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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: György Cziffra Plays Hungarian Fantasy By Franz Liszt

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I can remember my father always waking up

first in the family in the morning.

He went to his practice-room in the backyard

and stayed here almost the whole day.

We had to stay quiet.

No one could disturb him

while he was playing.

Him last project was Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky.

He was working on it until his death.

The habits of my parents were totally different

but surprisingly they had a common interest.

My father had a coriuous desire to teach my mother

how to recognize the compozers

by a special sound or chord.

It was their favourite game.

We listened to music together many times.

During the listening my father used to ask us:

Who is the composer? what is the name of this piece?

Whenever my father made a recording

he always did it together with my grandfather.

I can remember my father and grandfather poring over the piano,

talking to each other, playing or practicing together.

The death of my father came suddenly

and when it happened, it was really horrible to all of us.

After my father's death my grandfather started to retire.

He hardly ever played to public audience.

Hic concerts became shorter and shorter. And finally her ralely gave concerts.

My grandparents were inconsolable and they slowly withdrew from the world.

I don't like it when someone asks me for a miracle.

Thank God I'm a man and not a machine.

I leave the miracles to my well-known collegaues.

I'm just a simple artist.

Of course this is my motherland and I would like to

give some touching moments to my audience and to myself as well.

I have returned to my motherland and I would really like

to do my best on the concert stage.

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