Practice English Speaking&Listening with: بدون قيد - ريم الحلقة 6 : مراجعة

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Stop being worried, in two hours we will be in Beirut.

Didn't you pay money? Then don't worry.

There is nothing to worry about?

Nothing at all, everything is under control.

This is my number, in case you decided one day to go to Beirut.

My name is Faisal.

Closer, close, enough.

Give me the ID cards.

You are Nidal?

You are Reem?

- Faisal? - Yes.

You are Shadi?

Wait here.

Sit down mommy.

The police will shout now?

No mom.

They are very friendly, but they are angry now.

They are your uncle Bassem's friends.

Sit down here.

What's wrong with his face?

He probably fell off the stairs.

Reem Salameh.

Come on mommy.


Reem Salameh.

- Hello Mr. colonel. - Hello, please have a seat.

- Your daughter? - Yes.

- What's her name? - Nour.

How come you didn't tell me that your brother is a martyr in the army?

I didn't have a chance to tell you Mr. colonel.

You should have told me.

Anyways, no worries.

Your document in being processed. Follow up with us in two weeks.

- Thank you so much. - You're welcome.

- Thank you. - Goodbye.

- May God protect her. - Excuse me. Thank you.

Fucking assholes.



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