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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speak English like a North American: How to pronounce P & B

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ribbit hi I'm Ronnie do you have

problems saying the difference between B

and P in English huh

don't worry it's okay the reason why you

have a problem with this is because in

your native language you don't have a B

pal V sound or a piece out it's okay I'm

here to help you I'm going to teach you

the pronunciation of B and P first of

all let's look at the written words so

the B or the written letter the be like

this is a capital or a big B and then we

have the lowercase or the small B then

we have the P capital P and lowercase P

it is the same mouth movement that we're

going to make so this is why it's

confusing but there's one huge

difference and the difference is voiced

and unvoiced now a B sound will always

be voiced voiced means that it will

vibrate are in your throat so if you put

your hand here and you make the B sound

ba ba ba ba ba it's going to always

vibrate in your vocal cords so try the

Berber oh that's fun bar bar bar do it

at home don't do this on the subway

people might think you're crazy if

you're want to say the word that's

unvoiced the letter that's on voice it's

so any unvoiced letter it's not going to

vibrate so check this out

one is PUD does not vibrate but the B ba

ba ba will vibrate to make the sound you

put both of your lips over your teeth

and blow out air it's like you're

smoking with a P but the be the only

difference is you make your vocal chords

vibrate voiced BRR BRR BRR and

the best way to practice with these

sounds that are difficult for you we

call minimal pairs so minimal pairs are

two words that have very very similar

the pronunciation but we've got our

problem we've got the B sound and the P

sound together so if you practice them

together hopefully it will improve your

you will improve your English so the

first word what we're going to do is

we're going to go through the B sounds

now when you do this you can put your

hand on your neck or your throat and

make sure that there's a vibration so if

we say Bob a try good do it again


you should feel the vibration next word

we have this big blob of a big by bass

but then we also have the B and the P at

the end of the word it's okay just make

sure you vibrate the last part pub robe

now this one's in the middle and then we

have the beginning bleed Bubba bleed so

I want you to practice the B make bit

but make sure that when you say it your

throat is moving or vibrating excellent


when we say the P we don't have to

vibrate or move our vocal cords it's

more like you're blowing out air so we

have play play

pig pie pace put pup no this we have

double or double P so it's pop rope and

then plead this one's a little bit

difficult because you've got to get the

L as well as plead so I would like you

to now practice the sound remember do

not vibrate your vocal cords when you do

this great okay so what we're gonna do

now is we're gonna put the two words

together and these are our minimal pairs

we're going to say the words across like

this so you can practice the sound and

make sure you're saying them differently

so we're going to do this bay-buh babay

and play bei play the next pair are the

big and pig big pig by pi bass pace but

put I'll let you practice those

when we have this

at the end of the word it's the same

idea you just have to make sure you

vibrate so we have pub and pop robe rope

at the beginning again we have bleed and

plead you try now alright on to

something a little bit more difficult

this is the master level if you're ready

if I put these words into a sentence

this is where you're going to have to

focus and concentrate on actually

vibrating or blowing the smoke so repeat

after me the Big Pig played with the

blade the Big Pig played with the blade

so again the B sounds are always going

to be vibrated bah bah bah bah and the P

sounds are not gonna have a vibration Oh

delicious next one I drank a beer on the


drink a beer on the pier so we have two

words that are minimal pairs in the

sentence this one actually has four

words that are minimal pairs this one's

a little bit more difficult I gave that

to you first did you do it now appears

like a doc up here is something that you

can sit on and you're close to the water

maybe the ocean or the lake and you can

enjoy a beer or you can't depends and

the last one we have the bear that's


eight pair pairs of fruits it is not red

sometimes our red looks like this they

can be this shaped or they can also be

around depending on where you are the

bear ate up pair do you think you can do

it so I want you to practice remember

the B sound

bababababa will always vibrate and the P

sound will not vibrate if you're having

problems with the B and the P send me

and comment subscribe to my channel hit

the bell and you can get all of my

lessons for free

Wow if you subscribe to my channel my

name is Ronnie I'm out here bye bye

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