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Which do you prefer in men….

Tall men? Or short?



Were now going to present you with 5 different people with different traits


The title for this video is going to be

Do not receive any hate comments


Do not receive hate comments

Is that towards me? Bad comments towards me?

This video is probably going to receive more than a thousand comments when it goes up

Our goal is to not get any negative comments


So nobody feels bad about themselves


You need to do your best


Wish me luck

Do you have an idea on who you might not want to see?

A criminal?

Ah shit

Whats it going to be? Do I just need to make conversation?


This is nerve racking

Okay, here we go

Oh hello.



What do you have there?

Im gonna go to the beach after I get a tan

Its a really hot day

Ahyeahits hot

-Im hot as well… - Ah really?

Im I the only one thats hot?

Nice to meet you


Is my body okay?

Oh, its better than okay

Ah really?

I mean..

Ive never seen someone with a great body as yours in my life

Actually, its not in its best condition

Oh this is not the best?


This body? Wow

Ah but I can see a zit over here

What do you think of when you see me?




It doesnt seem natural,

- But it isnt uncomfortable - Oh really?

Yeah, because you make it so comfortable

You dont look comfortable

No no no noIm really comfortable. Im really great right now.

Im jealous

Im sorry but I cant stop staring

Were you offended because I took my shirt off?

Ah no?


Its good

But it seems a bit

Like Im afraid that I might intentionally peek down

Youre allowed to look down now

….Youre about to turn on thearent you?

Youre right



Ah I shouldnt laughYes..ah

So only one side works…?

Ah, no both works


Ah it was nice to meet you

- Ahyes - Thank you

Ah Im so nervous

I think Im too indecisive

I mean he had four eyes, one set above and the other below

I kept making eye contact with the ones below

My hands are a bit

I kept making eye contact with the ones below



Nice to meet you

Ah, yes

Oh the tingle~

- Nice to meet you - Hello

Hmmm.. neon nails~

Yes, yes

Its the trending color of 2019, neon


I really like your perfume

- Ah me? - Yes

Its a bit mixed with cigar

Ah really?

So, it feels deeper, doesnt it?

Ah, it seems really thrilling


I have to charge the nicotine

At least the left over nicotine

Have you eaten?

Yes... meal?

No, I havent. Im hungryyeah..

What do you think is different of me?

I think you are really tall


Fist, youre really pretty



The body you were born with is different with the one you want inside

So I think you changed it for the one you want

- Wow, shes really smart - Im not

Im transgender

Ah really?

You didnt know?

Tell me honestly, you knew right?


I didnt?



Ah really



When did you know?


When you laughed? When I heard your voice?

Ah my voice color

Yeah your voice color


Have you met who is trans?

No, not after Ive grown hair, really

Youre really pretty

Ah thank you, youre really pretty

Thats cause its all been made like that

- All except my eye balls and my tongue - Ah

Oh youre surprised

Do you have Instagram?

- Yes, follow for follow? - Follow for follow?

Thank you~

Oh my


I feel like Ive been too much today

No, no

This is embarrassing, bye


Open your eyes

- Hi - Hi


You froze?

What? No, no

All of the sudden your minds blown up

No, no it hasnt

When you first saw me, what do you see?


UhI think you have a really good personality


But how about physically


You have a cute figure?


Im not that tall either


I was a bit surprise...

because you were a bit different from my expected average figure

So its your first time seeing someone like me?




Its my first time in real life

What do you prefer when you see men?

Tall men? Short men?

Well I guess it wouldnt be bad if they were tall

- Ah tall? - Yes

Cause Im not a short woman….

Ah thats right

Yeah, Im a bityeah

No its okay, should I go up?

Then, when you talked to me just now,

do you feel any inconvenience?

- Uh… - do you feel any inconvenience?

What I find inconvenient is that

Because I have to keep looking down

Its a bityou know

What do you mean?

Like it feels..

Like Im looking down on you


It might be offensive to ask to sit down and talk

Ah, what do you prefer?

I really like sitting on the floor

- Really? - Yes

Then, shall we sit?


- Shall we continue like this? - Yeah

When I sit on the floor my legs

- Because they are short - I like this too

Okay, like this

- Sitting like this? - Ah yeah

Im okay with this

Isnt it okay?

Cause our top half is similar now

Yeah yeah yeah

Have you had any conversations like this?

Like this?

No, I normally

Always look up

- Right - Yeah

- Shall we stand up? Are you losing balance… - No no no

- Im okay - Youre really wobbling

No, its okay

Then, thank you

Do you think well receive bad comments?


We already have them

- Hi - Hi


Do you know who Im dressed as?


Im dressed as Lulu, the Fae Sorceress from League of Legends


You look identical

Shall we wander off on one foot?”


Shall we wander off on one foot?”

Ah, on one foot, yes

-Shall we wander off on one foot - Yes

Like this?

Is it your first-time seeing costume play?

Ah but my sister

Once did it in middle school so

Im used to it

She even had like a sword

She probably still has it somewhere

- Really? - Yeah

I really said a few things to her

When she was really into it but

My sister…. Yeah

What did you normally say to her?

Well, back then I was young and a teenager so..


- Why are you doing this? - Like its really expensive isnt it?

Yeah, its expensive


Cause she kept asking for money from my mom and bought the stuff so

I thought if it was really necessary

Its all good memories now

Yes, thats true

If your girlfriend said that see was into costume play

What would you do?


- I guess I would have to do it with her? Yeah - Oh~

Would you like to costume play with me?

Uh, yes...

Youre not my girlfriend so...


- Thank you - Yes, bye

On one foot

- Shall we? - ...“Shall we wander off on one foot

Did you make any mistakes?

I have no idea!


I never thought someone pretty did costume play

Ah, no, no,

I take that back... Scratch that

What I mean is

Ugh uh i

Oh hi

What do you think is different about me?

Hmm.. Im not sure



I suffer...

from Vasovagal Syncope

Do have any idea what that is?



I dont think I know my just the name

When I get a lot of stress or I have an imbalance in my immune system

I suddenly faint

Does it occur when its completely unpredicted?

When Im about to collapse I cannot speak as well as I want to

So there were many times when my friends recognizes it before me

So they tell me thatHyegyung I think you are going to faint

Then when I open my eyes Im on the ground so..


Then arent you suppose to wear like a really long and think jumper every day?

Like youre always prepared like a caterpillar

Then there must have been times when you were seriously injured while you fainted

Yes, it dangerous to places like my head

Are you okay?

Youre wearing heels so...

Its not that I faint every day so

I think you should have a bite to eat first


Im not stressing you out am I?

Youve gone red

No, its just that Im surprised

I told you about my illness

Yes yes

Do you see me any differently now?


- I look the same? - Yes

Because I usually get rid of my stress on other people

Im really selfish and thats worse actually

There is nothing I see differently, really, I swear to god

But I think you should really take care of yourself

Because the people you love might feel sad

Im a bit touched, really

- No, its nothing - Thank you

Ah, yes

I hope you never faint

What? Okay

Ill try my best

So now you met all five people


What kind of comments do you think we are going to get?

Well, first I think my sister is going to say something

So Im a bit worried

What do you think she will say?

Just, fuck

Well, I just feel like the situation where I have to guess the different traits

Because this is a youtube video

I think situations like this will not occur in real life

We have to just get over it sayingAh okay~”

It made me thinkwell does that really make a big difference?”

Okay, now theyre all going to come up together



Wow this really is something, the impact it has

I feel like this person is actually the one that stands out the most

Who was the one you were most surprised to meet or the least familiar?


You can answer while you look at them


For me, her



Well, it might be offensive so

I think I put a lot of thought in what I was saying

LikeWould it me alright for me to say this?”

When he saidyou look like your mind was blown

Its because he saw me and felt that way

I should not have done that

But I did, so I feel a bit bad

Do you think you made any mistakes while you were talking?


To the one in costume play

I wanted to say those things to my sister

But the moment I opened my mouth

I thought that she might thinkher words might be meant for me

And what was that?

Like, is it necessary...

To do it...

Did you really say that?

No, to my own sister, my sister

I Used to say it to her when I was a teen

Hate comments reseved!

Do you think you made any mistakes?

There must have been something

If I know what I did wrong, I can learn from it and fix it

- Thank you - Good work guys

Do you think there was anything I said that offended you?

There was nothing like that, darling

You did really good

Oh~ The neon color is also pretty

(One hour later)

While you spoke with the four people earlier

Was there anything that offended you

Or bothered you?

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