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The funny thing is..

I have a nutrition meeting now!


Bas learns an Italian lesson..

That is the first rule!

Is our guest becoming the host of the show..

And the tensions rise...

Yes, of course! - No, no, no!

Fighting in the kitchen!

Hey, Elia!


Welcome in the taxi!

And there a true Olympic nd European Champion enters the taxi.

Elia Viviani is a true Italian.

He was born in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Which destination will faith pick for him!?

So, where are we going?

Yeah, that's up to you!

We have a small bowl here.

You have to hustle (not sure if that's the right English word, Bas).

This one is the good one.

Okay open it!

Pizza bake off!

So that means we're going to a restaurant!

A pizzeria!

You like pizza?

Yeah, it's my favorite!

I want to eat pizza every time I can..

but unlucky as a rider you can't eat pizza every night.

And can you make pizza?

Ha, that's a good point.

Not like my grandma.

So your grandmother is always making pizzas?

Yeah, at home always, home made pizzas you know.

We had Daniel Oss in our ''tv show'' before..

And he told us, true Italians eat margherita.

Because with margerita you can taste the base of pizza.

Yeah, that is true.

When it's a good pizza, it is so nice to eat margarita.

And pineapple?

No pineapple on the pizza boys!

That is the first rule!

I will tell you, we're gonna make some pizza tonight.

We're from Holland, so we have no clue how to do it.

We always buy them just in the supermarket.

Put them in the oven.

Dr. Oetker (pizza brand).

You know Doctor Oetker?


Well it's really good pizza.

Quite an exciting year for you, new team.

Yes, absolutely, a new project around me.

Big responsibility, but..

at the same time, it is what a leader wants, no?

I need to learn French, that is the first challenge.

I don't understand any.

What do you know already in French?


So, Tour de France this year? -Yeah!

Question mark around the Giro.

My heart is on the Giro you know.

As an Italian rider..

Good food. - Good food.

More pizza than the other races.

Parking spot...

Our taxi driver doesn't like parking a lot.

Just stop in the middle of the road.

This one!

Do you watch football?

Absolutely, yes!

Juventus is my team.

De Ligt..

De Ligt..

How is it?

Matthijs de Ligt.

The surname is better, De Ligt.

In Italy they play a lot with his name, they call him the light.

Here it is!


*Italians greeting each other*

*More Italian we don't understand*

Come on, we're not doing this in Italian right?!

*More Italian, something about YouTube*

Should we make the pizza? - Yeah we make the pizza!

Which one? - My preference is an easy one.


With buffala, you have buffala?

With prosciutto? - Yeah, with prosciutto.

*More Italian*

This is the master of pizza.

I hope your grandmother will not see this video.

I hope not.

Are you doing a mini pizza?

It's the pizza for my dog, this one.

That I can do I think.

Do you also have pizza Hawaii?

Hawaii? Yes, of course! - No, no, NOOOO!


*Fighting in Italian over pizza Hawaii*

Fighting in the kitchen.

I like cheese.

Not too much, not too much!

Little more! - Little more...

Little more Elia!!


Oh, we are done!?

Hey, what do you think!?

It's the easiest thing to prepare!

So, how many minutes?

Five minutes.

And then the rest of the time is to eat pizza.

And then meeting..

But happy meeting because I ate pizza before!

Less than one minute!

Do you feel at home in the kitchen?

I.. I..


Just tasting if it's good or not.

You too Bas right?

Yeah I only use

Hey, we don't want to burn the pizza!

Chef, here we are!

The pizza needs to be eaten!

So romantic.

Do you want to date with Elia as well?

Send a comment below!

And then it is the point..

How do you eat the pizza?

With the hand?

Or fork and...

With the hand!

I like more to eat like this.

You see why I eat like that?

I can offer to you some pieces boys!

We're getting hungry as well.

It's turning into a romantic dinner.

Your girlfriend would be jealous I think.

I think so yeah.

Like it Bas?

Multo benne!

Thank you for watching!

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We need to beat everyone with the views..

I'm always competitive!

Thanks for this nice outing!

Elia, we really need to go now.

The pizza is that good right?

The funny thing is..

I have a nutritions meeting now!

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