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*RvB Theme*

*car crashes*

Sarge: Oh, dammit Grif! Look what you did now!

You busted up a brand new Jeep!

Grif: Me?!

You were the idiots that started setting off mines!

Sarge: Well, I managed to get out of there without getting hit by anything!

Grif: Because you jumped on the roof of the car!

That's cheating!

Sarge: No, it's called strategy!

Grif: Well, your strategy broke the jeep.

So don't go blaming me. And the blue guy's dead too.

How're we gonna explain that?

???: What the hell!

What were you thinking?

Sarge: We don't need to explain why he died, Grif. We're Reds!

Killing Blues is our business...and today, business is good!

Grif: But we didn't kill him! He stepped on a mine and blew up.

And he's the reason that we're on this stupid mission.

So now what.

Sarge: Hrm, I see your point. So I think we should have a moment of silence in honor of the dead Blue guy!

Bow your head.

???: Hey. Are you listening to me?

Grif: Do you mind? We're having a moment of silence.

Show some respect.

???: What?

Sarge: Dear Lord, we thank You for taking another Blue back to heaven today.

Or, rather, not heaven! Whatever fiery pit You send Blues to, so they can suffer an eternity!

...You could've taken Grif.

But You didn't.


Not sure why, it would've been easy!

Those mine things are everywhere!

But I guess You know what You're doing

Caboose: ...aaaaaaaaAAAAA




Now that was a big explosion.

Grif: Blue guy's back!

Caboose: I went really high!

Did anyone get a picture?

Sarge: ...And now You brought him back! And Grif's still here!

I hate to criticize but You could've just had him land on Grif and squash him!

It would've been easy!

Just a note. You can take it or leave it!

Like I said, not really my place to criticize!

Okay, the end, amen.

???: ...What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Sarge: Woah. Who're you?

???: Who am I?

Who are you?

I'm supposed to be here. You guys are accessing an area on lockdown.

Sarge: Lockdown?

???: This is a restricted dig site. What are you doing here?

Caboose:Oh, uh we were just looking for, uhh-

Sarge: We're just passing through on the way to meet up with the rest of our squad!

???: Oh, great.

Stay here. Don't move. Don't touch anything.

Grif: Why didn't you ask about Tucker?

Sarge: We don't know anything about these guys!

What if they're the ones causing trouble for Tucker?

We don't know if we can trust 'em yet!

Caboose: Oh, right. Because normally, you guys are the ones who cause trouble for Tucker.

Sarge: Right. That's our job.

Simmons: Woah woah woah. Take it easy. Listen, Lopez.

I'm not racist.

I just didn't know you were standing there when I said that.

I had a lot of mechanical friends while growing up.

Seriously, I am NOT a racist.

In fact, I'm 1/8 cyborg!

Yeah, you know, from my accident, when Sarge replaced all my organs.

See? I'm down with the 101001 scene.

Look, I'm just saying I'm sorry.

Now can you help me with these explosives?


Okay. Then we'

*relieved sigh* That's a relief. I was getting worried there for a minute.

I know how you Mexicans like to hold a grudge!

...I'll just find another way to blow up the base

???: Okay. Now, we want the three of you to go-

Sarge & Grif: Woah!

Caboose: Uh-oh

???: What the- oh, right. Sorry.

I'm so used to working with aliens now, I forget some people don't have any experience.

Sarge: Oh, we've got experience with these things.

Some of us more than others.

???: You guys fought aliens during the war?

Grif: Yeah, something like that.

Let's just say we got a little closer to them than we thought physically possible.

???: Well, don't worry about old Smith here.

He's really friendly.

Grif: Yeah. That doesn't really put us at ease

Guard: Alright, Washington. The man in charge has agreed to see you.

You have five minutes. Do anything aggressive, and I'll shoot you do

Do anything weird, and I'll shoot you.

Do anything I don't like-

Washington:-And you'll shoot me. I got it.

I got it I think I've identified the pattern.

Guard: Talk back again, and I'll shoot you.

I don't know why he's even seeing you.

Washington: Because I know something he wants to know.

Guard: Well good for you.

You have five minutes.

Washington: Guess I should say thank you.

Guard: I guess you should get going.

Your five minutes already started.

Chairman: My dear Agent Washington.

I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance.

Do come in.

I feel that we have much to discuss.

Grif: What's up, Forever Alone?

So uh, you wanna do something with your life, or you wanna sit around on your ass all day like a loser.

Yeah! Me too. So uh, just subscribe and keep watching YouYube.

It's way easier.

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