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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【eng全英】提高口语每天要做的5件事 | 5 things to do every day to improve spoken English

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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel I'm Maggie today

We're going to talk about five things that you should do every single day to improve your spoken English

These are all things that's helped me tremendously and I continue to do them every single day

So I can't wait to share with you

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Let's get started. First thing. I recommend doing is definitely

Mimicking TV shows I have talked about this one

Extensively on my channel and I'll say it again today because it works

But I'm definitely not saying that you should just do this randomly to any TV shows. You should probably pick something. That's more

Conversational and something that's more

Realistic. So here are four shows that I really recommend if you want to practice an American accent first to the

classics friends and How I Met Your Mother

Next one is that 70s show? It's just really funny

I personally really like it and the office these four shows are all very good resources to practice English with

But the most important thing when it comes to mimicking TV shows is your method first step

You can read the script and record yourself

Before you hear the actors say the words now. Where do you find the script?

There's a website most of the scripts you can find on this website. I'll link it in the description box as well

This step is so important because only if you know where you make the mistake

Can you find how you can improve it?

For example this sentence you could say how are things at the library if you didn't know that at?

This word act is supposed to pronounce at at the library

You probably say how are things at the library?

So if you record yourself and then you hear the actors talk then you can find where you did wrong

Do you see what I'm saying?

A second two steps is to hear the actors say and then record yourself

Again, mimicking how the actors are saying it. It's a lot of fun

I think you'll like it start trying it today second one is to read the newspaper

You don't have to go out and buy a newspaper. We all have apps on our phone and it's free. So it's so convenient

It's in your hand literally in your hand. The reason why I love to read the news to practice English. It's because

The style the writers use to write the news is so precise and most importantly

You learn how to tell a story

so you can practice your spoken English and

You can learn a couple of sentence structures that you can use when it comes to reading English

For example this one under a bridge connecting the u.s

With Mexico dozens of migrant families crammed into a makeshift camp set up by US Customs and Border Protection

So this sentence is basically three different sentences made into one

The main one is dozens of migrant families crammed into a makeshift camp, right?

And then the second one is the camp. The camp's location is under a bridge connecting the u.s

With Mexico and is set up by US Customs and Border Protection

So if in the future something similar happens for example my cat

Had some snacks. Where did he had the snack?

It was under my table next to the computer

Set out by me under my table next to the computer my cat ate some snacks

Set out by me. It's a little mini practice. You set for yourself

You don't just read the newspaper

You learn the sentence structure and by replacing a complicated issue

With something that really happens in your life

You learn how to use that sentence structure so that to me is so important and so useful when it comes to improving

Not just your spoken English

But your written English as well step three is to write down new words

You just learned maybe from the TV show you were watching or the news you were reading

what's more important is to know how to use this word on your own but

Sometimes even when you did everything you could online you looked it up online and you typed in use this word in a sentence

You're still not sure if you're using this word, right? That's when you need to talk to a native speaker and ask them

How should I use this word?

Am I using this right now? You may ask where do I find someone that's available?

And he's had my watch cambly

Kimbley can connect you with a native speaker

Anytime and anywhere you want and you can decide how long?

You want to talk to this teacher for if you only have tours and you want to talk to them for about five minutes?

You can do that or you have a lot of materials or you want to take a formal lesson that's available, too

that's why I love this app so much because there's no

Huge commitment that you have to make speaking of which let's go on can't believe and talk to a teacher

Hi, hi John, I'm good. How are you?

Okay, thanks. So I have a question. I recently just learned this new word

Preoccupied so I was wondering it

If I'm using it, right? Yes, thank you

So if I want to say I was busy with something I say I was preoccupied with it

Because you're thinking about

Someone called my name and I didn't hear them because I was thinking about something else. Maybe I could say I

Was preoccupied with others exactly exactly

Yeah with that makes people think that I don't I don't I don't respect them

So if you're interested cambly is giving you a

15 minutes free try out

If you use my code on the screen

You can get 15 minutes free the link and the referral will be in the description box down below

So do check it out if you're interested

Now, let's move on to the final tip recap and record at the end of the day every day before you go to bed

You can sit there and just think in English

Pure English environment. Talk to yourself

Today, I woke up at about 8 o'clock, and I didn't want to get up

So I stayed on my phone for a little while just described the whole day and according on your phone now

Here comes the important part is that next day?

Write out everything that you record it yesterday because when you write it out

You notice a lot of little mistake grammar mistakes

I know I make a lot of mistakes

But it's impossible for me to know while I'm making it when I'm talking but if I go back and I add

Subtitles on my video that's where I find a lot of my mistakes. So if you do that consistently

Every single day your English is going to improve a lot

So those are the five things that I think you should do every single day to practice

Spoken English and it really works if you're really serious about this

Even if you can just do one thing a day if you do it, right?

That's a win and it's going to work with time

So I really hope this video helps you guys and if you want to check out cambly go to my description box

Everything will be linked in there and thank you for watching. I will see you in my next video. Bye


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