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- Ooh. - That's not okay.

- That was a firework. - Oh my God.

I think that scared me more than it scared him.

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- (FBE) It's time for Poker Face.

It's a bluffing game with some of

the Princess Bride thrown in. - Yay.

- I haven't had a lot of luck in this show.

I'm feeling like this is gonna be my game.

- I've done decent in this, but I feel like I can

only do decent for so long. Your luck doesn't keep going.

- I think I'm pretty good at lying, but I don't know.

I feel like I'm gonna laugh looking at the punishment inside.

- In the past, my strategy has been to always

tell the truth and I've lost both episodes I've been in,

so I think this time I'm only gonna lie to you.

- (FBE) You will each have one box in front of you,

one with a good item inside, the other with a bad item inside.

Each round, one person gets to look in their box

and will decide to either keep the box in front of them

or switch it with the other player.

The player then can make the final decision to keep

or switch. Whatever's in the box

in front of you at the end, you have to deal with.

- You ready? - Like I said, I think

I'm good at lying, but we'll see.

I'm kind of excited.

- I feel like we've known each other for a long time,

so I feel like I know your social cues,

but I don't think we've ever had to lie to each other.

- Yeah, but have you noticed my eyebrows wiggling?

- Have you noticed mine? - [Bleep], she's good at this game.

- (FBE) To make the show more like a game of poker,

we are changing the format a little.

We are letting the audience know who is lying

and who is being truthful. This way, they can watch

how you lie. - Okay, Troy said he's

good at lying, but I'm also good at telling when

people are lying, so I feel like that's gonna

play into it and I feel like at the end, somehow

I might lose two out of the three, but he's gonna lose

the big one for sure.

- (FBE) Okay, first round. In the box, one of you

has a very raw, bitter onion. The other has a very

delicious apple. So, depending on

your lying and truth telling abilities, you may be smiling

or crying because you'll have to eat whichever

ends up in front of you. Alberto you are up first,

so go ahead. - Well here's the trick

is that I'm always smiling or laughing, so you can never tell.

- I saw the reflection is his eyes.

- Dang. - No, I'm just bluffing.

- I was like wait, I don't have glasses.

- (FBE) Eric, you're first. Go ahead.

- Ew. - Okay, but an apple a day

keeps the doctor away and an onion a day

keeps girls away, so either way,

something's getting kept away. All right.

I have two slices of an onion.

They're not slices, but it's cut

and it's two pieces of an onion.

I'm gonna switch it, 'cause I don't like onions.

- Crap.

- I'm gonna flip it. - Okay.

- All right, that's my final thought.

- (FBE) Okay Mikaela, do you think Eric

swapped the onion to you or is he tricking you?

- I think you're trying to switch it to get

into my head because I think--

you're gonna think I'm gonna switch it back.

- Or am I already in your head? - You are,

but I don't know. I think I'm just gonna keep it

and leave it to God.

- I think you passed me the apple

thinking I'm gonna switch it back,

so I'm gonna actually-- dude, you smiled though

when I said that. - We love reverse psychology!

- All right, I'm just gonna keep it.

- (FBE) Final answer? - Yeah, final answer.

- I'm no good at this game.

- He got my reverse psychology thing.

That was good. Good job, bud.

I didn't think that you were gonna be smart enough

to be like, "Ah, no. That fool's lying."

and then switch it back, but Troy's smart.

- Thanks, man. Thanks, dude.

- I saw on your face, you were a little scared

when you switched it, so I was like,

you must be giving away something good.

- You know what, I don't think you actually

read me, I think you got really lucky,

'cause it was a 50/50 chance.

- Is it a red onion or a white onion?

- Ew. - White onions are way worse.

- The aftertaste is strong as hell.

No, I can't talk to girls for like, a year now.

- It's juicy. Oh God.

Can you taste something in your nose?

- Ew, ew. I didn't know onions

had that much juice in it. It tastes like a--

it's coming out of my nose. It tastes like a super

pepperminty toothpaste.

- Ugh. - I'm tasting the onion now.

- Aw, you feel my pain. - I feel it.

- I'm kinda happy I didn't get yours.

- My eyes are watering. What the hell?

Am I secretly allergic to onions?

Oh no, onions make you cry. That's what's going on.

I'm crying. - Oh, genius.

- (FBE) Round two. So now in one box

is a lovely smelling massage oil for you to use

and rub on your arm. In the other is gross

smelling soil filled with manure, so poop, that you have to rub

on your arm. - That's pretty--

- That one's bad. - Yeah, that's pretty extensive.

- Oh [bleep]. - Especially because--

I see what you did there, bro.

- Okay Mikaela, it's your turn.

- I really don't want that. I feel like this whole episode

is gonna plan to leave us smelling really gross.

Just look at you the whole time. I'm just kidding.


- (FBE) Troy, you can go ahead and take a peek.

- Dude, I'm gonna see the manure and I'm just

gonna start dying laughing. All right.

- That's a bunch of [bleep]. - Thanks, man.

- (Alberto laughs) Okay, I got it.

- All right.

- So, you have the soil, huh?

- I do. And I'll switch it to you.

- Yeah? - Yeah.

- All right, I gotta think of what you did first round

and then what I-- I don't know.

I'm just gonna keep it, I guess.

- (FBE) Eric, what are you thinking?

- I think you're lying, but I think that you know

that I think you're lying, so you're trying to play up

the illusion that you're lying to make me think

that you're telling the truth. It's a reverse double bluff.

Maybe. - I don't think my brain

works that hard.

- When you opened it, you tried not to laugh,

meaning that it was cow [bleep]. - That's what I said

at the beginning. - Exactly, so I feel like

you screwed yourself over. I don't know.

- I'm gonna switch it back, 'cause I don't think you

leaned far enough. - What do you mean?

- I don't know. I'm guessing.

- Final answer, bro? - Yeah, it's all good.

- Cool.

- (FBE) All right, moment of truth. Open your boxes.

- I told you, triple double bluff.

- Damn it. I don't want this

on my body.

- Yep, I got the cow [bleep]. - Yes!

I was right. - You read me pretty good.

I told you. I was like,

"I'm gonna start dying if it's the manure"

and I started laughing. - I think you screwed

yourself over. - Yeah, for sure.

- I was really hoping that would work.

Just switching it to you and hoping for the best.

- That was your strategy was just,

"Maybe he'll keep it." - Maybe.

- Whoa, this smells so good. It smells so natural.

- Dude, it's so bad. It smells so bad.

- There's things on the ground. - It's like a nice exfoliate,

you know? - That's dirt, dirt.

- Yeah.

- Start rubbing it in? - Yeah, dude.

Go like this though. Make a cow [bleep] ball.

- Bro, this so so bad. - No, I'm good.

- Dude, smell it, dog.

- It really smells like a petting zoo.

Yep, we love that. - You want some lavender?

- I would like to smell it. Yep.

- Oh, whoa. I can smell it from here now.

- Oh, it's bad.

- I really feel like the farm is really condensed in here.

I feel like a farm doesn't even smell like this.

- (FBE) Okay, your tied going into the final round.

One box has in it a cute teddy bear to cuddle.

In the other is a shocking wand simulator

some people use for kink but doesn't actually

feel that great. I'll have the winner

zap the loser three times. - What the heck?

- Hold on, onion, manure, cattle prod.

I'm telling you, there's a farm theme.

- (FBE) Alberto, you can look in your box.

- All right. - All right, I--

this is my mentality. He looked--

so, it's a teddy bear or a shock wand.

- Yeah. - I saw his eyes

go from his right to his left

in a horizontal motion. Teddy bears aren't

usually that long, so that's my mentality.

- (FBE) Eric, go ahead and look.

- Okay. It is a brown teddy bear

wearing a red bow tie. - [Bleep].

- And it's freaking adorable.

- I'm just gonna keep it. Yeah, his logic is--

your logic is very blonde, so I'm just gonna keep it.

- I'm gonna keep it, 'cause I wanna

cuddle with it. - I feel like you would

wanna switch up your strategy,

so I don't know if you're telling the truth

or lying to me. - Jokes on you.

I don't really have a strategy at this point.

- You said keep it though, right?

- I said I'm gonna keep this side.

And you want me to keep this side.

- I want him to keep that side.

- Okay. - He's gonna keep it.

- (FBE) Okay Mikaela, are you swapping or keeping?

- I don't know if you're making up details

to make me believe you or you were hesitant

on the details to make me think that you don't have it.

I'm keeping it just 'cause I don't know.

We haven't done this yet, so I'm just gonna keep

and hope for the best, 'cause I really don't

know where your head's at on this one.

- (FBE) Okay, go ahead and open your boxes.

- Gotcha. Don't even try to front

with me, dude. I got you.

- What is this? - That's a dildo.

- I know, right? - I knew this teddy bear

is standing straight up.

- Oh, thank God. - But how cute would it

have been if it had a bow tie.

- It has a little thing. - Oh, it does!

Oh my God.

- When I saw you open the box, I totally saw

your head move left to right and I just knew

it was the wand. There was no doubt

in my mind.

- I felt like he was making up details

so I was like, I'll just keep it

and hope for the best.

- Just put your arm up here. I'll show you.

- [Bleep]. Why do I always get

the worst punishments against me?

Always. Oh, [bleep]!

That one hurt! What the heck?

- Ooh. - That's not okay.

- That was a firework. - Oh my God.

I think that scared me more than it scared him.

- Ah, how do people get sexually turned on by this?

- She missed. That counts as one.

Okay, that one touched skin a lot more.

- Just call me daddy. - I'm not gonna call you anything.

- I'm about to shock you. You better call me daddy.

- [Bleep], all right. Go, go, go, go.

[Bleep], ow! That shit hurt.

That's a lot worse than I thought.

- I'm shaking. - Count to three.

- One, two, three. Okay, that was the least.

That was fine. We're good, we're good.

It's just like popping bubble wrap,

but with lightning.

- I'm glad I clutched up and won,

but that cow [bleep] was pretty bad.

- I mean, at least he didn't get shocked by a sex toy.

- True.

- Normally, I feel like I can read people

a little bit better. I don't know.

- See, I'd prefer if you were talking and you were like,

"All part of the strategy." But you're like,

"Yeah, I don't know how I won.

You're just really bad."

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