wants to live everybody else's lives and always does what other people want, or not Bernat?

Man2: Let's allow him to speak a little

Max: Well, I suppose that this is why he ended it with him, because he sees that Enric does not support him and Max I believe has tried to help him,

he has always been very sure and perhaps he even can seem a little hard with Enric but what he didn't want was to complicate life and it was ... either you are with me or you are not with me?

And. .. if you are with me I am ready to help you with everything that you need but if you are not ... it's on you.

And a little bit of what is happening in this scene, a situation in which they are attacking Max on the part of Enric's friend, Pep,

really insults him directly, and Enric does not say anything and this is what somehow drives Max to despair and influences this decision.

Girl2: I would like to remember, although it is impossible to attack Max now, Max also had his stupid stage,

not in this season, but there was a moment when he was a very antipathetic character, I do not know if it was 2 or 3 seasons ago,


he was a boy who was always in a bad mood: do you remember that? He was always arguing, he always responded impolitely, had conflicts with his family

Man2: Excuse me; Quim and his problems with drinking, He had to go away to live with the Peris (family),

had to go away from Sant Andreu to Sans, now problems with his current family

Max: I believe that you are referring to ... and it was within a month, a concrete month,

because there was a change at the beginning his phase in Sans after Quim's death and I think that it is a natural reaction, no?

His father has just died, the person who was very close to him after 2 years of going around the world

and suddenly in an absurd accident he died and it is a little bit normal that he had this reaction in contrast to everything that happened to him

Girl1: Also there was a period during Clara and Quim's separation that Max was in the middle;

He was a little toy for the two

Max: And also the moment in which Max somehow was assuming his homosexuality and told Clara and Dani, and Dani was taking it fatally.

Well, yes that there has been moments he has shown an attitude...

Man2: Are you now in a TV movie it seems to me?

Max: Yes, but I have already finished,

the dubbing is missing but I hope that later I will be able to take a vacation

Man2: Can you tell us or better not for the paparazzis?

Max: The vacation?

Well, at the moment I am going away to Berlin for a few days and later, I don't know, perhaps I'll do more things.

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