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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: All-American Type | PRETTY DUDES S1 | Episode 9

Difficulty: 0

- Hey bro

Dude, it's so cool.

I have spider powers now.

I can protect Queens.

This is awesome.

I can join the Avengers.

- When does he shut up, dude?

- Oh! Spider Man doesn't shut up, he talks a lot.

- [Zario] Ah, God, I've been waiting for this all day.

Yeah, Jesus loves me.

This is gonna taste so good in my mouth,

I can't wait to shove it in there and

- Dude

It's a burger, just eat it.

- That's what I was doing.

- No, it wasn't.


- [Sunji] Just eat it!


- Oh! Oh Sunji.

- OK, alright. Like a normal person, please.


- It good?

- It's good.

- OK.

("How We Break (Pretty Dudes Anthem)"

By Matt Almodiel, Chance Calloway, and Peter Su)

- I don't get Zario.

He doesn't act gay most of the time but,

sometimes I forget he's not, like, normal.

Ya know?

But he's a good friend, so..

.. I know how to support a good friend in need.

- Yo! Sunji's dude right?

- Zario.

- Kito. So

Ah, this is where we're gonna be filming.

Have a seat with your tall ass.

- So, you're an artist, right?

- I make art.

The artist shit depends on your connotation.

- That was my connotation.

- Then I'm an artist.

Are you an artist?

- I, I wanna be.

- See, that mindset right there is,

well, it's your friends loaning you out to me for

pocket change.

Like, you stake your claim in it,

own that shit,

and then the world has to acknowledge you as such.

- So, how many guys are coming to this podcast?

- Uh, three dudes.

Umm, we'll just get some pictures

that I can throw up on my website,

attract an audience,

get some more support, some sponsors.

Suji told you I can't pay you that much..

- Oh, don't even worry about it, it's fine.

- Alright, alright.

We can blaze up before the guys get here,

talk about existentialism and shit,

it can be part of your payment.

- Wait, blaze up?

- Yeah!

- Sure.

Will you be fine for the podcast though, or?

- It's called Kush Points With Kito

and trust me, it'll be lit.

- Alright.

(upbeat music)

- To show the true balance of life,

the day I do something nice for a friend,

God sends me an enemy.

I'm not scared of bugs,

but spiders are demons from the eighth level of hell.

(whispers) Alexander


They show no respect of person.

Jay, it's a spider.


(lots of chatter)


- They act as if, as if



- Gosh, nice.

- They act as if our names are so different.


They roll out Schwarzenegger and everyone just adapts.

- You know what's crazy,

is white people have the funkiest names.

I mean, c'mon.

Mia Wasikowska, Chloe..

- Sevigny

- Yeah, there you go.


Saoirse Ronan.

I mean, they get all tripped up, like,

on Li Hong and Lupita Nyong'o.

You know what I'm saying?

- Right, I feel ya.

But, why are we talking about white people like,

I got you guys here to talk about your experiences

as Asian-American actors.

- Kito, our experience is effected by white people.

We get cast by white people.

White people write the roles we play.

- See, that's the problem man.

It's cause white people aren't

engineered to see us as peers, man.

- What do you mean, Elijah?

- That's really interesting.

- OK, look, in school, right,

historical figures of color are taught and displayed

as relics of a bygone era.

- Relics

- Especially if they're American POC's

and mostly they're nameless

or they're viewed through this white gaze.

That's why they see us as these

representations of these said relics,

meaning we are not important,

we are not impactful because we're not ..

.. now.

And that's why Hollywood has a hard time like,

acknowledging or honoring us in these contemporary roles.

Because they still see us as the help,

they still see us as the support,

they still see us as some immigrants of a bygone era

and that's why you go out or no,

you don't get to go out for a role cause

you see a role describing a All-American -

- Don't even look for it, don't even look for it.

- Cause they sure as sin aren't checking for nobody

with melanin in their skin.

- This is true.

And that's why Kito,

- Yo, yeah.

- My friend Kito, I will tell you


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Oh yeah, I was thinking about my point,

and I had found it, so I will share it with you.

- Share it, share away, brother man.

- Kito, I can't even tell you about your struggle, right.

Because that's not taught in schools.

I'm immune to your pain.

Sadly, I am indifferent to your story,

you know what I'm saying?

But everyday, we turn on the TV,

you open a book, People Magazine,

it's all white people.

And we are taught,

we are engineered to identify with them,

you know what I'm saying.

And we have to live with that every single day.

I know, pewww, blown.

- Alexander, spider!

Well, he wasn't gonna help.

("Secrets" By Jessica Louise)

- Eagle, was battling some of her own demons that day.

("Secrets" By Jessica Louise)

- I said, you know, we got all these things.

We got.. look. I'm telling you, look.

We, we got. Alright, yo, Elijah, Elijah.

- I'm putting this down.

- I think you need to shotgun him.


- What are we talking about?

We talking about entertainment man?

Look, look, instead of watching "Friends,"

I mean, you could have watched "Living Single," right?

- Right.

- Now we got "Fresh Off The Boat," "Dr. Ken,"

I mean, it's not like we're not afforded some privileges.

- I mean, even with like, said privileges, "privileges"

like, Asian-Americans are still unrepresented in media.

- True, OK, but check this out, check this out Kito.

We are all able bodied, straight males, right so.

- No, no, no, no.

- Oh, hey Greg, OK, OK man.

Look man, I'm not talking about like

the Bryan Singer pool parties where

all the kids get all puckered up and peckered up.

Ay, look, if I had joined in,

I could have got cast in X-Men, man.

- I'm not talking about Bryan Singer's annual orgy.

You told me not to say nothing about that,

or Ryan Murphy's private screenings.

- Don't worry, I'll uh, I'll edit that out.

- Please, please, edit that shit out, please.

- I will edit that out.

- If you don't, I will slap the shit out of you.


- No, no no.

What I meant to say is that, I'm not straight so,

your assumption of privilege is already faulty.

But, you know,

why is it that even though we have privilege in one area,

we shouldn't fight for it in another area?

- Oh, oh, oh, that,

that's because we've been fooled

into thinking we can only focus

on one act of injustice at a time,

do you know what I'm saying?

Like, the acts of injustices I'm talking about?

Like the gender wage gap, gay rights, POCs.

Also, what camera am I looking at right now?

I'm high as fuck, man.


- It's a podcast bro.

- The camera's a microphone.

("Secrets" By Jessica Louise)

- Excuse me.


I couldn't help but..

And so I wanted to say..

You should say something.

- Oh, I, what?

- Speak to her, say something.

- No, no, I was just looking at..

- Obsessed

- No, I was looking at her hair.

- And consumed, so speak to her

- Was wondering what shampoo she used.

- Just speak to her.

She looks very nice.

- You know, I have a thing with strangers.

- Strangers, who are strange,

we impose all of these traits and qualities and features

that make people,

ones we know, and ones we don't,

what's the difference in this compartmentalization?

The truth is we're strangers until you find out.

Gotta find out, girl.

You can have whatever you want,

but you can't just sit at a table wanting it, OK?

- I mean, why do you want me to talk to her so badly?

- Cause I'm an old bitter queen,

who's looking back and realizing that one day,

you're gonna wake up

and all your chances are gonna be gone.

This might be one of those moments

that could change the course of your life.


- [Elijah] That's, that's what I'm saying.

I forgot what the fuck I was talking about.

Thank you gentlemen.

- OK, alright then.

Final Kush Talking Points.


- Yep.


- Your final talking point.

- Look, if white people were only cast in roles

as like mass murders and corrupt cops, corrupt cops,

they'd be the first ones in line saying no,

we need diverse storytelling.

- Um, Gladiator, Gregory.

- My revolution will be intersectional

or else it wouldn't be my revolution.

- Alright dude.

The Samuel. Sam I Am.

- Well, I was gonna make a point

and it was going to be fantastic

but um, somebody interrupted me

with their pool party story.

So, I'm just gonna say that this is some good ass weed.

- [Gregory] What about them brownies?

- [Sunji] The battle in my kitchen raged on.

(yelling in panic)

- Where'd it go, where'd it go?!

You didn't kill it, it's on the floor, it's on the floor!

- Jay, it's on your back, it's on your back!

- You OK?

- Yo Zario, your photos are dope man.

Let's say we do this again next week?

Come back, blaze, raise.

- Yeah.

- Yeah?

- Sure, thank you.

- Alright. Excellent. So much.

- Whatcha looking for handsome?

- Get yo simple ass in the car.

- Hello Ellington! Duke of Los Angeles,

Squire of Southern California.

- You're the only person I know

that gets an accent when you get high.

- It's not real.

- It's not?!

- No.

Do you wanna grab a burger?

- No, lets head to your place.

I got a text that Sunji's trying to burn the house down.

- A spider?

- You know it.

- Shit, you're serious, huh?

- Yes.

("Dienna" By Peter Su)

- You didn't fuckin get bitten man.

- Then why do I have this mask on?

("Dienna" By Peter Su)

The Description of All-American Type | PRETTY DUDES S1 | Episode 9