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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Away We Happened

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This Is A Way - David Choi

Sorry, I know it's in here somewhere.


Ah, here it is!

Oh, and can you please try to hurry? I'm trying to catch a plane, sorry.

Uh, morning. Your strongest coffee, please.

What's up?

(Hey, can you grab some pictures for me?)

Right now?

(Just this once.)

Come on, I /just/ got off the plane.

(Hey, remember I covered you in Seattle?)

Alright, alright. You owe me.

(Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.)

[camera shutter clicks]

Alright, I'm finally done here.

I got Riverside Park from about noon till now.

And, I had to use my phone's camera but... photos look good.

(Why didn't you use your work camera?)

Because my work camera's in the bag!

(Which bag, the one you can't find?)

Yes, the one I can't find- Ben, you're not even listening to me!

Oh, oh, she's calling me back!

(Niiiice, she likes you.)

No, I have her /bag/.

You know what? Forget it. Bye.


[Hi, you have my bag?]

Is- is this Jean?

[Uh, yeah. I got your text. Sorry, I was on the plane.]

Plane? So you're in...?

[L.A. Where are you?]

New York.

Um, I'm Daniel. I have your bag. Do you have mine?

[Hi Daniel. Yeah, I think so. Why don't you have a name tag? That's really unsafe.]

Just tell me. Does it have five marks on the back in the shape of Gemini?

[I'm a Taurus, so...]

Five dots like upside-down U.

[Well, if you mean like this, then yes.]

That's- that's it. That's- that's my bag.

[So, what do we do now?]

Let's exchange addresses. We'll just have to mail them back, uh, tomorrow, if you don't mind.

[Uh, yeah. Sure, I'll text it to you.]

Thanks, uh, me too.

Jeez, I really don't know how this happened... I know I had my bag getting off the plane...

[And I know I left my apartment with mine...]

Then I just went to the bathroom 'cause I was holding it for five hours-

[TMI, and that's /not/ healthy... I needed to wake up so i went to-]

-then I just stopped at-

[In unison]: -the coffee shop!

You're the girl who held up the line!

blah blah blah blah blah!! blah blah bl-

[You're the pushy guy behind me!]


I /knew/ I didn't lose my /stole/ it!

[I obviously didn't steal it if I'm /calling/ you right now!]


[Look, I have Edgar /and/ a name tag attached to mine]

What- wait, who's Edgar?

[The panda on the zipper, that's How did you not see that?]

[All you have are little marks in the shape of some star!]

Uh, some star? It's /Gemini/, it's a constellation? A /group/ of stars.



A-anyway, uh, I'll... mail it off first thing in the morning

[Uh, yeah, me too, I guess. Thanks... ]

Wait, wait, Jean, Jean!

[Wait, wh-what's wrong?]

Just- just wanted to say... sorry if I came off as pushy, I was... just a little stressed and I'm not usually like that.

[It' we all have those moments and I was distracted too]

And plus, there was only one cran-apple muffin left and I was really scared you were gonna take it and-

[Well, you got your muffin but lost your bag. Hope it was worth it]

Yeah, it was. Anyway, I'll talk to you later, thanks


[phone beeps]

[phone buzzes]


Uh, hey Jean, it's Daniel again

[Yeah, I know, I saved your number]

You did?


[Rhymes with cran-apple?]

N-no, I, I got it

Um, anyway uh, I know this is gonna sound crazy but...

my boss just emailed me and he's putting me on a job in LA in four days

[ convenient]

Seriously, I'm, I'm not that creepy

Anyway um, I figured the mail would probably take longer so...

I could just bring the bag with me and we could exchange them in person? What do you think?

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