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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Language Failure Story

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hi i'm vanessa from speak english with

vanessa calm today i want to tell you a

personal story about how i failed to

learn spanish let's talk about it when i

was in high school i started to take my

first foreign language class in the u.s.

we didn't start to learn another

language until the ninth grade this is

about 16 years old so for me I had never

heard another language except for

English until I was 16 and in my Spanish

language class in high school guess what

we did you probably know because you

probably did the same things in your

English classes we studied a lot of

vocabulary grammar tests and stress

there was so much stress in my class oh

it was unbearable so my high school

Spanish class was stressful I did learn

a lot of vocabulary because we had to

memorize and memorize and memorize but

it wasn't fun it definitely wasn't fun

and I think I probably only spoke two

times the whole year we hardly ever

spoke maybe we repeated some vocabulary

words but we hardly ever spoke and this

is a huge problem then in college

university we say college in the u.s. in

college I had another Spanish class and

it was the same thing we studied the

textbook the teacher spoke almost the

whole time and if we spoke it was only

short sentences only a little bit and

this is also a huge problem we never had

the chance to exercise our Spanish

speaking muscles we only listened or

read or took a test which was very

stressful I remember sitting down with

my Spanish textbook and listening to the

audio files of the tech

feeling so stressed I couldn't

understand the sentences that they were

saying I couldn't understand the exact

verb tenses that the textbook wanted me

to listen for it was so stressful and do

you know what I decided to do I decided

to quit quit studying Spanish because I

thought maybe I just have a language

problem maybe I just can't learn Spanish

but this is not true this is not the

case and in my next video I want to tell

you a success story because the bad news

came first

my Spanish learning experience was the

bad news but I have some good news in

the next video so make sure you watch

part 2 to hear my language learning

success because I think you can learn

from both of these stories in your

English learning experiences thanks so

much for watching and in the comments

below I want to know what was your

English learning journey when did you

start to learn English what did you do

throughout high school or throughout

college or afterwards to learn English

tell me about your English learning

journey and I'll see you again the next

time for a success story see you later


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