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Hi, I'm Yanira Garza,

stylist at

In this video I'm going to show you how to tie your pashmina shawl

into an infinity scarf.

So, for this one

you're going to open up the shawl

and you're going to grab each end.

You're going to make a little knot.

And make sure you have a little bit of room,

because you're going to use those extra tails later on.

Now on the other side make another little knot.

And those tails you're going to put behind your back,

right at the nape of the neck,

and you're going to tie a third knot.

So you should see three little knots in the back.

Now there's a lot of room to play with this one.

It's so long now,

what you're going to do is

is you're going to pull it out,

twist it,

and put it over your head once again.


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