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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Biggest Loser Workouts | Endurance And Form With Erica Lugo | Season 1 | on USA Network

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- Hi, I'm Erica Lugo from "The Biggest Loser"

on USA Network and today,

I'm gonna break down what we did

on this weeks' episode.

Break it down

Knowing how to work your body

is super important,

so we're gonna break it down

to three different intervals today.

We're gonna do 45-seconds work,

and 15 seconds rest.

All you're gonna need

is a simple set of dumbbells.

When you first start working out,

always go lighter.

Because you don't know how strong you are yet,

you don't know what your body's capable of.

So I'm starting with five pounds today

and we're gonna do modified jumping jacks.

So modified jumping jack is simply

just going just like this.

So right leg open, both dumbbells overhead.

And if you can, you can go

full blast with it.

But since this is our first work out,

we're gonna start with baby steps today.

We're gonna do 45 seconds of modified jumping jacks

and then we're gonna rest for 15 seconds.

And the reason we're doing that is we're allowing

our heart rate to spike up with the workout

and come back down with that rest.

So our heart is gonna constantly be working

throughout this whole workout.

Right after that 15 seconds,

we're gonna do alternating dumbbell presses.

So both feet below our hips,

toes pointed forward,

slight bend in our knee,

and keep a lot of that weight

in your heels.

Bring your dumbbells up,

don't let them dip below your ears.

Keep them right here.

And we're just gonna press

just like this for 45 seconds.

And I promise you, you're gonna feel that burn

in your shoulders.

We're gonna do this circuit twice

and then we're gonna end it with--

ugh, no one likes this.


We're gonna do five burpees.

So we're gonna do a lot of resistance training

and then cardio endurance right afterwards.

So again,

we're tricking that heart rate to go up and down.

Up and down, let's get started.

The first is 45 seconds of modified jumping jacks.

So let's just go ahead and pace ourselves.

Since this is our first workout, right?

We're gonna build those shoulders.

We're about 20 seconds in right now.

So we're gonna go ahead if we can,

go ahead and do the unmodified version with me.

Wide legs, open up high,

slow it down if you need to

or speed it up.

That's up to you.

If you need to go back to modified,

there's no shame in the modification game.

Gonna be about eight seconds left.

Keep going, five seconds left.

Four. Three. Two.

And one, good job.

Rest for 15 seconds.

Use that time to really catch your breath.


I promise that 15 seconds is gonna fly by.

We have about five more seconds,

so shake it out.

We're gonna get ready for alternating presses.

So, feet below our hips.

Slight bend in our knee, bring 'em up!

And go for it.

So you're probably noticing,

you're a little out of breath right now.

Normal. Totally fine.

Now these ones, don't get sloppy.

Don't start doing this, okay?

Hold your core in tight.

Alternate your presses.

All about proper form

and how well your body can move.

Keep it going, we got about 20 seconds left.

If you're feeling the burn, it's completely normal.

Keep it going!

Remember, make it a full body movement,

hold your core in strong.

Let your whole body work with you as well.

We have less than ten seconds.

Keep it going!


And press!

Three, two, and one.

And rest for 15 seconds.

And we're gonna do it again, guys.

The whole point of this--

obviously you can see, phew,

I'm breathing with you!

It's to keep our heart rate up and down,

up and down.

We have about five more seconds,

we're gonna do it again.

You guys ready for it?


Good job guys.

Now, we're gonna do five burpees.

So I'm gonna show you a couple variations

of these burpees.

Start off beginning, okay?

What that looks like is just reaching up,

reaching down, walking it out

and walking it back.

That's one.

And remember, if you need to modify,

there's no shame in the modification game.

Give me one more!

Very good, awesome job!

You just completed circuit one,

let's move on to the next one.


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