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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bocoran Capture Crash Landingn On You episode 13 Junghyuk ngasih Hadiah apa???

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Hello, HyunBin's fans

who can't wait for the night

just now the drama production team gave a leaked trailer for the episode tonight

Little Hyeoki looked very shy

in the previous episode JungHyeok and friends

gave a birthday surprise to YoonSeri

they all hid and pretended to return to North Korea

and made YoonSeRi leave while crying

then JungHyeok followed YoonSeri to calm him down and hug him

a very romantic ending in the previous episode

and on footage of the scene that was just released for tonight

RiJungHyeok is seen hiding something behind his body

when he approached YoonSeri with his innocent expression

with the usual nervous and childish expression of embarrassment

Whereas YoonSeri who knows JeonHyeok has something in his hands

directly reached out his hand for a gift

while smiling happily like YoonSeri normally

make me curious as to what gift JungHyeok gave

do you know what the prize is ???

let's guess

if i guess it was a ring hahaha

but that is just my hope

what do you guess? please write in the comments column

that's all our video for today

as usual tonight we will wait for the drama "Crash Landing On You" airing

I am very sad

On Saturday nights, many couples go on dates, but I watch Korean dramas with you guys hahaha

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I'm Candra, goodbye, good bye, friend of MICHAN PEDIA

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