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While many people associate science fiction with Star Wars and the Star

Trek reboot- today I thought I would make a video -focusing on the less

well known, Hard science fiction.

Thisis a category ofsc-ificharacterised by an emphasis on scientific

accuracy, rather than action & explosions.

Mind you that doesnt mean Hard Sci-fi doesnt have its fair share of drama.

- it does like to focus on the real world, but from the perspective of

beyond the status quo.

- Moon directed by Duncan Jones tells the story of Astronaut Sam Bell

- the only inhabitant of an automated mining base, who's close to the end

of his three-year shift on the moon.

Sam Rockwell plays Sam, who's only social company is his colleague - a

robot called GERTY who's voiced by Kevin Spacey.

- Rockwell carries this film, not because he's the only person in the movie,

but due to his convincing performance combined with Spaceys monotone

voice acting.

Moon is one of those movies that gets under your skin, where the drama is

very realistic, and it's filled with tonnes of anger, depression and hope.

Andrew Niccols Drama Thriller Gattaca.

Set where genetic engineering is

the most common form of childbirth.

Where the rich can obtain massive

advantages for their off-spring.

- Ethan Hawke's character Vincent is a naturally born man, who society

deems as a second class citizen.

The story Kicks off when Vincent, who

dreams of working within space exploration switches identity with Jerome a

disabled valid played by Jude law, in an attempt to become an astronaut.

This is one of Ethan Hawke's strongest performances- as a man who relies

on sheer willpower to achieve his goals.

And Jude Law is fantastic as an unhappy man who doesn't quite fit in the

society he's born into.

Gattaca deals with sci-fi and the future in the best possible way, by

exploring ideas.

- It's stylish, thought-provoking, and foregoes special

effects to focus on story and character development.

Stanley Kubricks mind-bending epic - 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Set in two specific time periods, one preistoric, one futuristic-The film

focus on humanitys discovery of a mysterious artificial object buried

beneath the moon surface.

When the point of origin is confirmed as Jupiter,

an expedition is sent in hopes of finding the source of this mysterious


- While the human cast aren't that memorable, never has a machine held

such a chilling screen presence as HAL 9000.

2001 A Space Odyssey is NOT character driven- it's all in the experience.

- Kubrick created a film that requires you to relax and witness strange but

beaufiul images.

So if you dont find that type of movie entertaining, then I

would strongly not reccomend this.

Jack Schreier's comedy Robot & Frank - Set in the near future, a retired

jewel thief has two grown children who are concerned he can no longer live


-Instead of a nursing home Franks son buys him a robot butler programmed

to look after him.

But Frank soon learns that this new companion could

become a useful aide.

This movie is all about the characters, staying fun the whole way


Where Frank Langella is great playing Frank - who tries to

restart his old profession, and of course Peter Sarsgaard who's voice acting

fits the robot perfectly.

While not intended to be a Sci-fi - Frank & Robot is funny and sad in equal

measure as it explores the depth of the human soul, while taking you

through a story - that is both original and very well written.

The Martian Directed by Riddly Scott is based on the novel of the same

name by Andy Weir.

- During a manned mission to Mars, Matt Damon's

character Astronaut Mark Watney becomes stranded after a fierce storm

and is presumed dead.

But Watney somehow survives - and with only a

minor amount of supplies, must rely on his ingenuity, to find a way to signal

to Earth, that hes still alive.

Matt Damon is perfectly cast as the wisecracking astronaut

- where it's his optimism toward his survival that keeps you invested in the


The Martian makes a great effort at interjecting real science into drama,

it's fun smart movie, with great direction and production- it never leaves

you bored and should be enjoyed by any fan of Sci-fi.

Alex Garlands stylish directional debut - Ex Machina stars Domhnall Gleeson

as Caleb Smith, a young programmer at internet-search giant BlueBook.

- who is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in

synthetic intelligence at the estate of the company's CEO, Nathan Bateman

played by Oscar Isaac.

Alicia Vikander's performance as Ava the beautiful and seductive android is

so good, that I almost forgot she wasn't an AI.

Gleeson & Isaac also have

very realistic and solid performances in their respective roles.

Ex Machina has a simple plot dealing with a deeply complex and

philosophical topic: what makes humans human.

The movie is thoroughly

engaging and strikes the perfect balance of not spoon feeding it's audience

and not being too intellectual.

The Andromeda strain- directed by Robert Wise is based on Michael

Crichton's novel of the same name.

After the people of a small Arizona town are wiped out by some form of

unknown contagion emitted from a crashed satellite.

The American

government forms a team of scientists to eliminate this threat before it

spreads nationwide.

The cast in this movie really do feel like were born to play their roles -

where you could easily believe that they are actual scientists, especially

Arthur Hill the leader of the research team.

The science in the Andromeda

Strain is accurate - In fact, it's the probably most accurate of all the Sci-Fi

movies I've seen.

One of the great things about the film is it's tight pacing.

So many movies

of these type lag on, especially at the beginning.

However, in the

Andromeda Strain, even the first scene is dramatic and holds your


Contact directed by Robert Zameckisis a faithul adaptation of Carl

Sagans novel of the same name-

- Where Astronomer Dr. Ellie Arroway, has long been interested in contact

to faraway lands.

After years of searching, and being mocked by the

science community she finds conclusive radio proof of intelligent life, who

send her team a mysterious plan to build a large machine.

Jodie foster playing Dr Arroway is exceptional where she delivers a

character with high intellect and strong feelings alongside an impressive

script and supporting cast.

The movie covers the what ifs on private enterprise vs. government

interests, and the conflicts, and potential common ground, between

scientific and religious points of view.

Contact is a pretty refreshingly different film - with great acting, directing

and sound design.

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