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hey guys and welcome back to my channel my name is Nenna and today we're back with another episode

of the nozzleberry challenge

we're back a little earlier than expected but i promise that it's for a good reason i said i

was not going to record until i finished doing this entire house but then something happened

pepper got a promotion and i think she is in level nine of the scientist career because she rolled a

wand to reach the top of the science career as soon as she got the promotion i have a feeling

that she is going to be able to get the promotion next time she goes into work if she does have all

of these you know skills and we're super close we need one for cooking and three for cleaning which

i think we could do today if we really worked hard but regardless it was something that i

didn't accidentally want to happen and not have it on the screen because it's such a it's just such

a it's such such a special moment talking about special moments pepper has invited over her two

best friends sharon and narissa and she also made herself some a berry pie i think that is

and she's about to serve it as the guest arrived it started snowing so we had to move inside and

you guys i've been trying to record this part for like three times now and there is a bit of a bug

going on with parties so instead of throwing a party we're just doing it like this we're

going to just have to like pretend that we're having a big old party and we're not actually

just not throwing a party earlier i also tried to use the sims 2 start progression mod but for some

reason it seems to be conflicting with reshade or it could be conflicting with this other mod that i

talked about in the last part the episode before the last one where i talked about this new mod

that enhances the textures from within the game and it could be that that's potentially slowing

down things as well i'm not really sure i'm trying to figure it out so please bear with the fact that

it's a little bit slower than usual i wish my friends would come and sit with me but i'm very

happy to just eat this berry cake by myself you guys may be wondering nana you just threw a party

like the last episode or what are you doing well this is actually a party requested by sharon

we were really surprised when sharon asked us if pepper could host a big old party and

to only invite over nerissa and may but mae couldn't make it now to just be narissa and pepper

and we really didn't know what the plans were we were really surprised but we do love a good

party so who are we to who are we to say no pepper's not gonna say no to a good party and

to blow some bubbles with her but i don't know if sharon should be doing this considering sharon is

pronounced but i am it's it's all good fun it's all good fun nurses ripped by the way

i guess you guys might see coming by sharon's outfit but she is in fact pregnant and this was

kind of a surprise party for her besties to announce that she is in fact pregnant

and not only that she secretly got married and that was a big it's a big thing pepper

just didn't really see it coming and she was really surprised when sharon said that

you know they were awesome regrets of her own marriage so she was a little hesitant about

sharon's sharing this news and theresa is still single as well why do these balloons pop so fast

wasn't any big reveal or anything i mean pepper did see sharon in like the last episode which is

probably a few days ago but she was wearing something really different i mean i really didn't

feel like she was pregnant but now that she's wearing some tighter clothes it was definitely

a really easy to tell that she was carrying a la baby there was just no way going around it and i

think pepper is trying to be really supportive and really friendly and not pepperish because you know

pepper is pepper is a big old dick pepper is rude and she's trying to not be that for her friend

and you might be like well it's not like sharon did anything personally to attack pepper

she didn't do anything to offend her she's not being a bad friend she's just announcing something

that makes her really happy but pepper is not the best role model for children pepper is not

the best role model in general she stands up for what she does and she's really hard working

but honestly she is not a family orientated friend or person she's trying to sit here and smile and

give a big old toast to the baby but she's also kind of skeptical about the whole thing because

she knows what it is to raise a child and she's just not really thinking of ever doing it again

and if it wasn't for rosie to be you know dropped off the doorstep we probably would have never even

had children and that's just something that's it gets really hard to put aside like putting

your own feelings inside to be happy for your besties sometimes it's a little bit hard and

pepper is trying to do her best oh my god don't imagine we'll give her food poisoning right now

let me just go ahead and give her a hug before she dies and be a really good friend and not announce

this kind of news on rosie's birthday party she felt like it was kind of inconsiderate and

it wasn't supposed to be all about her it was supposed to be about rosie so the fact that

she thought about that is just so sweet and she's just such a good friend and i absolutely love her

i can't wait to see what kind of children she's going to have honestly i'm just so happy

i mean i don't think pepper like i said is really a family orientated person but i do think she's

going to try her best to not be her usual self and to at least act a little bit more cheerful

about this whole subject we know we all know this is not pepper's subject this is not what pepper

cares about in life but for a friend for her friend she's willing to step outside her comfort

just a little bit a tiny bit shove her dicks off a tiny bit on the side and try to be a little

bit more of a a good friend oh yeah she married julian cook that's it that's the one i honestly

didn't think they were compatible but they are and the whole the whole subject of marriage is kind of

funny because she got married on her vacation to the twiki islands and i really didn't like

see that coming at all but she just went there on a holiday and that's where she met julian who was

i guess criticizing some food or trying out some food she was she was he was doing something right

there i wasn't there i wasn't the fly on the wall so i have no idea what they were doing i mean i

know what they did afterwards because she's here with a big old belly but i have no idea what she

was doing or what he was doing there but she came back home and she was like yeah i got married on

the spot and i wanted to tell you guys it was just not the right moment so i wanted to throw a little

get together with my friends and just have a girls day i read the good news i definitely

had a really good time and sharon is getting really tired so i'm going to send her back home

she's just such a good friend and i'm honestly really really really happy for her it might

just it probably doesn't look like it i'm really i'm really happy okay rosie what are you doing

should i be concerned is this a child friendly activity i don't know is this hello nerissa

there's a i am trying to be a damn host to this fabulous party i'm trying to be nice

you're testing my patience nerissa you ready to sit here and talk about the weather with my child

are you serious i'm holding a freaking champagne bottle with one of my hands

one of my hands have you ever felt a bottle like this full larissa it's really freaking heavy

i'm carrying the weight of the world on my hands you don't even care you know what if you don't

want to toast with me you can just go by all right so now that all our guests are home i

guess i can show you what i have done before i decided that it was too risky to continue this

uh off-screen gameplay so i know that it's not super minty in your face but i just

i don't know i feel like if everything is just one color just i don't i don't like it and i try to do

it in the other house but i'm trying to make this look more fancy more than anything and i feel like

white is probably a better option a safer option so there are some hints of mint here and

this wallpaper is actually described as mint as well i don't really see it maybe it's the reshade

i'm not really sure and then there is the mint in the wallpaper on the walls and obviously the rest

is kind of white it's a start and i am looking into some more recolors for you know the beds

wallpaper i it says it's minty i don't really see it but if it's labeled mint i can get away with it

and obviously the lights are mint and we have a mint um litter box and these are some of the

minty things we already had in our old house so some of the things are still kind of the

same i also started doing the outside with this mint inspired glass work which works actually

perfect since it already was pretty like it was already this style so just making it more i wish

there was a door that looked exactly like this i just don't understand why they didn't make one

just looks so bad like that just wants to buy new clothes but right now that's not on top of

my list of priorities one thing that i thought was really interesting is that she wants to purchase

another community lot so i'm thinking pepper wants to expand i'm just not sure what kind

of business we would have what other thing than a pharmacy can pepper have okay and

even a pharmacy isn't exactly pharmacyish right it's questionable what it is it's

it's always a work in progress eventually it'll be perfect but what other part like what other

community lot can we start what other business can pepper start getting up rather early today but she

has something she needs and she wants to do so we have work at ten and we need another cooking skill

and we need three cleaning skills i'm sure there are things we can clean around the house like

this cat basket and maybe we can clean let me see maybe this thing i want this to go really natural

like i said i don't want her to study for it i was doing so well by just having this all

flow naturally and not pressure her to do certain things you can tell she's not very

social and she didn't care she didn't care i mean she cared but she didn't bother to

try and learn some social skills and body she's definitely like not interested in that

ah i just uh after this we'll get a promotion and we'll be done with this career and we still have

to you know max out charisma and body to really finish this generation but at least we'll be done

with the top of the science career and i'm kind of just i really want to play homescreen as well and

perfect everything and it's just so hard if i have to wait on organic stuff you know

i might have her get on the computer and i don't know if we can do it on the normal computer as

well let me just let me see we can but on this this mod i love this mod i wish it came in

different colors but i love the mod nonetheless you can work at home and you can learn some

some things um from the computer so i actually think i would like to have her

learn clean it's just different i like to think that maybe she is

researching and i don't think we're learning a skill i think we're writing an article which maybe

gives us money i'm not exactly sure i'm gonna have her stop doing that because clearly it doesn't

work i have to do it like this you guys i'm i have no other choice and then we'll just see how

far we're gonna get with cleaning i don't think we're gonna get very far jose is trying to have a

conversation about her birthday party with pepper and pepper is kind of ignoring her well-being

child though like she really takes after pepper in certain aspects she always cleans after herself

and i just feel really lucky to have such a great kid to be honest i mean no for now she's she's

great for now maybe she'll be a devil i don't know i just feel really bad for her to tell that she

wants to have a relationship with her mother but it's it's just a really hard you know what i mean

because pepper's so work driven she's either at work or looking into business ideas or improving

herself and rosie just wants a little love and oh we're in a school bus now no we're actually

not gonna get any single skill point but we might have some luck oh my god okay pepper is playing a

friendly word game with her boss in their free time and pepper spots a seven letter bingo on

her rack that would win the game for her should she lay down and claim victory or play a smaller

word and let her boss win pepper doesn't let her boss win hopefully we don't get fired for this

boom pepper lays down balling and ices the game her boss is very impressed with her

she got a promotion we're done oh my god oh my god we've done it done it pepper has been promoted

to mad scientists with lecture feeds and book advances you're able to purchase the big house

on the hill the big question is what experiments will you be conducting in its big seller you've

worked hard and now you've reached the top of the science career congratulations we earned like 9k

oh my god pepper you've done it you've done it girl you've done it i am so freaking impressed

like i i was really hoping that her boss wouldn't fire her because

this isn't exactly a good thing but now we have infinite male as well

gosh this game let me just quickly look oh we oh wait we achieved a top ranked business as well

it's a top-ranked business but we're only making about a thousand that's kind of sad actually okay

so we got a promotion and now we reach the top of the science career the top of the heap at last

boy now that i'm here what do i do next girl now you bathe in your glory you bathe in your

glory we only have to work four hours a day four hours a day you would get two thousand for it

oh my god you guys we have we've done it we're done well we're done with this part but we're done

i can't believe it i quickly want to check in with my business so i get more revenue

i think now that we've done that much we only have a few more steps i think i want to make her

other business like her newest business maybe i'll make that the business that sells all her potions

like make it a really small business she does want to have another business and i did set it up

for myself that she needs to make like 100 medicine just so i actually have a reason to

use his medicine you know this career reward so to say and i feel like there's not much to do

with it besides make medicine and make a virus so being able to sell a bunch of it would come

in handy i think could make medicine oh my god i cannot believe it i cannot believe what is this

reached platinum life aspiration over my entire lifetime i've aspired to certain things it's

nice to know that i managed to achieve most if not all them i can die happy now oh pepper

but she's going to be even even happier when she gets her lifetime wand she says she's

happy already which i can totally understand why she would say that but i i really wait

max out seven skills one two three wait one two oh wait yeah nevermind for some reason

i thought we had nine of them we can purchase no no no no no no i wanna buy buy um a career

oh you can get a i think okay never mind all right how about we just purchase another community lot

let's see if there's anything in our budget we only have 23 000 i'm not even sure if i should

be doing it at this point but let me just see if i can actually it's just okay so we can build

one we can build one for a thousand should we build one that might be fun that might be fun

i do have a bunch of these robot shops they're 19 000. nevermind you know what i'm gonna build one

let's do that yeah yay hey it's nana from the future but this video was a little too

short for my likings so i decided to add the renovation of the store

or the building of the second store the rest of this video i did ask you guys whether or not

i should be doing a separate video but then i kind of thought that since it's not a big build and

i'm not really a builder and it doesn't really add much to i guess the the just go ahead and

attach it to the rest of this video and kind of fill up some of the minutes with it without

making a separate video that's only like five minutes long i mean i truly do love talking

you know this by now and i'm really good at filling up minutes with useless information

but i don't really have anything to share with you guys because okay i do but i

don't you know what i mean it's nothing super important so i don't need to just

make a hasty video to start working on one of the other and it's definitely not a big lot but

i think for what it is uh maybe we could i'm just thinking we could

open up a really large store one day but also saw this as a potential maybe a potential store

for rose to take over i'm pretty sure pepper is going to leave part of the stores if she ever dies

unless the relationship really goes downhill then maybe pleb is going to get the stories

but imagine that she gets the store maybe she can become a hairdresser later because i do feel like

rosie is going to give so much about her appearance about her looks and about how she

is perceived by the rest of the world i could definitely see her be a hairdresser i think

they'll be a lot of fun but that's just what i'm thinking i could do with the lot afterwards but

the funny thing is i'm recording this before i'm actually recording the actual video mainly because

sometimes i get a really good inspiration and then i just have to sit down and talk it out before i

end up being ghost inspirations which is not really good and i'm good for the video it's

really happy you guys i finally fixed my [ __ ] i could finally walk from the door to the bed

to the computer the bed is set up the cat is really confused i used to have a bed for the

last five years with an open space so there's only a couple of storage boxes underneath the bed but

for the most part my cats would always love to lay underneath the bed but this one is fully closed

off there's still storage but it's just closed off from every angle besides the back but that one is

pushed to the wall anyway so it doesn't really matter but it's been there for i think two weeks

two weeks no that's exactly a week i think i've been sleeping in about for about a week

and my cat has been so confused he keeps on running towards the bed tries to get underneath

and then he can't and then he's just so frustrated and he goes under the covers and he's meowing and

he's trying to find a way to get in but he can't i know this is such information this is these are

the kind of quality conversations you really would like to have with me but honestly i just thought

it was really cute i don't know i just it's really cute when he meows at me out of frustration

my cat's suffering is my pleasure apparently but either way regardless

i am now able to get to my computer and do a lot more videos which makes me super super happy and

the things that were you know taking my time especially was the bed and the fact that i

have no space so having all the space in the world now is just wonderful and i can finally continue

making videos and especially in the berry and i'm kind of thinking and i would love your opinion on

this there's a thing that i have with videos right i want to alternate let's plays but the thing with

alternating let's plays is that i get out of the zone really quickly and the only two that

i'm kind of able to do separately are the sims 4 and the sims 2 berry because they're so different

but i i kind of struggle with other um adding other let's plays and i'm just trying to figure

out how i'm going to be able to do multiple so i might just when i finish this generation

be like take a month break and then just upload maybe something else for four weeks maybe catch

up with the pleasant series and you know i i don't really know how do you guys manage

to do multiple videos like multiple different let's play videos because i really am always

i've always been struggling and i'm still struggling it's just that i always

feel like you need to prepare for a lot of videos and i love to prepare so it's not boring and

there's lots of diverse things happening and continuation of stories without you know with

without the use of story progression you kind of have to do these things yourself and in the

sims 2 it's just it takes a bit of time you know pleasant view it's just mainly storyline and it's

so focused on the storyline and the rotation of the sims and then the baby challenge for

example is just so monotone that you know this really i don't you know what i mean it's

i've had it for so long that i almost just want to give up and i know it sounds ridiculous because

i'm i just need like 60 more kids but the thing is is that there's so many things always going

wrong with that and i think it's because having so many kids really does corrupt the game it's yeah

it's it's exactly that i just i really i really don't know i want to keep on doing it on your baby

maybe i just need to figure out a way to make it more fun or maybe you need to give more

maybe i really do need to add more challenges who knows anyway i'm not gonna bore you guys

too much with my thoughts these were just some of them that i had

i would like to thank you guys so much for sticking through this let's play with me

we're almost at the end pepper just needs to get through her lifetime wish and then we need to

make the medicine and i think once we've done that we just need to max her science skill and

i kind of want her to be alien abducted once as well i might just add that to like the rules

i wanted to be alien abducted but i don't i don't want her to be pregnant so i'm gonna

have to make sure she doesn't get pregnant i have to terminate that i'm so sorry i just

pepper is not a mother okay i've tried so much but pepper is not popular pepper's

not family orientated enough for me to do this i'm gonna end your suffering right here i want

to say thank you guys so much for watching my channel and i'll see you guys in my next video

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