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Hey guys, I'm guys, Tim here again for another tutorial and today I have a very special tutorial for you guys

I'm going to be teaching how you guys can download Just Cause 3. One of the best games right now guys

it's an open-world game that has a lot of missions and a lot of things to do cuz you guys will have a lot of

Fun on this game and multiplayer is working as well

You guys will have some lag spikes and some high ping problems, but it's working guys

So to get the game you guys the staff need this file, which is called Just Cause 3 downloader

This downloader will download and crack the game for you guys

so to get this file you guys are going to open your browser and

Let's wait guys and you're going to write here

or you guys can check the link on the description is up to you guys and

We're going to find here the game. It's already here

But if you guys finish to find it you guys can go here and search bar and write for it

So after you guys find this page just Just Cause 3 download pc plus crack

you guys are going to open it and

The first thing that I'm going to do is check the report analysis

This is a bit quite a big game and you guys need to make sure your completed computer and all the game

easily and if you think that the game is giving you some breaks or like I

Recommend you searching for game optimization tips on Google perhaps you guys can make it work


So after you guys check the requirements you guys are going here on top page and click download Just Cause 3

I already have it here desktop on the desktop guys, i already use it before so let's open it and

Here guys, you guys are going to write here skyofgames, it must be on lowercase, and the status need to be online

And if it's offline is because the crack is not working anymore or because they are they are doing updates. So click Next guys



Here is the path guys, the game will be installed here on the path that you guys put here

I'm not sure if I'm going to leave the default path, or I'm going to change it

I'm going to change D, i prefer to install games on D and we'll rename this something simple

Really like this

Seems fine to me guys

You guys can put whatever you want. It will be installed here. So click Next guys

I'm not sure if I can bring you the whole downloaded here to the video guys. The game is about

60 gigabytes. I'm not sure this will take me like 4 or 5 hours

My internet is super slow guys, and I will pause the video

So the the size of the video the video don't get too high and I need to cut it and compress it guys

So what we'll do I will pause the video guys. It's easily

So see ya

So guys I'm back house

You guys can see just cause 3 download installation and finished, a shortcut should be in your desktop to start in the game. Thanks

and visit our website for more games

So as guys can see the download and installation are finished guys you guys that run here this shortcut

I can't really game play right now because I'm using Camtasia can't really cannot record full screen games. I need to get

Fraps or panic on guys. I'm not sure. I think that both software's have argued for record games


What I can change the in-game settings to window guys, but I came to this on video. I will need to make another video guys

So let's open this

Let's check if it's install on the right path how much size you guys will really really need to have this game

So you guys need to have at least 60 gigabytes available wise guys to run this game

So I really hope you guys enjoy this story. I promised Ellie's working guys

There are some problems on multiplayer mode, but that will most likely be fixed this week

We hope so. So any question, feel free to ask me guys

I will be happy to help you guys and hope you guys enjoy this tutorial now. Hope to sanic. Sorry. Bye guys

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