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Who's got my back?

I got your back!

Kingwood! 4-5-6 Family!

On Friday September 13th

The Atascocita Eagles will take on

The Kingwood Mustangs.

And it's going to be competitive.

REAL competitive!

But at half time we're all coming together for a good cause.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

and GOLD FIGHT WIN is an opportunity for us

as a district

to be a light

A light to kids who are battling pediatric cancer.

At halftime everybody

And we mean EVERYBODY


will come together for a unified halftime show.

Texan LIVE will stream it to a local hospital

where children who are battling cancer will be watching.

And we are asking you to come out and take part

and create a dialogue with your students

about this devastating disease.

Humble ISD was inspired by what they did at the University of Iowa.

We end tonight with a heartwarming gesture in the American heartland.

Football fans at Iowa have redefined the wave - in a very cool way

Dana Jacobson has the story. It's a sea of

black and gold - 70,000 strong - this was the first

This is the first football season the new children's hospital in Iowa City is open

right behind Kinnick Stadium - waving in unison, smiling up at the

faces above as the first quarter draws to a

close football fans turn to acknowledge

the patients at the University's

Children's Hospital. Each game, dozens of kids now have the best

seats in the House. Twelve-year-old Caden

Kelso was one of them. Especially when

you're in the hospital and you're sick it

makes you feel a lot better. Both lungs sound good.

Caden spent about a month in the hospital after doctors found an operated on a

tumor on his lung. During his stay a home town

hero, Hawkeyes wide receiver Nick Easley

paid him a visit. We just talked about football and then he said Hey Caden came and he gave me his

playing gloves and he told me that I'm an

inspiration. What does that mean to you? It meant a

lot coming from him. He's just a really

good football player and I really like

football. Does that make some of this time here a

little bit easier? A lot easier.

I just think about him and all the kids up here who are going through a lot tougher things than we are out there

and it, you know, puts some, puts some perspective on

it. Senior Akrum Wadley has been spending time with the

hospital's young patients since early on in his

college football career. What do you remember

that coaches said about the relationship

that you have with these kids? I remember in

the locker room we talked about how strong

the kids are. He always reminds us that some

people got it worse than us and he also

reminded us that we we not as strong as them.

The thing I would say is the impact is actually more on us

and that's that's something I always try to

remind our players. Like most things it's

simple, yet so powerful. And in these times it's nice

to have something that really unifies

people for a good cause.

My family was directly affected by pediatric cancer when my

daughter Addison Faith was diagnosed at just one

year old. She was treated with drugs that

were designed for adults, extremely toxic

and worst of all, ineffective. With less

than 4% of funding going towards

pediatric research it is vital that

organizations like ours and people like you step in

to fill in the gap. Addi's Faith

Foundation to L-3 Foundation and Mothers

Against Cancer are teaming up with Humble ISD

to go GOLD this September. On behalf of

all the children who are currently

battling cancer we thank you for your support.

See you Friday night September 13th

at Turner Stadium.

Support your team

Raise awareness for pediatric cancer

and celebrate the courage of these brave children.


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