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before I get started I'm using some foamcore

to make a mock-up of the metal cutting shears

this is just to give me an idea of what sorts of sizes

I need for each part

I'm not sure how much use I'd get out of these shears

but I think they're a pretty handy tool to have around in most workshops

and I've always fancied having a crack at making them

I'm not sure how well they'll work or how they'll turn out

but I'm gonna give it a go and we'll find out

these are the pieces for the main body

and the top two pieces need welding together

to make this part and this part here is that one there

it needs bringing forward the same as this

and I'll do that by using this short piece

and we'll weld that and bring it forward

it needs bringing forward to accommodate

the thickness of two pieces of blade

so I'm going to use this 1075 steel

for the blade and the main reason for that

is the blade is quite wide

and this is what I have at hand so I think it will do the job

I was thinking about using a couple of old files

but with the file not being wide enough

I'd have to bolt that to another piece of steel

and that would work but the only problem there

is it's starting to get quite a thick

before a weld up the body

I'll work on the blades and get those finished

I've got an exciting new tool in the workshop

I bought myself a belt grinder

I've wanted one for a long time

and this project will give me a chance to try it out

and test out all the different attachments and configurations

I'm trying the belt grinder out here in the horizontal position

I'm a bit fingers and thumbs at the moment

but I'm sure it will become second nature with more use

you may notice it wobbling a little

but that's because I haven't bolted the stand down

to the concrete floor yet

I wanted to use it in this position

and make sure it's exactly where I want it

before I fix it down properly

now that I've finished shaping the top blade I'll cut out the low blade

next I need to flatten the two blades

this grinder actually has a surface grinder attachment available

I don't have it but it looks a really cool bit of kit

and maybe something for the future

but for now I'll just have to manage without

I'm not sure this is correct but I'm going to put a slight bevel on the top blade

and keep the edge on the bottom blade at 90 degrees

it starting to come together and I thought I'd quickly show you what stage I'm at

I've got the blade pivoting on the body here I've made these brackets to control this end

next thing I need to do is make a bracket that pivots on the body up here

and that connects to this bolt

and it connects to the handle which will come up this way

so next thing I need to do is drill this hole

and then make the bracket

that should work now I need to transfer it onto this bit of steel here

and make the bracket

next I'm going to fix the bottom blade to the bottom part the body

and then I can start welding the body together

next I'm going to weld the body together

I've already prepped a couple of the welds there

I'm using this piece to join the top to the bottom

and then this piece also creates a gap there

and that's how the sheet metal passes through

but I've made a bit of an error in laying it out and cutting the pieces

I was going to weld this piece like so

and if I did that then the sheet metal

would come through and it hit the end of there

so that doesn't work

that has got to be welded flush with the top of this piece

so I'm going to do that

but because of that then I lose my gap

that was created there but to fix that I've

got a piece of flat bar

and I'm going to weld in place there

I've set this up to support the two pieces

and keep them in just the right place

while I'm welding them

it does need to be fairly accurate and hopefully it works

so these pieces of wood I've got here

are the same thickness as the two

pieces of blade

I might actually put a piece of card there as well

I'd rather have it a little bit wider

than not wide enough

because I can always shim the back of the lower blade

so what the first thing I need to do

just put that on there is trim this

piece down here and then I can weld them together

one of the feet and a small strip of steel

are positioned to support the blade

so I'm not relying entirely on the three screws

to hold the blade in place

for the handle I'm using this piece of 16 millimeter bar

I'll be able to put a pipe over it

and extend it for more leverage if needed

I'm grinding a slot into it before I weld it onto the top bracket

it could be bolted together now and I could use it

but first of all I want to add a couple of features

it needs a return spring

and it also needs an adjustable foot

to hold the workpiece down

I recently bought a whole bunch of these cheap clamps for $10

so I'm going to sacrifice one for this project

I need to find a permanent home for it

but for now I'll just clamp it to the workbench

and let's give it a go

I'll start with some thin galvanized sheet

and see how it goes

that's fantastic now I need to see if it'll cut anything thicker

now I'll try this strapping it's about twice as thick as that sheeting

it's just over a millimeter thick

next I've got a two and a half mil piece of steel

so let's see how that goes

it takes a little bit more effort

but it does it and it leaves it nice and clean too

and this one here is three millimeters thick

it took more effort but it did it

so I think three millimeters is probably its limits

although I only ground a two degree bevel on this top blade

I think a more aggressive bevel could actually cut a little bit thicker, possibly

lastly I'll try this piece of aluminium it's only three millimeters

thick because that's the thickest that I have

I just wanted to show you the foot

and the foots there just to keep the workpiece down if needed

so that's how it works

push it through a bit

and it can be kept up there out the way

for most of the use I would say

I really enjoyed that project

it turned out fantastic

hopefully you enjoyed the video

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thanks for watching

and I'll see you on the next one

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