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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RWBY Chibi, Episode 19 - Pillow Fight | Rooster Teeth

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RWBY Chibi!

Ruby: Man, I wish I were a dog.

Ruby: You've got the easy life, Zwei.

Jaune: I'm saved!

Ren: Red... or blue... I'm almost out of time.

Ren: Which is it?!

*Zwei bites blue wire*

Ren: I...

Ren: ...I am saved!

Weiss: Oh no, I've lost it, it's gone forever! Father will kill me...

Weiss: Oh! Nevermind! I'm saved!

Cinder: My nefarious plans!

Cinder: My evil schemes!

Cinder: All ruined!

Cinder: Curse you, adorable corgi!

Ruby: Just like I've left you.

Ruby: Don't you do anything all day?

Ruby: C'mon, Zwei!

Ruby: Let's go play outside.

Zwei: *Tired Whimper*

Ruby: What a lazy, little butt.

Neptune: Guys! I just overheard...

Neptune: The girls... (huff)

Neptune: Are having... (puff)

Neptune: A pillow fight!


Sun: Girls having a pillow fight? We have to go!

Neptune: I know!

Sun: Oh, I suppose you're too cool for-


Sun: My brain box...

Ren: You had me at Pillow Fight.

Ruby: Weiss!

Ruby: Your chilly reign of terror has finally come to end!

Weiss: (Mockingly) Ha! Ha! Ha!

Weiss: Don't make me laugh.

Weiss: As I did just now.

*Shocked Expression*

Ruby: Grrr!

*Loads pillow*

Ruby: Yaah!


Weiss: Wha-

Blake: Huh?

Yang: *Puzzled* Huh?


*Yang charges Zwei shot*



Yang: Nooo!

Yang: She was so young...

Ruby: Yang...

Ruby: *cough cough cough*

Ruby: Avenge... me....

*Dying noises*

Sun: This... isn't what I was expecting.

Neptune: Yeah...

Ren: They have brought dishonor, to the great name of 'Pillow Fights'.

Sun: Well, there's only one thing left to do.

Neptune: Hahaha!

Neptune: This was a great idea!

Sun: Hehehe! You can't catch me!

Ren: I believe that I can catch you.

Ren: Ow! My toe.

Neptune: Ow ow ow, time out, feather in the eye!

Neptune: Feather RIGHT in my eye!

*Ruby sighs*

Ruby: Amateurs.

Ruby: Click here if you want to wear some stuff with us on it.

And click here if you want to watch some stuff with us on it.

'Cause, you know, more us! Duh!

We're awesome!

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