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Hello everyone! And in this video I will unbox "Goodiebox May".

This is one of my favorite moments. When I'm tired from work and tired in general.

And here at home something very pleasantis waiting for me.

Something very pleasantindeed.

And what a positive yellow color. I think it's meant to remind us of the sun.

And the cool combination of colors, purple and yellow of course. Here we have a leaflet.

And we know that the topic of this box is the "firsthint of summer".

Let's look what's waiting for us.

I will say immediately that the box looks very full. Quite full as you can see.

And product number one. This is a small bottle of30 milliliters from "Food Lab Co".

As you canguess from the name, this product is for yourfeet. And this is an exfoliating serum.

On theleaflet it gives some strange information that the full-size product is 100 milliliters, which

costs 20. But then it gives the information that 30 milliliters costs 13.50 which does

not make sense. I will check it out in the internet if you can buy it in this size, but otherwise it's

much cheaper than 13.50. So yes this one is from "Food Lab Co". The instructions for use is

that you should put the serum on the hard parts of your feet skin, so I think on your heels and

some toes. And then you just leave it in for one minute, and then you scrub it with a...

you know the scrub for your feet, that kind of stone. And then you rinse it off. And your feet

are smooth again. The next one is from "Rituals" I love "Rituals". So this one is "Ritual of Namaste".

This one is an exfoliator for your face, which should brighten your face. The instructions for use are

that you apply it on wet and clean skin, and then rinse it off. But because it's an exfoliator I

would advise not confuse it with a cleanser and not use it too often. Let's smell it.

As you can also see it's a full-size product, a 75 milliliter, will I dare to smell it...

Oh it's actually open! Yeah but of course if you open the box you see that it's

scratched. So I think that's the way how you can see if the product was opened before you.

I think it has a slight orange smell, but for example on the box I see that it smells with

bamboo and moringa, or it has those ingredients. And also because this one is an exfoliator you see

small particles. First when I applied it on my hand I thought that it's just a cream or cleanser.

But now I see that there are small particles, so it's really an exfoliator for your face.

And here we receive an eyelash serum from "Mlusine Paris". First I thought it's a mascara sample but no,

this one is an eyelash serum, and the size is... it's not very small for this kind of product.

It's 10 milliliter and you should not do it too often, once per week is enough. This one

is from "Human+Kind". It's a hand scrub, but it's not only for your hands, it's for

any hard skin on your body, the elbows, again the feet. Unlike the first product we've had... this scrub

you don't have to scrub it with a special stone. You can just do it with your hands.

This hand scrub smells with raspberry, like all the "Human+Kind" products which I've received so far

it should smell very delicious. I will not open it because it's sealed for present. On the tube

you can also see "two in one", I was thinking about what is "two"? And now I know, I think it's a scrub

and moisturizer. So here you have "two". This one I don't know if you recognize from the

bag, but it's from "Moshi Moshi Mind". Let's see what's waiting for us inside. I think it's some

yoga thing. Oh my god! That's the stone I was talking about, that's the scrub for your feet.

That's perfect from the "Goodiebox" that they thought about it, that people don't have those feet

stones, a perfect thank you very much. Very useful thing for me. Yes this one is "Mind Pumic Stone".

"Mind Pumic Stone"... I don't know what it is. It's not very expensive, 11, but I think for this kind

of product it maybe is expensive. It doesn't smell, it's a stone, I'm very happy with it.

It will go with this exfoliator, the product number one. The last product in this box is this face

sheet mask. It's from "Tonymoly" and as you can see on the package it says "I'm Pomegranate".

So it's with pomegranate extract, and also you can see that it's for elasticity of your skin.

You should apply this mask for 20-30 minutes and do not rinse it off. I also see in the leaflet that

we could get one of the three masks. There was a nutrition "I'm Avocado", elasticity "I'm Pomegranate",

that's the one I've received, and skin purifying "I'm Seaweed". I think I know the way how "Goodiebox"

chooses which product to give to you if there is a variety of choices. When I subscribed for

the box I filled in my beauty profile, it takes just one minute, it's not obligatory, so you don't

have to. But I think if you fill in the profile they can choose the products more specifically.

For example I don't have any problems with my skin, so for me a purifying mask will be of no use,

so I have this elasticity. The total value of this "Goodiebox" is not that much, it's I think

more than 70. But still I'm very satisfied with the products. I loved almost all of them, a very good

May "Goodiebox". I will see you in the next video. And for now have a good day or night.

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