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- So after 10,000 sessions of working

with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams,

here's what I've learned.

I've learned that a choice few are up here,

getting everything they want out of their business,

and then unfortunately there are most that aren't.

They're frustrated, they're stuck,

they're beating their head against the wall.

They can't quite put their finger on why.

But unfortunately that's just where they are.

And I find it's about 5% are here, and about 95% are here.

And so you've got to ask yourself, what's missing?

What's the gap?

And I really believe that I've discovered it.

And here's what it is.

If you can think about your business

as having six key components.

Every business, big or small,

any industry, has six key components.

And to the degree you can strengthen

those six key components, everything just

has a way of falling into place.

And it gets you to that top 5%.

Here's what I mean.

What's the first key component?

The first key component is what

we call the vision component.

And in strengthening that component,

it's getting everyone in your organization

100% on the same page with where you're going

and how you're gonna get there.

Second key component is the people component.

Simply put, we can't do it without great people.

And your job is to surround yourself

with great people top to bottom.

You cannot achieve the vision without

surrounding yourselves with great people.

Third key component is the data component.

And what this is is cutting through

all the subjectives and personalities and opinions and egos,

and boiling your organization down to a handful of numbers,

so you always have a pulse on where things are.

With the vision component strong,

people component strong, and data component strong,

you start to create a lucid, transparent,

open and honest organization, where there's nowhere to hide.

And as a result, you're gonna start to smoke out the issues.

Which leads to the fourth key component,

which we call issues.

And in strengthening this component,

it's getting great at solving problems.

Setting them up, knocking them down,

making them go away forever.

Fifth key component is what we call the process component.

This is really the secret ingredient.

This is systemizing your business,

through identifying the core processes

that make up your business, and getting everyone

on the same page with what they are,

and getting everyone following them.

So you create consistency and scalability

in your organization.

And then the last and final key component

is what we call the traction component.

And that's bringing discipline

and accountability into the organization.

Taking the vision down to the ground and making it real.

Those are the six key components.

And so to the degree you focus on six

and only six things in your business,

and strengthen those six key components,

everything has a way of falling into place,

and it'll get you in that top 5%.

So there are hundreds of ways to strengthen

the six key components of your business.

There are thousands of books.

I promise you, you can absolutely do it yourself.

And if you do it, you will be in that top 5%.

But if you want the benefit of my obsession,

and 20 years of working with leaders,

1,100 full-day sessions, over 10,000 hours

of honing and refining and perfecting the best two tools

to strengthen each of the six key components,

I ask you to let us help you.

Our passion, our sole existence, is helping people

get what they want from their businesses.

To learn more and download free tools, visit our website.

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