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Last weekend when the sky was so clear

I came to dog park about an hour earlier than usual, and there weren't many puppies.

It's hot in the summer, so many puppies come after 5 p.m.

Hey bro, wherere all my friends TT

And then finally, a friend who is about the same height as Milky came. (4months male puppy)

Hi there~


Some of you may know what kind of breed it is.

It was amazing because I didn't know that this breed has white fur.

Can you guys guess what?

You're pretty nimble for a polar bear.

a sneak attack!

You cant beat me!

They are playing so well~!

After being having fun, they're taking a break together. lol

No matter how Milky is buried in his white fur, he is over 20 kg.

But this four-month-old puppy was never tired and play with Milky so well.

Drink a sip too buddy.

They took turns drinking water in a friendly way,

Lets get started playing again~!

He played with Milky until the end, even though he looked so tired.

Would you like to come and play with me next week?

Sure~! Come and see me next week, too.

Alright. I will ask my sister.

Did you guys notice what kind of breed it is??

It is a White shepherd.

Little bro : He is a shepherd.

Big bro : I never expected he was a shepherd.

Little bro : I am so relieved though.

I was worried every time Milky pressed him on his weight,

but as soon as I heard he was a shepherd, I felt relieved.

They played so well.

so I thought it would be great if Milky had a puppy brother like him.

Bimo(shepherd) looked so happy that he kept following Milky for fun.

Whats happening Bimo kk

He looks so thirsty haha

Deokgu what are you doing there?

Deokgu is a welsh corgi that we meet often, and he is so mild and cute.

Arent you guys hot right now? I cant believe you guys are so energetic.

Your legs are too long..

On the same afternoon, we met German shepherd, which we commonly knew.

How many kilograms does Shepherd usually have?

German Shepherd owner : Um... the last time I weighed him was about 63kg.

If a male german shepherd grows up normally, then does he weigh up to 63 kilograms? (Little embarrassed)

German Shepherd owner : No, he is overweight.

Other owner : Then how does he weigh?

It hurts even though I got hit with his tail. lol

We met JangGoon(German Shepherd) who weighed 63kg.

Wow..(So big)

JangGoon (6-year-old) German Shepherd

Three little puppies (relatively) playing around,

and freezing when JangGoon comes. kk

He is so huge..

Even though they are having fun,

they get embarrassed when they encounter JangGoon. lol

From White Shepherd to German Shepherd,

It was a happy day that we met so many lovely dogs.^^

Guess what the unusual breed of this dog is?

The Description of 이 견종 아시는 분?