Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Boba Fett 2

Difficulty: 0

Please, i beg you. Let me live.No matter, how much money you get. i double itc 2 00:00:33,870 --> 00:00:38,136 I can't do that.That would hurt my reputation and won't get new assignments

Your reputation?

Yes! My reputation. It is nothing personal, just business.

Mission accomplished. I deliver the boby to your guards at the entrance.

Once again, good work, Mr. Fett.I allready have a new assignment

i am listening

You have to kill an imperial officer.

It won't be easy. But if some can pull it of, it`s you.

What is the catch?

He is the executive office at the imperial base on Dubrilion

Like i said, it won't be easy

No problem, if the payment is right.

How much?

60.000 credits and not less.

60.000? Ok, agreed

Then, he is gone for good.

Zorg will tell you the remain things. Please follow him.

Hello Fingers, do you got a crystal for the lightsaber

Yes, here it is. Where is the money?

Here, thanks for the crystal. i will try it on the fly. Good bye

Good bye

Be careful guys. He must be around here somewhere

Commander, we have an intruder. It appears to be Boba Fett.

Find him! If possible alive. I want to know, why he is here.

Boba Fett, you have no chance. This is an imperial base. It is only a matter of time till we finde you.

What the hell..?

Even if i am repeating myself. You have no chance. There is nothing, that can beat me.

No! That is not possible. I.. I will kill you anyway!

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