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Internet news: The armed conflict between Ecuador and Peru

has been prolonged and the tension is growing.

The U.S. expressed a stance to strengthen the military presence in Colombia.

Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela protested against it.

The president of Argentine, Ricardo, stated,

"We must regard the decision made by the U.S."

"as a sign of intervention by military forces."

I heard Venezuela will declare war against Columbia

once the U.S. troops step into Peru.

So it would be a disaster if they found out where we are now.

At this rate the world may sink into chaos.

It might be something inevitable in history.

But if there is a different future,

tonight will be a watershed moment.

We'll take out the enemy in the shadows.

The world will never find out about this battle.

I just want to prove my own pride.

I'd risk my life for it.

Ready to fly.

No strategy better than analysis, no tactic better than discipline.

And the advantage of strategy and tactics can never be overturned by numbers.

We've waited for seven years to deliver the outcome today.

Bowman: All the Ravens have landed.

Bowman: Three minutes of delay.

Catch up! Move!

Squadsmen: Aye, sir!

Miyajima: Damn! They've moved up the plan.

Fernando: What should we do?

No choice but to deliver it immediately.

We can make it.

Loewner: Changing clothes in front of the enemy?

Bowman: Cool it, marine! Remember the training.

Raven to FedEx.

Requesting express delivery of Package-02.

Sending delivery location.

Divide into two teams. I will infiltrate their line.

Raven 2, follow me.

Miyajima: Aye, sir. Right behind you.

Bowman: They're quick!

Miyajima: Is it the Outcast Brigade, just as we thought?

Bowman: They're too good to be Ecuadorian troops.

It has to be.

Miyajima: Shit!

We're in deep shit, aren't we?

Bowman: No. Don't let them retreat.

Fight to your last breath, marine!

Bowman: Shit. We're facing the limit.

Fernando: Did you miss me?

Miyajima: That was a close call.

Bowman: Let's finish them!

Miyajima: Aye aye, sir.

Loewner: Sniper!

Fernando: Damn! Hole in the radar!

Use it as a shield! Move!

Fernando: Damn! I remember seeing this in an ANIME.

Loewner: Have they gone?

Bowman: No. It's just begun.

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