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Okay, got it

Got what?

*Carmichael laughs* Got what!?

Alexa, who am I?

God! I did it again *Carmichael laughs*

This guys so... Ok this guys so ignorant he doesn't even know how to make a gif.

One of the oldest file formats on the internet.

By the way, pronounced *G*if... was formed in 1987.

Cmike - I though it was *J*if. Sam- Uhh, that's only if you like peanut butter..

I'm no gif lord but like I... I got a trick or two up my sleeve.

How to make an awesome gif -

There's a couple ways and we're gonna go through all of them.

I can even rate how excited I am right now.

Cmike - So about a week ago, in the mail.


Cmike - We got a package

Kayy... I like packages!

Cmike - From Google

It's for your home.

*Carmichael laughs*

No, why do you always hide stuff from me, Carmichael?!

This does not look like a Google thing.

*Wren chuckles*

*Wren makes struggling sounds*

Cmike - So this is *you* make gifs right? Sam - This is how Sam makes gifs

If you're just making a gif from, like, a YouTube video,

It's actually super super super easy. In fact this is the easiest way to do it

because all you need to do is just go to Imgur take your favourite YouTube video, copy the URL

Go to Imgur, hit the "video to gif", paste your link in there

Cmike - It's that easy!? Sam - and the dang website does half the work for you.

Once you have your video in there, you can just kinda click through and find a moment

you can choose the duration of your gif and all that stuff

There we go, that's a good gif right there.

*Sam makes mouth noises*

I'm clicking create gif and then literally just converts the dang YouTube video into a gif.

and it's not technically a gif right now when you're watching it.

They actually convert it to this really cool streaming video format

It's really cool and complicated whatever blahblahblah

You get your gif and you can share it. You can use the link, you can paste it round the place.

Want to save it or need to upload it? You can go down to the "download" button right there.

You click it and then it will convert this into an actual, usable little gif.

That you can now upload anywhere you want.

You say what's happening. I say "add a photo or video". Right there.

I made a gif and I didn't even use photoshop or anything.

However, you can directly drag a video into Photoshop.

Photoshop is not just for photos anymore, it's for videos too, now.

I've literally put the video in Photoshop.

I'm gonna try and see if i can find a reallly coool moment.

And then, cut there. I've trimmed my little spot here, I'm just gonna delete all the stuff I'm not using here.

Resulting in just the part I want.

Since we're in photoshop - "Meme Text"

You put your "meme text" over here like this - TRUMP...? No

Let's crop this in a little bit too

We can use the crop tool here to, just make this a little more efficient.

Here is, our little gif in Photoshop. Got our custom text

We've done custom reframing.

The best. GIF. Ever

All we gotta do is get it out of Photoshop so

Control, Shift, Alt, S

If you are on a Mac.... you buy a PC.

Cmike - What a pro move there buddy.

This is why I like this old "save for web" thing. This export feature allows you to get really custom with your gif settings.

Once you open "Save for web" you wanna just select one of the gif presets.

Generally, what the estimated file size is gonna be, pretty small.

There's one last thing you'll wanna do, is at the bottom here of your "Save for web" window

There's a "Animation" tab and you're gonna make sure your looping option is set to forever.

So that way it does NOT stop looping.

"Sam's new gif.gif"

We're about to come full circle here Carmichael.

There's two ways to upload it.

1. You can go through Giphy - G I P H

Giphy's kinda nice, keeps your gif and actual true gif.

Or, you can go back to

Alright, here we go.

Yo, you can?

Oh my God, I'm discovering these things.

Sam - Um... Cmike - What the heck?

It's like Photoshop on the Internet.

Cmike - Is it? Sam - Yeah...I guess it is.

And that's how you make gifs...farewell.

*Nick laughs from behind the camera*

Just give it your best shot.

Cmike - Best shot. Sam - Imagine everyone sharing one...imagine...

Justjust let him imagine. Don't actually cheer him on.

*They laugh*

Now that we know how to make a gif, we want you to make a SamandNiko...gif...basically.

We want you guys to pick out some of the coolest moments

you've seen from the SamandNiko videos this year,

and send them to us, because we want to see what moments you guys liked,

and also, we want to share them.

Cmike - Yep. Sam - If you have one, or if you have an idea,

pick one out and send it to

Or, you can actually tweet it at us real quick,

cause once you actually upload it to Twitter, it's forever in the Twitter database

so if you just search "Corridor" or anything like that on

Twitter, you can use it. Anyone can use it! Check that out!

That's what *I* said, though...isn't it?

You literallyyou said a question. You were like,

"We want you to send us...gifs?"

No, I said what you just said.



You didn't even say a fraction of that.

Are you having a moment?

Cmike - Let's go to Porter right now, actually. Let's go eat lunch!

- Let's go! - Nah, I gotta...

Why you do dis?

Never actually seen one of these in person. I've watched a fair number of videos on the Internet.

And it doesn't seem to be a clear winner over Alexa.

Alexa being the Amazon Echo, which I have at home, and I've had for over a year,

and adore. This is Google's answer to that.

I think the future is absolutely AI-controlled home assistance,

and the big deal about this one is actually conversational features,

so you can actually ask a question

and then without having to set a context for your next question, you can just continue asking them,

something you cannot do on the Amazon Echo.

Cmike - Or Siri.

Or Siri. Siri is the worst.

Wow, it's a lot smaller than I...

Cmike - It looks like a scented candle.

It does, right? *Carmichael laughs*

Nick - Wh-what it this?

This is the Amthis is the Amazon Home...

The, like, Google Home. It's essentially a, um...assistance.

If you...

*Carmichael laughs*

Okay, if you've never used one of these things, you're in for a big treat!

Like, okay, should I push my three o'clock?

You can control all your lights with this. I have all my lights at my apartment at home.

Is it one of the future robots?


Bleep bloop!

Welcome to Google Home. To get started, download the Google Home app on a phone or tablet.

*Google Home makes popping sounds*

What...was that sound?

*continues making popping sounds*

Oh, whoh, it's cause of this fricking touchpad up top.

It should be playing a test sound... *plays test sound*

World's easiest password to crack...123456

*Google Home plays connection music*

Cmike - Okay, Google, what's 1+1?

The answer is 2.

How do I turn up the volume on it? *makes increasingly louder popping sounds*

*Wren laughs* It works!

*makes increasingly quieter popping sounds*

*Wren plays with the volume up and down*

Cmike - Okay, Google, what is CorridorDigital?

Sorry, I don't know how to help with that yet.

'Kay Google, who won the election?

Donald Trump won the Presidency. Right now, to read more, look for the link in your Google Home app.

*Carmichael laughs*

Alexa...pfft. Okay Google,

Alexa...Goddangit, I did it again!

Okay, Google, repeat after me: Carmichael is not very good at this whole Google thing.

Cmike - And Wren needs to go back to work.

Carmichael is not very good at this whole Google thing and ready to back to work.

*They laugh*

Okay, Google, play "StoneOcean".

Playing "StoneOcean" on YouTube.

*plays "One Jouney" by StoneOcean*

StoneOcean "Arabian Nights".

Playing StoneOcean "Arabian Nights" on YouTube.

*plays "Arabian Nights" by StoneOcean*

It's great! I think it is absolutely the future of home...stuff...

Cmike - What's your favourite part of "Back to the Future"?

Sorry, I'm not

Tell me all about Marion Ebbel.

Sorry, I don't know

Havin' a lot of strikes here.

What year did the movie...come out?

Back to the Future was released in the United States...

Wren - Oh, because of the contextual...

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Okay, Google, what other things has he directed?

Sorry, I don't know how to help with that yet.

Stumped him.

So, the conversation feature isn't quite as robust as I was led to believe.

Maybe I'm just not asking the proper questions.

What is the cube root of 3?

Cube root 3 is 1.442.

Alexa, what's that times 28 divided by 4 times the triple integral of 4x to the third?

Cmike - You said Alexa...

*Carmichael laughs*

- Noooo! *Carmichael continues laughing*

- NOOO! *Carmichael continues laughing*

*slaps knee* For, like the fourth or fifth time today!

You knew it, too...

Okay, Google, you're a nerd!

Nerds have more fun!

Okay, Google, from now on, call me the Ultimate Master of the Universe.

You'd like me to call you the Ultimate Master of the Universe.

Is that right?

Cmike - No. Wren - (at the same time) Yes.

Okay, got it.

Got what? Got what??

Alexa, who am I?

God, I did it again! *Carmichael laughs*

Cmike - So racist against AI. - Apparently!

That something I never expected toI'm an AI racist, apparently!

Cmike - Hey, Google...

That's definitely easier to say than "Okay, Google".

Cmike - Hey, Google, play the loudest thing you know.

Alright. "The Loudest Silence" by Maurice Moore.

Here it is on YouTube.

*I don't think there's a word for what that is*

*Actually, there is a word for thatit's love.*

*If you're looking for the word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality,*

*and wanting them to have everything they want no matter how much it destroys you, it's love.*

*And when you love someone, you justyou...*

*you don't stop. Ever.*

*Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy, even thenespecially then!*

*You justyou don't give up! Because if I could give up,*

*If I could just, you know, take the whole world's advice a-and move on and find someone else,*

*that wouldn't be love! That would be...*

*that would be some other disposable thing*

*that is not worth fighting for...*

Cmike - And that's how we were supposed to feel about America.

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