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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Winter Steelhead On Spinners, Beads, & Worms | Fishing With Some Subs

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good morning angling addicts it's another nice cool winter morning out

here and trying to target some winter steelhead. coming back to the same area

that I was in the last video, so I'm hoping that with the conditions still

continuing to improve that this spot is still holding out as a good spot before

the conditions change too much and it just kind of goes back to being another

section of river that just kind of has fish blowing through here. I got a deer

on my trail that's awesome. real quick bobber setup, spinner, third

rod for whatever it is I feel like I need to maybe try out if my first two

tactics are not working out, so let's get out on the water and see if we can't get

on some fish, oh I am gonna be meeting a couple of buddies out here, really

excited about that so hopefully we can all come up with some fish today


how are you? good. good to see you, yeah likewise, I was like I like this

guy he just seems a genuine good-hearted guy,

well that's a good way to start out, I just walk down here and you guys are

getting fish on, yes it's a wild but yeah, fin

its this guy's birthday, and what's nice about to get good video I get a picture

off the video too but in fact I want to get a good photo for him. summer fish

that is awesome happy birthday, birthday fish, you got

that on a worm, and I just told you yesterday I've never caught a steelhead on a freakin

worm, but I know it works, so I fish them. yeah I've never caught a steelhead

on anything other than a corkie and yarn

that nightmare with that white head is always good, especially right now it's

gonna stick out. so see that but now you know like the bobber depth and all that sh*t,

yes that's awesome

jumping right out in front of us - that is rad man. fish for the birthday

boy. that's a good-looking one. I don't see a fin yet. that is that is awesome

it's what it's all about yeah well soon because it was yeah right

between us and all of a sudden Jerry comes walking right in between us I was

like he's gonna be the one to get it

that's good it's got some energy like I'm not done yet I'm going back whoo

yeah Jerry yes dude heck yeah

Jerry you get your own video for your birthday

when it's done moving around we get a good picture for you look who's back

Jerry did Jerry's got both fish today

tha'st cool oh there we got everybody here now Eddie's here Jerry's here Jeff's

here I'm here I was just saying you were saying to me how he doesn't fish for

steelhead with spinners very often he's done it with four trout but isn't

comfortable doing it you know having to get all low so instead of trying to

explain it to him I said well this is how I do it show him a few casts and I

next thing I know he's up here tying things on comes down with a spinner

throws it out gets a fish so I mean that's I think yeah I like how you put

it yesterday on the comment about feel like a snag you know this one that one

all right just a little bit of an update for you guys it's been about maybe an

hour or so since this last fish was caught by Jerry out here that was

Jerry's second fish for the day and I am failing to find anything out here Jeff

hasn't had any luck yet and talking to Tim who's just down below us here same

thing as me just not a single bite yet I know Jeff and Jerry are up there still

plugging away we got Tim down below still plugging away so we'll see if we

can't in this day with a fish being caught by someone I think you've got a

sucker by the tail this time

sucker now he's going on though we'll see all right I'm gonna grab my pliers

just in case we're gonna need those

14 mil soft bead nice I just needed to switch it up yeah I was like I gotta get

these lures going man

does not want to be on there dude how many sticks you cut today we're gonna go

take a lunch break we'll be back and hopefully we've got a fish yeah we're

running that light yeah you definitely don't want to overdo it especially with

that size of that fish oh it does start to and then just straight out from that

Bush almost that's coming off the bank there's gonna be like a big rock and a

snag area out there so you might not want to let it go too much further down

than where it's at right now yeah yeah definitely one you wouldn't want to just

lose oh it's got a fin it's a native

well done brother that is a beautiful fish man

nice colors going back

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