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In this lesson, I will teach you

the seven most common uses of the verbget’.

So lets start.

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Now, the most common meaning ofgetis to mean

receive, obtain, or buy something.

For example, “I got some old books from my


It meansI received some old books”.

In the next example, “Weve gotten 50 emails in the

past three days.”

It meansWe have received 50


Notice that the first sentence is in the past

simple tense and the second sentence is in the present

perfect tense.

So in sentence number two, we are

using the third form ofget’ – the past participle


The verbgetis irregularthat is, we

dont saygettedto make the past simple or past

participle forms.

The correct forms areget’,

got’, andgotten’.

In American English, ‘gotten

is more common, and in British English, ‘gotis

the preferred past participle form.

So in number two, you could say

Weve got 50 emails”.

That would be the British

English form.

Here are two more examples: “Harry just got a job at

the airport.”

It means he obtained a job, or that he

was hired for a job at the airport.

And finally, “What are you getting me for my


It meansWhat present are you going to

buy for me for my birthday?”

OK, lets move on to the second use.

In British English, the expressionhave gotis

used a lot to meanhave’.

Its used in American English as well but its

more common in British English.

This expression is used in two waysthe

first is to talk about ownership or relationship.

For example, “Ive got two sisters.”, “Sara has got

Wi-Fi at home.”, “Have you got time for a coffee?”

The second function is to express obligation or

necessity (that is, by usinghave got toin the

place ofhave to’).

Like in these examples: “Youve

got to get up early tomorrow.”

orHe has got to learn German to live in


In all of these sentences, you can use

haveorhasinstead ofhave gotorhas gotand

the meaning would be the same.

But there is an important point here.

When we usehave gotin these two

ways, it does not have a past tense.

To change these sentences to the past, just


For example, saySara had Wi-Fi at home.”

which means she doesnt have it now.

OrHe had to learn German to live in


Dont usehad gotto meanhad’ – its


Remember that.

Alright, the third use ofgetis to make offers and


Take this question for example:

Could you get me the menu, please?”

You might say this at a restaurant.

Here, ‘getmeansbring’.

Its like askingCould you

bring me the menu?”

Instead ofthe menu’, you can say

get me a cup of coffee’, ‘get me a sandwich’,


The next example, “Can I get you something to

drink?” is an offer.

Here, Im offering to bring you

something to drink.

Its very common to say this to

a guest, so the next time you have a friend over at

your place, ask your friend, “Hey, can I get you

something to drink?

Or something to eat, maybe?”

OK, lets move on to the next use.

The verbgetis often used when we want

to talk about traveling to mean to arrive or to reach

a place.

For example, “I got home late yesterday

evening because of the traffic.”

That means I reached home late.

A common question that is asked on

the phone isWhat time will you get here?”

That means, what time are you

going to reach this place?

Heres another common example: “I dont think

well get to the movie theater on time.”

That means, were running late

were going to miss the start of the movie.

And heres one last example

Call me as soon as you get to the office.”

Notice that in the first two examples, afterget

we have adverbs – ‘homeandhere’.

Because they are adverbs, we dont use


But in the last two examples, we useto

because we have nouns – ‘the movie theaterand

the office.’

Remember that.

Alright, the fifth use ofgetis to mean to become

or to change.

For example, “The kids got really scared

when they saw the spider.”

That means they became scared.

In this type of sentence, you haveget

followed by an adjective.

In the next example, “Ive made sandwiches in case we

get hungry.”

Similarly, “I keep forgetting things.

I think Im getting old!”

This is a common expression and its said humorously

(that is, in a funny way).

In the final example – “Arnold and Erika got

married in 2011.”

The phraseget marriedis

very popular.

You will hear it a lot.

Other common ones areget ready’, ‘get

dressed’, ‘get cleaned upetc.

OK, use number six is to talk about bad experiences

or events.

For example, “I got fired for being late to


That means, I went late to work and my boss

fired me (that is, I lost my job).

The next example is similar – “Vijays

wallet got stolen when he was walking in the park.”

So maybe he got pickpocketed.

Notice that both of these sentences are

in the passive voice.

I got firedmeansMy boss

fired me.”

His wallet got stolenmeansSomebody

stole his wallet.”

The wordsfiredandstolen

are verbs in the past participle or the third


But you can also talk about bad experiences with


For example, “Dont eat too much candy

or you might get sick.”

(‘sickis an adjective).

Or nouns such asI got a cold from one of my


(‘a coldis a noun).

Alright, and the final use of the verbgetis to


Probably the most common expression

in this meaning isI dont get it”.

This is an informal way of sayingI

dont understand it.”

Another popular expression is the opposite – “I get


It meansI understand it.”

Or if someone (like your boss) gives you an

instruction likeSend me the report by tomorrowyou

might sayGot it!”.

Its short forIve got it

meaningI have understood it.”

A related expression isDo you get what Im

saying?” – this is also informal, and its just a

way of asking, “Do you understand what Im


These are all useful expressions that you

can use in conversation.

Alright, if youre ready, now its time for the quiz.

There are ten sentences on the screen, but you see that

theyre all jumbled up.

Stop the video, rearrange them

into correct sentences, then play the video again and


Alright, number one isI got a new laptop for Christmas

from my dad.”

You can also sayI got a new laptop from

my dad for Christmas.”

Here, ‘gotmeansreceived’.

Number two – “Grace has got a great family.”

In this sentence, ‘has gotmeans

have’, so its like sayingGrace has a great family.”

Number three – “You have got to eat a good breakfast every


Youve got tomeansyou have to.’

Number four – “Could you get me a

glass of water?”

Here, ‘getmeansbring’.

Number five – “Make sure you get to the

airport on time.”


Number six – “What time do the kids get home

from school?”

Againgetmeans reach here but we dont

usetobecausehomeis an adverb.

Number seven isMy brother got engaged last


You could also say, “Last week, my brother got


This means he became engaged, that is, he

has agreed to get married to a woman sometime in the


Number eight – “Javier got arrested for drunk driving


You could also sayYesterday, Javier got

arrested for drunk driving.”

We usegetorgothere to show that something bad

happened to Javierhe was arrested.

Number nine – “I dont get why horror movies

are so popular.”

Getmeans understand in this sentence.

So its like sayingI dont understand why horror movies

are so popular.

Why do people like them so much?”

And finally number ten isIt was

confusing at first but I get it now.”

Again, ‘getmeansunderstand’.

OK, how many answers did you get right?

Let me know in the comments.

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